By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Forget about politics, religion, how you feel about our war on terror. The death of Osama bin Laden is great news for humanity on a very basic level – it removes from our midst one of the most bloodthirsty murderers of all time.

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Bin Laden’s first known violence against civilians came in 1992, the bombing of a hotel in Aden that killed two people. This was a meager slaughter by bin Laden’s usual standards, but it reportedly spurred the issuance of an in-house al-Qaeda policy justifying the killing of innocent bystanders on the grounds that if they were true believers in bin Laden’s extremist beliefs, they would simply be getting an early pass to paradise, and if they weren’t, then they would be getting what they deserved.

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This bloodcrazed killer quickly graduated to larger kills. He was a key instigator of a war in Algeria that ended in the death of more than 150,000 Algerians. There was the 1997 massacre in Egypt where tourists visiting the pyramids were slaughtered and their bodies mutilated. bin Laden’s alliance with the Taliban in Afghanistan also led to thousands more dead.

Keller @ Large: Winners & Losers Of Bin Laden’s Death

By 2001, he had demonstrated clearly that he was not just risking civilian lives in pursuit of a political goal – he was specifically targeting civilians as a tactic in a military campaign with genocide against non-believers as its ultimate purpose. Then on September 11, with the mass murder of US civilians in two non-military targets in New York City, bin Laden secured his status as one of the most destructive killers of modern times.

I’ll leave analysis of the fallout of bin Laden’s death on global security and international relations to others for now.

All I can say is, he got what he had coming to him a long time ago.

His passing leaves the world a significantly better place. And I can only hope the tens of thousands of survivors around the world who had their lives shattered by Osama bin Laden can extract some measure of peace from his deservedly violent end.

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Jon Keller

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  1. B Griff says:

    I want PROOF Osama Bin Laden is truly dead!

    1. Thomas Hood says:

      So here begins the Deather movement! Wharz thet thar Long-Form Deather Certificate!!

      1. Joe says:

        There’s Thomas hood….we were all waiting for his uneducated/cowardly/thoughtless liberal comments. This guy is by far the biggest joke. What a dope!

        This guy needs to educate himself. He is everything wrong with this great country. I bet he feels bad for bin laden. Coward.

      2. Willow says:

        When we can’t respect one another’s opinion, especially in a country whose is always voicing our first amendment right, then how can we expect to get along with anyone else int he world? I think everyone is entitled to their opinion whether we all agree with it or not. After all, isn’t that what killing Osama was all about, keeping those freedoms?

  2. Brian K Peteson says:


    congratulations to our troops for carrying out such a great mission!!

  3. Ron T says:

    He certainly did get what what was coming to him with a bullet to the head, and being like the typical coward who brainwashed his so called followers to end their own lives along with the mass slaughtering of so many innocent lives, while he hid away in safety, unbelieveable, how he got away with it for so long!

    Unfortunately, there will always be some “Bin Laden” wannabes, to replace him, so there will be no shortage of enemies, and we will still heve to keep on looking over our shoulders in the future, sad!

    1. Eric Ingram says:

      Sorry to say I’m not buying it that bin laden is dead, It so strange that if the goverment can get information and proof on sadam hussein execuation, why is it that they can get the execuation on bin laden. And also if the did killed him, why is that the government couldn’t turn over the body to them to see if it was really him, hmmmmm. Im not buying it.

      1. Eric Ingram says:

        Sorry for my spelling I meant (If they did Killed Him)

  4. StanleyRamon says:

    Our main objective for the war in Afghanistan was to find Bin Laden. Now that we have done that, President Obama will have no excuse not to begin removing our troops there this summer.
    Also, I notice this mass murder wasn’t holed up in a cave as his gang of thieves would have you believe. It’s being reported he was living quite comfortably in a mansion and when it came time to die he used a woman as a shield.

  5. timma says:

    i hope hes burried under a pig farm

  6. WesWelkerFan says:

    He got off scott free! They should have dragged him back here and let the families of the 9/11 victims do to him what they did to Musalini in Italy during WWII. God be with the victims families at this time.

  7. emom says:

    PROOF, WE NEED CONFIRMED PROOF ,,,, Proof thats it truely him and not some dopple ganger… How can we be absolutly be sure that this is him.. Do we have DNA, Hair samples, And if this is him what about his followers, his minions, next in charge, HIS FAMILY, did he have children that will follow in his footsteps, Someone that will be vengfull to come after us .PROOF,, and their custom is to bury them within 24 hours,,,, I get that , BUT,, are we going to have confirmation with actuall proof other than visual proof,,,,, after all we thought he was dead once before, and who’s to say he had not created a CLONE,, PROOF YES ITS A MUST,

    1. missgal34 says:

      A DNA match is good enough proof for me.

