BURLINGTON (CBS) – State police have located a man who witnesses at the Burlington Mall thought was carrying a rifle; and confirmed the item was actually an umbrella.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

The man, who is a worker at nearby Lahey Clinic, contacted police after realizing he fit the description of the news reports. Officers were able to use surveillance video and witnesses to confirm that man was the person they had been looking for.

“He called here and said, ‘I think they’re looking for me. I was in the mall and I was carrying an umbrella,’” said Burlington chief Michael Kent.

The umbrella, without its case on. (credit: Burlington Police)

The initial report came in Tuesday around 10 a.m., from two women inside Nordstrom.

Mall security called 911 and federal, state, and local police descended on the mall.

According to state police, the witnesses reported seeing a short white man wearing a gray sweatshirt, black pants, and a black backpack, carrying what at the time, was thought to be a rifle.

Everyone inside was told to get out. “We got a call to evacuate the mall there’s a mall running around with a gun,” recalls Dotti Gerrior, who works at the Victoria’s Secret inside the mall.

Police spent the morning questioning close to a dozen people fitting the description, speeding from the scene to surrounding areas and closing off the parking lot outside of the store.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Officers from Burlington, Woburn, Wilmington, State Police, and the ATF all assisted with the search.

(credit: Burlington Police)

SWAT teams were on scene and the state police helicopter was also circling the area.

Workers inside several stores inside the mall told WBZ-TV they had closed their store security gate around 10 a.m. and hid out until police gave the all clear.

A man who runs a kiosk inside the mall tells WBZ-TV that around 10:30 a.m. police came by and told him he had to leave. He described the evacuation as “orderly.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

“You couldn’t go down the Nordstrom alley. There was a bunch of police here saying ‘No, no, no, you can’t go down here,'” said Jim Kenyon. “I determined it was time to exit the mall. I didn’t know what was going on. There was a policeman where I exited the mall, but he allowed me to go, and there were a lot of employees and everybody on the sidewalk.”

The Lahey Clinic released a statement saying in part, “The Lahey employee is pleased he took appropriate action and contacted police, however he feels terrible about the situation.”

The mall was reopened, the investigation was closed and in the end Burlington Chief Michael Kent praised the witnesses who saw something and said something. “I would hope that if the exact same thing happened tomorrow that they would do the same thing as would we.”

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez contributed to this report.

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  1. Christina Cara Dartez says:

    That is so scary I hope they find him and nobody is hurt!

    1. Greg says:

      Man goes into Brookstones, buys a new umbrella and decides to go over to Nordstroms to pick something up for his wife. He needs to use the rest room and is wearling his london fog long rain jacket. Two elderly woman assume it’s a rifle and call police. Well, that’s my version of the story.

    2. slinky says:

      yes, christina, we wouldn’t want to have anyone shot by a scary guy with an umbrella.

    3. Herp derp says:

      …it’s an UMBRELLA. There’s nobody to ‘find,’ nobody’s GOING to get hurt.

  2. Lori Urgan says:

    Not funny Mark

    It is school vacation week, I myself have 1 middle school and 1 high school age kid.

  3. Andres says:

    You are reporting on something you are saying don’t know if it’s true. What kind of reporting is that. Please, geto off the air.

    1. Fred says:

      this guy is right.

  4. beverly melo says:

    Hello?? They don’t even know if this alleged guy a) exists, b) isn’t carrying an umbrella that some yahoo mistook for a gun, or c) hasn’t left the mall hours ago! Talk about beating a non-story to death for the entire broadcast!

  5. john says:

    How can this be…Doesnt Mass. have strict gun control laws? Just more proof that laws dont make you safe!

    1. Thomas Hood says:

      Laws don’t go off by accident when you are cleaning them and kill your 8 year old either.

      1. Michael says:

        no, they just make criminals out of innocent people….how someone could be deemed “bad” not by their actions, but by their possesions is beyond me.

      2. JP says:

        Who cleans a gun with ammo in it? Only someone not fit to own one.

      3. PatHenry52 says:

        Neither do guns…. And you’d have to break both the fundamental rules of firearms for such to happen. Finger off the trigger and barrel in safe direction… No sane gun owner “accidently” sets off their firearm and kills somebody.

