A strong  storm system that has been responsible for the severe weather outbreak over the South-Central and Southeast United States will make its way into Southern New England tonight bringing with it heavy rainfall, strong to damaging winds and the potential for minor coastal flooding at the time of high tide late Saturday Evening through early Sunday Morning..

..Here is the Breakdown:

Heavy Rainfall and Flooding:
A widespread rainfall of 1-2″ with isolated higher amounts are possible across Southern New England with the heaviest rainfall likely to fall across portions of Western New England. The rain may fall heavy enough and over a short enough period of time to result in urban and poor drainage flooding but widespread river and stream flooding is not expected.

Strong to Damaging Wind Potential:
 A Wind Advisory is now in effect from Midnight through 9 AM Sunday for Eastern Hillsborough County New Hampshire, Northeast Connecticut, Central and Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for sustained winds of 20-30 MPH with gusts up to 50 MPH with isolated higher gusts possible. These winds could cause isolated pockets of tree and wire damage overnight..  There is the potential for stronger winds to mix down to the surface in any thunderstorms as well. If more of the winds can reach the surface than currently anticipated, a stronger wind event could affect portions of this region.

Coastal Flood Potential:
A Coastal Flood Advisory is now in effect from 8 PM this evening through 10 AM Sunday for East and South Coastal Massachusetts including Cape Cod and Nantucket Island and South Coastal Rhode Island. The greatest threat for minor coastal flooding will be over South Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island with the early Sunday Morning high tide.  Over East Coastal Massachusetts, splashover to very minor coastal flooding is possible during the Saturday Evening high tide. As we get into early Sunday Morning, the higher potential of minor coastal flooding will be over South Coastal Massachusetts where strong southerly winds combinded with high astronomical tides will result in minor coastal flooding in the vulnerable south coastal locations across South Coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island including Cape Cod and Nantucket Island.

The Storm front will be quickly pushing off the coast tomorrow taking the showers along with it. Look for improving conditions, increasing afternoon sunshine, breezy west winds and temps climbing back into the lwr 60’s

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  1. WeatherWizard says:

    Thanks Joe.

  2. Matt Souza says:

    oh go figure i said this yesterday and i was accused of coping someone .

  3. JimmyJames says:

    Great blog Joe as it looks like a stormy night is ahead of us.

  4. Matt Souza says:

    a chilly sunny morning will lead to increasing clouds this afternoon . rain should start in the evening and end sunday morning . 1-2 inches of rain is possible. higher amounts where the thunderstorms form. thunderstorms will be a 2 on my scale as some might have damaging winds and lightning next week looks unsettled .i looked at the weather models this morning and there are 2 possiblitities 1 it moves quickly and stalls over northern new england. 2 it moves slower and stalls over southern new england. i am thinking the 2 option. marathon Monday is the pick of the week with sunny skies. temps in the 50s and 60 a warm .front will stall over southern new england for next week creating mostly to partly cloudy skies with a chance of rain showers tuesday through thursday.

  5. Snow Time says:

    Thanks Joe, do we get more storms during the night time around here? It just seems like we do.

  6. JimmyJames says:

    Thunderstorm Index at 1 meaning should thunderstorms form they will fall below severe levels. The severe storms will happen over parts of the Mid Atlantic. The big ticket items with this storm system is the POTENTIAL for heavy rain and gusty winds and I would not be surprised if there are some ISOLATED power outages across SNE especially if those winds can’t be dragged down if convection develops.

  7. Matt says:

    Once more a “dramatic” forecast.

    1. Dan says:

      No what you mean. They can’t just say a lot of rain/wind. They have to use “scary” words. Yes it is going to rain and be windy. Enough said.

  8. Jofus says:

    It feels so cold out I wonder if the precipitation might begin as a very brief period of snow.

  9. Matt Souza says:

    there could be some snow in the worcester hills rain else where . snow will be short lived late tonight. . temps in this storm will be in the low 40s across areas south of the pike. with temps in the upper 30s across the valleys in northern mass. worchester hills and berkshires have a shot at temps in the low to upper 30s. with snow mixing in at times expect possible coatings at best or worst depending on how you look at it.

    1. smitty says:

      matt those snow comments were fake

      1. Matt Souza says:

        i know i was adding to the joke making it seem more real. it will be in the upper 30s to low 40s tonight though it will be cold wind driven rain. embedded thunderstorms will effect us with some of them haveing damaging winds a 2 on my thunderstorm scale.

      2. mark says:

        ya think?

  10. Loves the Snow says:

    It’s Snowing at the base of Killington already a inch or two!

  11. Joe says:

    WBZ, you didn’t listen this winter! 14 comments and half of them are trolls. May I be the first to say we told you so! This is why everyone who chooses to passionately and openly discuss/debate the weather has left for another blog. Now you are left with a scene similar to that of the opening scene of water world. A bunch of trolls sailing the seas of ignorance looking for fresh water. Go head trolls, make your comments, I could use a good laugh! :)

  12. Matt Souza says:

    i am still waiting for coastal