BROOKLINE (CBS) – A Babson College student fell five stories through a skylight in the roof of a building in Brookline Monday afternoon.

Debris on the interior stairs of 1834 Beacon St. in Brookline. A man fell from the roof through an atrium. (credit: Deric Harwood)

The building, at 1834 Beacon Street, is on the Boston Marathon route.  A neighbor who heard the fall said there was a group of people on the roof at the time. Police confirm there was a group watching the marathon from the roof.

The neighbor told WBZ-TV the victim was conscious when emergency personnel arrived.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

WBZ-TV has learned the victim is 22-year-old Robert Baird.

Baird did not live in the building. Police said he was on the roof with four or five friends, and will not confirm whether alcohol was involved in the incident.

“I heard a crash. It sounded like someone was hauling a massive giant glass table up the stairs and it just dropped,” said Deric Harwood, who lives in the building. “Scary as heck.”

According to Brookline fire department, that victim was taken to Mass General Hospital.

The extent of the injuries was not immediately known, though officials say he is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

Comments (12)
  1. Kerry says:

    TIP: If there is not a railing around the roof deck, don’t go there.

  2. bmd says:

    By Thursday, this drunken degenerate will probably sue the apartment building for failing to prevent his reckless behavior. By Friday, he’ll be ready to binge the weekend away again.

    1. Ron says:

      Or he’ll sue the marathon because watching it was why he was up there. He’ll then sue the city of Boston for not providing better seats to watch the marathon from, thus “forcing” him to go onto the unsafe roof.

    2. R. Lightle says:

      I know this young man. He is not a “Drunken Degenerate”, nor is he a “Binge drinker”. He was just a young man who was watching the marathon and having a good time with his friends and he fell. It’s sad really, that people like you have to assign some stigma to an accident where a young man was seriously injured. It’s even sadder that you can only relate to someone’s misfortune by relating it to your own formative years. Because if your parents weren’t binge drinkers and degenerates, what excuse do you really have for being such an A55h*le????

  3. Marilyn Edith Sandberg Ju says:

    If, he trie’s to sue,they have proof that he jumped off that it washisown free will. I think he should take a polygraph. I think he should serve time.

  4. The Jerkstore says:

    Me fail engrish? That’s unpossible!

  5. jaygee says:

    I can only wonder what he thought would happen when he jumped on top of that skylight and then what he was thinking when he was falling down 5 flights. Only one person at fault here and I think we all know who that is.

  6. Jamie says:

    Well I guess I will be the only humane person and say that I hope this kid is all right.

  7. I am Spartacus says:

    Deric Harwood Rocks!

  8. Concerned Bostonian says:

    Your comments appall me. Intoxicated or not, this is still a human life you are talking about.