        Anybody who makes this claim is really saying “I intentionally shot the person and now don’t want to get in trouble.”

        Laws deliberately go off and cause far more harm than any firearm.

    2. PatHenry52 says:

      Yes, including fingerprinting.. so why don’t they know exactly who it is?? Huh, still waiting for an answer.

    3. BillBob says:

      What gun? Did anyone see a gun. What was reported was something that looks like a gun.

    4. Don says:

      Our gun laws don’t work, because they’re done on a state, and we do not have guarded borders between the states. For gun laws to work in the US, they’d have to be national.

      (Note: I’m not saying whether we *should* have gun laws. Please don’t mention our international borders, because they are lots of others to tighten them anyway.)

      1. T.Wilson says:

        Like keeping drugs out of prisons? How’s that working out?

  6. Michael Lau says:


    1. JoeC says:

      You sir just made my day.

  7. Alex says:

    WOW! Nobody knows if this is even true..Two women reported this and they havent found anything!!! Get off the air and put The Price is Right back on!!!

    1. jaymeers says:

      How can you watch the price is right with Drew Carey, he’s insufferable.

  8. Jerry says:

    Don’t they know what security camera’s are…

  9. hungry says:

    i’m just upset he interrupted my lunch plans..

    1. Joe Oliveira says:

      srsly! I’m hungry.

  10. Angry Bird says:

    The breaking news is that they don’t know what they are reporting, they don’t know if what they think they should be reporting is true and that they are replacing the most succesfull daytime show on CBS for a story that doesn’t exist. BREAKING NEWS: We are wasting resources in a non story, but we are happy you are watching and complaining.

    1. Getoffthecouch says:

      You’re missing The Price Is Right? Aw, boo. Get a life.

    2. Ellen says:

      I was looking at channel 5, Same thing, and when they did finally come to the conclusion that it was nothing more then someone mistakenly confusing an umbrella to a shot gun, they still went on and on about this so called Breaking News.

  11. Jules says:

    Please put The Price Is Right back on. This is the most irresponsible sensationalizing I’ve ever seen. Get off the air until something has actually been confirmed.

    How about this:

    “Breaking news- Burlington Mall closed due to allegations of suspicious persons inside. Stay tuned for updates. We will let you know if and when anything actually happens.”

  12. Vickie says:

    We are we watching “BREAKING NEWS” on a situation that has not been confirmed and no actual action has been taken. Reporters are being very repetitive about an evacuation and we have to listen to this. IT IS BORING and should not preempt regular programming for this. Quite frankly, I’d rather be watching The Price Is Right. When the allegations have been proven to be true, report then but right now what I’m seeing is unnecessary. For your sake I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a false allegation because then everyone will see how tax payer funds have been wasted and reporters look like idiots while actual crimes are being committed.

  13. bob says:

    put on price is right!!

    1. jerry says:

      worst. news broadcast. ever.

  14. some guy says:


  15. PatHenry52 says:

    So how are those defense prohibitions working?? Not so well it seems…. I mean, just lift some fingerprints and run them against the database and see who it is. Otherwise, why did I have to be fingerprinted for my class A license??

  16. billy mays says:

    i bet this is a lie just to get everyone paranoid.

  17. chuck chuckson says:

    put on price is right!! im missing plinko!

  18. chuck chuckson says:


  19. Jerry Fan says:

    And this is why we’re now watching Jerry Springer.

  20. emom says:

    HELLO was the security guards totally asleep today,,,, where they watching a movie……. was there more than these two ladies in the dressing room area,,, come on security cameras, that will shed some light on this,,, oh great now the fire departments are there and special police force is pulling up ok something must be up but they will not say what it is.. could this short man be a short teen out to hurt some people he knows,, who knows,,, wheres the SECURITY CAMERAS, WHERES THE SECURITY GUARDS,,,,,, ARE THEY AT THE ARCADE,,,,,,OR FOOD COURT,,,,

    1. Anon says:

      Why do you always have ridiculous expectations of what people’s responsibilities are supposed to be. Mall security guards aren’t there to protect people from armed assailants, they’re there to kick out punk teenagers and such. They secure the mall, not the people in it. If there is a real problem all they are even authorized to do is call the police, which has clearly been done.

