By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Katie Couric was the anchor to serve CBS  the shortest and the longest to serve was Dan Rather.  I’m curious who the longest sitting anchor has been at WBZ? – Erica, Worcester

Couric….5 years.

Rather….24 years.

Jack Williams…36 years.

Our own Jack Williams wins.  Jack came to work at channel 4 in 1975.  And he’s not done yet.  You can read his bio here

Maturity counts.

  1. Adriane Gilder says:

    Of course Jack wins. Jack is the best. I remember when he first came to ‘BZ. His red hair, them stop my heart blue eyes. ‘BZ execs know when they got the best of the best. I missed him when he was off for several days. Jonathan is a terrific anchor and does well I’m sure because Jack just naturally coaches other anchors. Never leave us, Jack.

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