By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I’m curious what future seniors are thinking about how the govt. is using social security and how it’s treating seniors now.  – Ronald, Leominster

Social Security is definitely in the crosshairs what with the growing concern about the federal budget and especially so-called entitlement programs.

I’d like to hear from all of you “future seniors.” 

What should the country do with Social Security?  Cut benefits, increase taxes, privatize it?  Do you think it will be there for you when you retire? 

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  1. joan Hogan says:

    Social Security should not be Privatized. Their are so many Corporate Loopholes, Persons not paying Into the System, either because they have unreported wages, ( Work Off the Books), or are Illegal Workers residing In The United States. SO MUCH FRAUD IS HAPPENING ! THE US Gov’T should work to
    find these Corporations and Individuals, To Preserve The Future of Social Security And Medicare.

    1. uza davis says:

      well, but if one is an illegal and not paying into social security??? have you ever heard of an illegal collecting social security benefits? i think people should just coolect what they put in future value. those working off the books and not contributiong should not collect benefits.

  2. taxedout says:

    Put all gov workers and Pols on it, and Stop using it as the goverments piggy bank… I’m out maybe this year, good luck to all the rest of you and all your social programs, you’ll be lucky to retire at 90…

  3. ENUFF says:

    Help fund SS by cutting all aid to illegal aliens, shut down most, if not all worldwide military bases (let someone else be the policeman of the world),stop paying 75% or more of the United Nations operations and upkeep,cut subsidies and tax breaks to the oil companies,pay ourselves back the trillion dollars we’ve spent in Iraq by seizing that amount in Iraqi oil and applying to SS.

    1. UZA says:

      Then we our identity change! We are that powerful country that can not be compared to other countries. lets just close all the loopholes.

  4. response says:

    get rid of the cap for employees, keep the cap for employers.
    To think that professional athletes, actors, doctors, pay the same amount as a police officer does, is just wrong.

  5. ENUFF says:

    Don;t believe the BS that police,fire and teachers are underpaid!

  6. response says:

    enuff – I don’t think they are underpaid…I just think the 106,800.00 cap should be removed. If you make over that, you should be able to pay the additional 6.2%
    and I know manypolice/fire/teachers don’t pay into the system since they may have a qualified state retirement plan they pay into.
    I should have used a better example…

  7. Willow says:

    That money should have never been used for anything but what it was put into for. There’s no way anyone can ever retire, even with SS if they don’t have any other kind of income to subsidize SS. It’s like everything else, if you have a nickel spend it, whether it’s your or not and whether you spend it on something stupid or not.

    I agree with ENUFF

  8. joan Hogan says:


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