      1. emom says:

        well sorry, I have seen them do just that secure people and go after some in the mall,, They also have security cameras near them to monitor,, I see security guards chase people before,, and detain for the cops, maybe not armed but they do intervine ,,,,, in this case a security camera they are monitoring could have shed plenty of light on this problem…..

      2. Jerry Fan says:

        no one is suggesting that Paul Blarth & company hop on their Segways and take down the “alleged shooter”; but it would seem logical to expect that if a dude in a black trench coat is striding through the food court with an M-80 over his shoulder, the security guards PROBABLY should have noticed that.

      3. Anon says:

        Correct, and there wasn’t, so they didn’t.

    2. PatHEnry52 says:

      But the Paul Blart movie WAS filmed at Burlington… so….

  21. Boo says:

    On “WBZ-TV’s David Wade Spoke To A Witness”….

    This is not a witness…. a witness is someone who actually saw/heard something/anything, not one who just watched the mall get closed and talked to a mall employee who also knew nothing about the incident.

    This is terrible reporting, thanks for wasting my time.

  22. timma says:

    my corn flakes are soggy…. :(

  23. jimmy jim jimmy says:

    oh. now they aint going to put THIS on at wbz news at noon. they going to put stuff about a guy winning 3 bucks in the lottery.

  24. 3 says:

    i better get a 2 hour marathon of price is right tommorow.

    1. YouForgot0124&5 says:

      Damn! I gotta watch Drew Carey! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… it’s not like it doesn’t play EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY.

  25. emom says:

    well every channel has it on nothing else is on ,, great,,, what the heck is a kid doing on his bike at the mall, go home wow,,,,,,,, well there goes the morning….

  26. Kaylee says:

    oh my gosh – this is sick. Yes, this story is a little overreported and overblown – but my god – all of you people whining for your ‘Price is Right’ is going to make my head explode. I can’t think of anything more insensitive or ignorant. Typical sick, lazy (and in most of your cases, probably overweight) Americans. IF this story pans out to be true (and I’m not saying it is yet) and IF they do catch the suspect who actually has a gun and who DID plan to light the mall up with gunfire and take the lives of a few of your neighbors, friends, or family members – you might feel a little differently. You wouldn’t be sitting at someone’s funeral crying for your mindless daytime TV. I agree that news reports tend to be completely over dramatized and are totally and completely useless at times – but the mass amount of you that are crying about your TELEVISION show makes me lose another hefty percentage of faith in the human race. You all are absolutely disgusting.

    1. Chuck Norris says:

      Roundhouse Kick!

      –back to PIR

    2. Corby Nason says:

      well guess what? it was just a hoax, so who looks stupid now biatch?

      1. emom says:

        sorry if this was just a HOAX , then thats a whole differnt problem… that is still a serious crime in it self. When a student pulls a HOAX like this there is serious punishment…. this was only a mistaken identity…… Seems the fear of it was enough to send everyone into a panic… thankfully its only a mistake.. no harm came to anyone,…

      2. Getoffthecouch says:

        The people whining about The Price Is Right still look stupid, Corby. In fact, so do you.

    3. Bob says:

      OKAY Kaylee…First of all..this did in fact end up being a hoax..Secondly, I’m pretty sure most people were upset that our tax money was spent on a HUGE story that ended up being nothing..NOT the fact that the “Price is Right” wasn’t on, it just happened to be the show that was interrupted. Your going to make stupid insults on people who are “sick, lazy and overweight”?!? What does it make you feel better about yourself? MY guess is that you were made fun of in school because you were really ugly so you feel the need to take it out on people who are simply stating their opinion…WE’re disgusting?!? LOOK in the mirror sweetie. You have to write posts trashing people when you should be going to see a psychologist for your anger issues..Grow up kiddio and stop insulting people..Calm down, it’s okay..

  27. Chuck Norris says:

    I want my Price is Right!!!

  28. BillyBob says:

    What a surprise, No weapon found….Who Panicked, find them and prosecute!! Justice I say!!!

  29. Paranoid says:

    Did anyone notice these odd looking Light-Bright looking illuminated signs?

