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BOSTON (CBS) – The beauty of sports is just how quickly fortunes can change. Good or bad.

Take a look at this past week, for example.

The Bruins left for Montreal down 2 games to none and with it’s fandom pretty much giving them no shot to win the series. By Friday the B’s were back in the series thanks to two gutsy performances. I loved how Michael Ryder went from “the-guy-who-should-be-benched-in-favor-of-Tyler-Seguin” to the conquering hero of Game 4.

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Now the B’s have a shot to win this now best-of-three series and shut up all of their critics.

Next up, the Celtics. They have yet to play a great game, but by gutting out two wins and some injury woes, they have a chance of finishing off New York in 4-5 games AND a chance to get Shaq back sooner than most thought.

And, oh by the way, the Red Sox simply went out and won 5 of 6 games to give themselves the chance to right their ship by the end of the month. After an 0-6 start they are now 7-11.

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The biggest reason? Pitching, pitching, and pitching.

And one final “oh how the tide can turn quickly” note. Watch how hot Carl Crawford gets at the plate when the calendar turns from April to May. I guarantee it.

That my friends is the beauty of sports.

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