The Boston Celtics are headed into New York having won both games in Boston. Even though the Knicks were missing Chauncey Billups for game two and Amare Stoudemire was out for the second half the Celtics still had to battle for the win.

Mike Gorman spoke with Toucher & Rich about why this team doesn’t step on the throat of teams.

Carmelo Anthony had scored 42 points in the loss to the Celtics, how do you solve a problem like Melo in the playoffs when he goes off like that?

The guys discussed the fact that the Knicks are not a very defensive team, but the Celtics seem to be having an issue scoring. What does Gorman think the problem is?

Gorman and the guys also talked about the chemistry of this Celtics team, what part of their game is if affecting? And what’s the problem with Jeff Green? Is Green still lost out there?

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