  30. Mark Kaepplein says:

    So how was the umbrella toting hospital worker able to evade the dragnet and SWAT teams? Thankfully he turned himself in! Homeland Security is really working … at fear mongering.

  31. Jerry Fan says:

    WBZ…..once again keeping the greater Boston area safe from Umbrella Killers !!

  32. Wendy Belgard Hanawalt says:

    Man, am I ever glad I moved out of Burlington. This is the weirdest comment thread I’ve ever read.

  33. BillyBob says:

    I just hope if there is ever a nut with a gun, a lawful gun owner is near by, we all need a sheep dog watching overs us!

    1. PatHenry52 says:

      I’ll do my best..

  34. emom says:

    I wonder ,, if this scenerio happened at school and noting was found but it was an OOPS mistake, would most feel the same.. Gee, no matter how you look at it,, today we have had plenty of these issues come up every so often,, If the police never took any of these reports serious, I am sure that there would be some complaining tha not enough was done,,,, ether way we look at it, people will always beleive its not needed,,,,, when a gun is involved even if its not sure if there is a weapon,, should they just pretend nothing is wrong……. I wonder ….. I rather the do something .. thankfully this was a mistake,, BUT now comes those that could come out and claim they were inconveinced, that it put stress on them ,,,,,,, just wait …. there is always a few in the crowd….

    1. Ineedadump says:

      I agree. People whine and complain when the police actually do something and whine and complain when schools and malls get shot up and people die. Stop complaining.

    2. mallfan says:

      I prefer not to ‘do something’ as you state, not do something all the time. This is the problem, we overreact ALL the time..we’re running around twitching like squirrels everytime we think something is happening. Meanwhile, real things are happening and we are so distraught over minor things, we don’t even see them. I think there is a happy medium somewhere, but to evacuate a school, a mall, anything this extreme, should have some basis. some. We are after all, supposedly a thinking society that has a brain and can use common sense, not pull 4 communities of police and everyone else in, on a whim.

  35. Ryan says:

    Doesn’t everyone know that the mall has a “NO GUN” sign outside? So how could he have a gun??

    1. theskeptical1 says:

      Yep, those ‘No Guns’ signs sure are a powerful deterrent – for law-abiding citizens.

      1. LyingRyan says:

        Ahah. I’m sure those signs have intimidated a lot of people from bringing guns in. I wonder how many people it has stopped thus far… hmm…

      2. PatHenry52 says:

        I routinely carry my sidearm into place with “no gun” signs. What they really mean is “Don’t shoot at anyone”… As I don’t intend to shoot at anyone, and as all modern firearms (and especially the well-cared for ones that I might carry) DO NOT SHOOT unless the trigger is pulled (hence the “accidental discharge” argument is bogus), those signs are meaningless.
        If you discover that I have a gun, well, whatever happened would be severe enough that you wouldn’t be worrying about 1 law abiding guy that acted in defense of the innocent….

  36. Robert says:

    I’m sick of them stereo typing white people. If it were a black man nobody would’ve called the police on him. this is racial profiling at it’s best.

    1. Dave_D says:

      Was it a white man (excuse me, a “person bereft of color”)? Figures! Lots of them running around in the suburbs…

      1. WhyRobert? says:

        I don’t know Robert. I don’t know about that one. Stereotyping… a white person? Really? That’s a first! Especially white cops… targeting… white people. Oh, wait, I stereotype white people all the time.

  37. Dave_D says:

    This just proves how ridiculous live “breaking news” coverage is. Two dummies reporting on what they don’t know about what another swarm of dummies is doing. And what did it turn out to be? Someone with an umbrella (on a day when rain was forecast!). The only thing missing from the story was the obligatory speculation that the man had a beard and may have been carrying a Koran.

    Failing marks to WBZ. Failing marks to the local and state keystone cops.

  38. PatHenry52 says:

    FYI – If anyone happens to catch sight of my hardware – Please don’t panic and call the police. Just because someone has a gun doesn’t mean they intend to commit malicious acts.
    I’ll promise not to carry an umbrella.

  39. SAH says:

    Will there now be a mandatory 10 day waiting period before buying an umbrella?

