Posted by Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

We are being told that Bin Laden didn’t have access to the outside world other than a courier but did anyone else notice the satellite dish on the compound roof? Why isn’t that being covered? Does the government think we’re stupid? – Jennifer, Weymouth

I’m not sure if the government thinks we’re stupid, but I’m pretty sure officials realize that a satellite dish is very apparent at the compound to anyone who sees the videos.

We’re told that the military believes the dish was used for a satellite phone which gave bin Laden one method of communicating.  But officials insist the compound did not have any hookup to local phone service or the internet.  Of course, authorities also say bin Laden used couriers to contact his cohorts and in fact tracking one of those couriers is what lead the military to the location.  I think the govt. is talking about actual wires running into the place for phone and internet.  The idea being that he was sort of off the grid in those areas. 

Do you think the government thinks we’re stupid?