BOSTON (CBS) – After leading by as much as 30 seconds, at times, for several miles, Kim Smith dropped out of the Boston Marathon on Monday due to an injury.

More than halfway through the race, Smith appeared to trip over her feet and began laboring while running downhill. She stopped shortly and grabbed her right leg, indicating either a calf or ankle injury.

Watch Raw Video of Kim Smith’s Injury:

She started to run again, but it was clear she wasn’t 100% healthy. The top female runners caught up as Smith fell further and further from the pack.

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Smith later stopped altogether at around the 20-mile mark and was tended to by EMT’s on the scene.


The 29-year-old Smith was born in New Zealand and grew up running through Auckland. She then ran at Providence College, where she graduated in 2005 after winning four NCAA titles.

She currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

Last November, Smith placed fifth in the New York Marathon with a time of 2:29:28.

Comments (6)
  1. joe says:

    looked like a hamstring to me

  2. jakes says:

    too bad, she looked so strong..I hope she is well enough to run in it again!!

  3. Daniel Yisabael says:

    Oh, I recognize that pain! That’s a spasm or cramp in the calf muscles. I experienced that once at mile 18 of a marathon. It twinges everytime the leg goes up, and if you don’t get the leg down fast enough, it turns into a full blown charley horse. The only way to beat it is to run on your heels for a while, but you can’t run fast that way.

    No offense to Smith, but I think that comes from pushing too hard–harder than the body can handle.

  4. neliah2507 says:

    I love Kim and always will. No idea what her injury is but she just does not look healthy :( I will always cheer for her though.

  5. ronny says:

    Your site is fantastic, this is just what i was looking for!

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