    1. PatHenry52 says:

      40 days, and that’s if your local police chief approves it, you’ve never been convicted of any drug crime or had a restraining order or felony, ever, even if it was 40 years ago. Of course, you’ll be fingerprinted, pay $100 fee (that you don’t get back if your chief denies you your right to keep and open umbrellas, and then all umbrellas must be registered.
      Of course, consumer safety laws will dictate that YOU do not get to have ANY umbrella.. no no no, you must have an approved umbrella, so nothing on the SLU (scary looking umbrella) list, or the A.G.’s non-MA certified umbrella list.
      All umbrellas will be required to be sold with a lock to prevent accidental opening (it’s bad luck to do it inside, right)…
      ONLY THEN, will you be allowed the privelege of “umbrella”.

      1. PatHenry52 says:

        Buying the umbrella, of course, will have to be done “in state”.. if you wish to buy a long umbrella out of state, you’d better make sure it’s MA compliant. To buy an umbrella in NH, for instance, you’ll have to have the umbrella shop ship the umbrella to a FUL dealer (Federal Umbrella Licenced) within MA… that will be an additional $40 fee for the paperwork..
        Speaking of paperwork… be prepared to make several declarations about your fitness to carry an umbrella with every purchase. Of course, you’ll have to wait while the umbrella dealer calls the FBI to make sure you’re still eligible for the umbrella privilege, so don’t think you’re going to be buying an umbrella for somebody else, even as a gift… that’s a no no….
        If you wish to transfer your umbrella, you’d better fill out a UM-10 form, and you’re responsible to know that the recipient is legal to own an umbrellla. Mess up that paperwork and that’s 10 years in prison for you pal!!
        If you’re caught in MA with an illegal umbrella, it’s a mandatory minimum 1 year in prison….
        Rights smights, that’s the MA way…

  40. Mark Kaepplein says:

    That umbrella-man is going to think twice now about cutting through the mall from getting off the #350 bus on his way to work. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. OK, that and the prices at Nordstrom’s. $600 for (Jimmy Choo) shoes? Only a madman (er, woman) would pay that.

  41. Jerry Fan says:

    I’m not aggravated that the cops evacuated the mall & did a search for what certainly COULD have been a guy with a gun….that’s their job! And I’m not aggravated that mall security didn’t go searching for someone who may have had a gun…that’s NOT their job. What I’m aggravated about is the RIDICULOUS reporting of the WBZ talking heads, who repetitively rehashed the same exact non-news over & over again, added NOTHING to the information that they told us within the 1st minutes of the broadcast, and didn’t have the good sense to simply say, “DETAILS AT NOON”! Now, THAT would have been an appropriate response to this “situation”.

    1. mallfan says:

      I disagree JerryFan, I think we over react to everything now. It’s overreaching all the time, so it does aggravate me.

      1. danthemallfanmandamn says:

        Yeah and there’s a reason why we overreact. It’s because of planes flying into buildings or buildings being blown up or schools getting shot up because of sick, deranged people that live in this world. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. Would you rather have people get shot up in that mall and then wonder why police took so long to respond? Just got to get used to it now. :|

    2. Jerry Fan says:

      Every winter, we who live in New England are told by the media outlets that every single snowstorm is the storm of the century. Why? BECAUSE DRAMA SELLS AD TIME ON TV NEWS SHOWS!! That’s the reason that WBZ was shaking this story like a dog with a rag. “OMG!!! A COUPLE OF OLD LADIES SAW A DUDE WITH AN UMBRELLA AND THOUGHT IT WAS A GUN SO THEY SHUT DOWN THE MALL!!! C’mon….you REALLY can’t see that the melodramatic delivery is designed to boost ratings? Puh-lease.

    3. seriously says:

      Well Jerry if you didn’t like the reporting..change the channel then…and you’re good!

  42. Dave_D says:

    “… on his way to work. …” @Robert, I guess it was a white man.

  43. Amanda says:

    He is going to have one heck of a story at the office!

  44. Bud says:

    This is typical of local news making something big out of nothing. I see the same stupid nonsense on Denver news stations. Stay tuned for more alleged news.