      1. emom says:

        Lets ask this question,,, If the DNA is proof positive , then How are we to know that the person that was said to be his SISTER was that of his sister… Like I said,,, what would stop him from having a double, and planting such info so we would by it down the line,, after all they plan things for years,, why not faking all this… todays technologies would help so many fool the world,,, I want to beleive like the rest,, But we can be fooled and then what…… I pray it was him and all we have to do is CLEAN up after the fact, but we also know they will retaliate in some way…. I guess after all we have been thru facts do not always show the proof,,,,

  8. Betty says:

    Finally the SOB is dead, and the trash buried at sea!!

  9. Mann says:

    Wait till he finally realizes there are no 72 virgins in paradise, just a holy God who will send him to where he really belongs for eternity. Good riddance!!!

  10. Ron says:

    Congratulations to our US Forces involved in this triumph. Now lets get the rest of them while they are in disarray.

  11. BostonIrish says:

    Hey, I have to give Obama credit. I didn’t think he’d have the guts to say go get him. Good for him. A job well done. And I agree with RonT, there’s plenty more where Bin Laden came from. Al-Zawahiri, for example. It isn’t over, but at least Bin Laden is at last dead.

  12. pamela says:

    mass general in boston has the dna it was confirmed 4 minutes ago he was dead. his sister died of cancer there.. i hope they are not relying on her brain matter to compare too bin laden

  13. emom says:

    How and WHEN did his sister come to boston ,,, I dont remember that,,,, and further more HOW do we know with out a shadow of doubt that , it was his siter and not some distanced cousin, brothers sister, next door neighbor to portray his sister,, where is the proof besides a BRAIN………. we dont really have much of proof……… I want to truely beleive he is DEAD BUT with technology there is always room for PROOF……………

  14. Stephen Stein says:

    If you’re on Twitter, check out the feed last night for @ReallyVirtual – he was live-tweeting events in Pakistan and he didn’t even know it!

  15. marycb says:

    What I want to know is how come he was in Pakistan, who supposedly denied he was ever there. Also, how are they going to respond to this? The US should stop sending them all these millions of dollars that they have been doing for years. That money would be spend here where it is needed.

  16. DSM says:

    He was in a mansion a few miles from the Pakistan capital ? Exactly what was the Pakistani government and intelligent services doing all this time?

  17. graywolf says:

    I’m proud of our troops. I’m also glad for the families of the victims of September 11 and all of the terrorist attacks conducted by this man. I know it doesn’t bring them closure but they at least know that the man that ordered the attacks is dead.

  18. Fred says:

    Where’s Trump when you need him?? Har HAr.

  19. ENUFF says:

    I’m glad they killed him and did not capture him. Can you imagine the cost and years it would take in our crummy legal system to bring him to justice.

  20. taxedout says:

    If he had been captured and brought to Mass, he would have been put in a medium security prison….Nice Work!!!!!!

  21. mikey says:

    “An eye for an eye,” the law of retaliation.

  22. macmum says:

    Although I would never cheer the death of someone (human or not), I hope that this brings some closure to the families of his many victims. Keeping my sister’s murderer in jail won’t bring her back, but it is some llevel of justice and a tiny victory each time.

  23. jaygee says:

    I can’t understand why they worried about giving this guy a Muslim burial since he was a killer of Muslims along with thousands of other innocents. My only hope is that there were some very hungry fish when they dropped his dead body into the ocean.

    1. Mann says:

      jaygee, I thought the same thing, why give him a Muslin burial? He didn’t practice true Muslim anymore then I do, so why the special treatment? At least we know he isn’t coming back and that’s a good thing.

  24. PJPOK, SR says:

    I have no quarrel with the winners and losers you sight. I do however find it downright disingenuous your omission no mention of the policies instituted by the Bush administration.

  25. Davidd says:

    Hey Keller @ Large
    How come your web site will not let me leave a coment?

  26. Nanci says:

    Again you have added a thoughtful and articulate commentary to the public discussion. Your commentary on Osama bin Laden’s death is a breath of reason in the otherwise polluted environment of revenge. There is no question that bin Laden needed to leave this world sooner than later, but the public’s party-like response to it trivializes the depth of the sorrow of those who lost loved ones and the tremendous courage and skill of those who dispatched bin Laden from this world. Nanci

    1. Mann says:


  27. emom says:

    What ocean or sea did they drop his sorry carcus in,, THE DEAD SEA…. just asking

  28. casey says:

    Now I’m afraid I’ll be praying anew for all those who will become targets for the angry, misguided fanatics that bin laden has left behind, top of the list, Americans and U.S. military personnel all over the world.

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