CONWAY, N.H. (CBS/AP) – Blood has reportedly been found in the car of a young mother who disappeared in New Hampshire last weekend.

Conway police say 20-year-old Krista Dittmeyer of Portland, Maine is considered to be missing and in danger.

Her car was found Saturday morning in Conway with its engine running and hazard lights flashing in the parking lot of the Cranmore Mountain ski area. Dittmeyer’s 14-month-old daughter was alone inside.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

“We believe there is blood evidence in the vehicle,” Carroll County Sheriff Christopher Conley told the Union Leader.

However, Conway Police Lieutenant Chris Perley said there’s nothing to suggest Dittmeyer is not alive.

Perley declined to comment to WBZ NewsRadio 1030 on the Union Leader report. He said the sheriff who released that information is not involved in the investigation.

The baby’s father, who is from Conway, was not in that town on Friday or Saturday, Lt. Perley told reporters. A source tells WBZ-TV that he is serving time in prison on an unrelated matter. Police will not say whether he has any involvement in Dittmeyer’s disappearance.

“I cannot say we ruled out anyone or included anyone cause, again, we are working on establishing what occurred,” said Lt. Perley said.

Meanwhile, the FBI sent three special agents to join the investigation in Conway, bringing the total to 11 of federal, state and local investigators dedicated to this case. Officials there are looking at Dittmeyer’s cell phone records and what she was doing on Friday, the day she was last heard from.

The Attorney General’s Office also has representatives in Conway, which is commonly an indicator that a death has occurred, but in this case the office says it is there to assist in legal issues.

Officers are discouraging individuals from organizing their own search in the Cranmore Mountain area.

Dittmeyer’s family is offering a $3,000 reward for help finding her.

Tuesday afternoon, Dittmeyer’s mother, Lanell Shackley, made a plea directly to her daughter, “I know you’re listening. I love you. You need to come home to us. I need you so much right now.”

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  1. Alan says:

    20 yr old mother with a 14 yr old daughter?… GREAT reporting!!!

    1. ETA says:

      WHERE DID YOU SEE 14 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER????????????????? SATS 14 MONTH ON THIS REPORT????????????????????????????

      1. ETA says:


    2. Vera Carroll says:

      I guess YOU cannot read. It specifically says 14 MONTH old daughter – duh!

      1. Alan says:

        My post was made at 9’41a.m. when the article first appeared. You’re reading it Ten hours later, well after the correction was made! DUHHHHH

  2. Laura says:

    “14-month-old” daughter

    1. big1966 says:

      What’s your point?

      1. Laura says:

        I was corrrecting Alan on his 14-year old comment..

  3. amazed says:

    Alan, you are amazing, and much like many other people who “comment” on articles – quick to throw words without the slightest effort to read the content.
    GREAT reading skills!!!

    1. Alan says:

      anazed, the original article DID say 14 year old, not 14 month old. They have since corrected it! Don’t be so quick to judge until you know the facts! lol

      1. dan says:

        it isnot anazed..the word is amazed

      2. Alan says:

        Typo…. Thank you!

      3. Lo83 says:

        I read the article right when it came out and it has not been corrected, you just read it wrong and jumped to conclusions…………BUT GOOD TRY!

  4. Lindsay says:

    I hope that she is found alive.

  5. shotime says:

    Very Sad News Story! My heart goes out to the family and friend’s of this young woman.

  6. Susan says:

    Thanks for at least 2 people that felt sorry. TYPO??? Please people.
    Thats like gas is $4/gallon, people losing homes and jobs and first up on the news is the royal wedding….. boy, that is really important to the Americans in need of help.

  7. Vera Carroll says:

    I cannot believe how long it has taken for the authorities to take her missing seriously. My thoughts are with her family and friends and I do hope that she is still found alive.

  8. Alberta says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and with Krista for her safe return.

  9. Noni says:

    Very scary that they are sending FBI agents to investigate.

  10. aina says:

    lets all pray for her safe return,,her baby most needed her…

  11. aina says:

    im from the Philippines and my friend told me about Krista who is a daughter of his best friend and ask me to offer a prayer for her safe return,,when i know the story i felt so sad i hope she is ok and back home soon safely….

  12. peter says:

    she is such a beautiful lady! i hope she is ok.

  13. Kevin Haley says:

    I agree with Peter she is such a beautiful Lady. My heart and prayers go out to the family in this time of Need.

  14. Lori says:

    WHY are they looking at the babys father? They said the last time this woman was heard from was Friday. They also say that the babys father was not in town Friday OR Saturday as he was in JAIL on another matter.

  15. Amanda Rodrigues says:

    Don’t rule out him because he is incarcerated…some are more powerful while incarcerated and figure it is the perfect time because they have an alibi…
    My prayers go out to the family…god bless !!

    1. D says:

      You watch too many movies…read more. The papers said he was arrested with 2 oz of pot and 15g of coke (2 Tbsp)…2 g less and there would be no trafficking charge as 13 g is considered “personal use” and if you live in MA, you know that you can carry 1 oz of pot and only be charged a civil fine of $100. Also, Krista was bringing their baby to see him according to Nancy Grace show and other sources

  16. tom says:

    Again. We are giving this women all the attention because of the physical attractiveness. Not ok. First of all we need to stop portraying her as this miss innocent mom who loved her child. If she was a good mom then she would not be dating or living with a guy who deals cocaine. Sounds like a winner who btw just got out of jail. So we can throw the good mother card out the window. I am sick and tired of these young even beautiful women especially who date trash and then everyobne is surprised. Ofr course it’s sad that this happened but let this be a lesson for naive ignorant women who don’t give that decent guy at that age the time of day but instead get mixed up with a bad guy. mmmmmm Oh yes and her ex boyfriend is also serving time in prison. What a great nice girl. Please……hard to have sympathy

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