    1. Bud?Budlight?Buddy? says:

      I definitely would have liked to know what was going on because I shop at that mall but I definitely got your point. News stations always make you stay tuned. Like CNN where they said stay tuned for this story and then never showed the story. Bull smoked hickory! Haha.

  45. Mark Kaepplein says:

    Hey, I don’t know for sure the guy took the #350 going to work. Its just that it stops there, he wore a backpack, carried an umbrella, it was raining, and the mall makes a convenient short cut. It’s a theory.

    Yes, this media circus shows what a bunch of fear profiteers media and government are. Business partners who work together. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

  46. Rihanna says:

    Under my um-ber-ella, ella, ella. Ay, Ay, Ay.

  47. manowx says:

    NECN interrupted the president of the US for this? What should have been a one minute interruption was unecessarily prolonged to one hour. Moreover, ederly females ascerbate climate change!

    NECN – an affirmative action employer.

  48. a concerned human being says:

    Seriously you have way to much time on your hands to sit here and bickering back and forth about this. coming from someone who works in a mall I am glad they took the precautions that they did. when I heard about it my first thought was is my neighboring manager ok. what could be going through her mind she has children can she get ahold of anyone…so yes I paniced out of concern for her well being and all you have to talk about is price is right? seriously get a job and have a scare happen to your company and see who will complain then. you all are selfish ignorant and un caring!

  49. emom says:

    I am glad this all happened, it shows that folks are paying attention and in this case, that umbrella case slung over the shoulder could be confused for a weapon, I actually showed the photo to my child , I WAS SHOCKED, my kid thought it was a sword…. If a child looks at that and sees a sword, its not a wonder someone thought it was a gun.. frankly I to saw it quicky and thought a gun case then looked closer and thought gee it does look like a sword…. so I am glad they took it serious and took all the time to find the truth,,, if it was a school non would be making jokes. but would want more done… think about all the kids that were in that mall today and be thankfull they can come home tonight sit with you and have the chance to talk with you another day. Priorities are way more important than selfish needs.

    1. PatHenry52 says:

      It does look like a sword, actually. A “Katana”… and if they watch Ninja turtles, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

      It does not, in any way shape or form look like a gun. Not in the least. And there are some crazy looking guns (not any that you can own in MA of course)…. I’d love to know exactly what made these 2 ladies think “gun”…. I cannot even remotely see how they came up with that.. unless everything looks like a gun to them..

      1. emom says:

        I would think even a sword would be something to worry about,, I agree a straight handle like that is not a gun, maybe what these ladies thought they saw looked like a gun because of the way the man had it on hime and that he was reported running in the mall,, at first quick glimpse it may have look like a gun… But either way you look at it, a man running or quickly walking into a store with what looks like a weapon of any kind should be looked at as suspicious,,,,, In the end I am very glad it was a case of mistaken suspicous. If nobody had reported but had seen it and just decided to turn away and then it was indeed a real threat I am sure folks would be screamin why didnt anyone report them in the first place,,,,,, just this morning a mall out west had a pipe bomb and it was no scare,, if they had not taken that serious , you bet folks would be very upset,,,

      2. pathenry52 says:

        Ok, I’m a man. I am also constantly late, so I have been known to rush or run. So if my shirt gets lifted, caught up, and you catch a glimpse of my pistol, should you immediately assume I’m a bad guy??

        Suspicion is fine, but this was far beyond “suspicion”, this was blind, stupid panic. Ignorant panic.

        So if you saw me in such a way, suspicion, fine, so you say “hey buddy, what’s that on your hip? I can then say, “sorry, I don’t want anyone to freak out, I have a MA class A (or NH non-res) license, I carry everyday, cuz you never know… You don’t have to worry if you’re not a bad guy”. I would hope, but, seeing this… I get a little concerned.

  50. umbrella toter says:


  51. Mark Kaepplein says:

    Haters just have quip envy because I pointed out that noting brings out gun toting, Teabag, Second Amendment demonstrators better than Obama.

    1. PatHenry52 says:

      Biggest teabag you’ve ever seen! ;)

      Nothing,… How about Mr. (Adolph) Bloomberg, Frank (CEO of Sleaze) Lautenberg, Chuckles the clown Schumer, Nancy (the Face) Pelosi or Barbara (Turn ’em all in/ Ma’am) Boxer???

