LAWRENCE (CBS) – A man who’s been a longtime thorn in the side of Lawrence mayor William Lantigua claims he was beaten up by one of the mayor’s supporters.

The attack took place in a Lawrence fried chicken restaurant and was captured by surveillance cameras.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

“After the x-rays, I found out he hit me in two places and broke my wrist,” said Antonio Arevalo.

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Arevalo, who once tried to file a restraining order against Lantigua, said he’s still in pain, recovering from a broken arm and other injuries that he said is the end result of a beating caught on tape inside a Lawrence restaurant.

David Figueroa, who is 6-8, 378 pounds, shouted at Arevalo right before the assault.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

“He goes, ‘You know what, you’re a M-F because you know what, you ratted out on the mayor, and I’m gonna kill you.’ So, then he came charging at me. He grabbed me by the neck and started choking me and started hitting me,” said Arevalo.

Figueroa was arrested and charged with assault and intimidating a witness. He works as a bouncer at La Guida Restaurant, a night spot frequented by the mayor.

Lawrence police are still investigating.

“He alleged that they said he’s a snitch and things like that,” said Lawrence Police Chief John Romero.

Arevalo said he intends to still speak out against the mayor.

“I can’t be paid off, and I can’t be shut up. I want for us to feel safe in this city,” said Arevalo.

  1. ireland60 says:

    Lantigua instigated the beatdown on Mr.Arevalo & rumor has it that Lantigua gave the bail money for Figueroa to get out of jail. Lantigua’s antics continue to draw negative attention on Lawrence. Hope the feds have their eye on this episode & keep Lantigua & his gang under close watch. State needs to put Lawrence in total receivership NOW

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