      As a Teabagger (consider the fact that If I’m the teabaggER, what does that make you liberal haters? – TeabagEES), and 2nd Amendment activist, I am far more angry/concerned with the above mentioned than Pres. Barry. He has only slightly infringed on my rights in that department to this point in time. Obama is currently a 2nd rung of concern guy…. Which is better than I had feared he would be.

      Perhaps if more people in MA actually knew what a gun looks like, we wouldn’t have this incident.

      1. PatHenry52 says:

        And all this on the anniversary of the famous incident of attempted Gun Control – aka Lexington and Concord.. Where the gov’t was attempting to deny arms to the citizenry… MA acted more heroic then than now – IMO.

  52. BOXER says:


  53. 1stackmack says:

    o.k at this time i haven’t heard the story yet,i was working all day .but it looks nothing like a riffle or shot gun.but it does look like a samori type sword in a sheeth.i live in burlington,this town needs a little action.

  54. bbersani says:

    Looks more like a katana to me

  55. Don says:

    Honest mistake.

    Practical Question: What kind of umbrella can I get that would not be confused for a gun? I have one of those collapsible ones that folded up is too long be a pistol and too short to be a rifle. It’s blue.

    1. PatHenry52 says:

      One that actually DOES look like a gun. Most people in MA have never seen a gun beyond the ones worn by their local police officers, so they’d never suspect an umbrella that looks like a Remington.

  56. macmum says:

    Not funny fake “Emom”. Grow up!

  57. emom says:

    WELL WELL WELL,, we have an imposter amongst us…. so pathetic , guess some have nothing better to do such a poser the fake one is… but HEY care on as usual, as I am sure you think its funny , POSER……

  58. DrStrangelove says:

    See, now this is why people high-tailed it out of here in the first place. Kaylee calls all people who dare to watch TV fat, lazy, unemployed. Posters are allowed to post without names or to impersonate others (EMom’s fake EMom – Truly? Can’t think of your own moniker there, EMomwannabe?), and people call each other ugly because apparently, you can “see” us. However, I am glad to see some sense of humor has survived, even if the subject is serious. Yes, the reporting was irresponsible at the least and really shoddy at best. And yes, PIR is one of the few watchable things left on TV — Drew Carey or Whoopie Goldberg… Is this even a choice? But the colorless race card is one of the funniest things I’ve seen played out over here in months. Kudos and a free umbrella to every poster. Just wait at Nordstroms and they’ll give them to you as you’re filing into the bathrooms with your backpacks and trench coats.

  59. Mark Kaepplein says:

    I’m waiting for when someone calls in a suspicious looking gray box at roadside chained to a telephone pole with trigger wires running across the road. It may look like a traffic counter, but could be a roadside bomb. Evacuate the neighborhood! Seal the area! Call the bomb squad!

    Remember the $100,000 Coakley claimed was spent on police emergency response for the suspicious electronic looking cartoon show ads placed around Boston? This time, umbrella. Terrorists have already won with people panicked like this, $2,000 MBTA trash cans that aren’t bomb proof, and crazy police responses over nothing. Traffic engineers have made such a mess of the roads around there, no way would anyone attack the place and expect to escape other than by foot or bicycle. That’s why I quipped (moderated) that Obama must have been there for a health care town meeting. Too few thought the circus likely a false alarm.

  60. rick says:

    When umbrellas are outlawed, only outlaws will have umbrellas!

  61. Lulz says:

    Lol, some guy thinks that “our tax money went to making this a big story and it was nothing”

    do you really think that your tax money goes to the news? All these television stations are private companies.. I hope you meant to say that some scared elderly woman cost the tax payers a lot of money when she overreacted and called the police

    1. Mark Kaepplein says:

      Media gets more old ladies and others watching news broadcasts and commercials for big drama stories. More newspapers get sold. Horrific events like this get people more supportive of spending money on police, fire, and defense. Notice how cooperative these public officials are with media. All these events are good business for the both of them. News is profitable for TV. Just look at how many hours a day its on local stations and how many cable stations that are 24hr./day news. Tax dollars don’t fund them.

  62. Sane Man says:

    Insanity is rampant in America.