Shelley in Gardner is curious, “what happened to the move over law? I drive Route 2 ever day and I no longer see cars moving over. I thought it was a law?”

Elaine in Arlington is curious, “if texting and driving is illegal, is it legal to be driving wearing ear buds, listening to your iPod?”

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias and Lisa Hughes have the answers

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  1. DStein says:

    Funny, I was just driving on Route 2 yesterday in Acton and some idiot in the left lane wouldn’t move into the right lane to let a police car with lights and siren on go by. The police officer had to wait for an opportunity to swerve around the dope on the right. Do you think this person would ever think of moving over a lane if he saw emergency vehicles stopped in the breakdown lane? I doubt it.

    This is a good law, but I often wonder how people can comply in heavy Boston traffic when other drivers won’t let you move over? You know the types, they’d rather close up the gap between them and the car infront of them rather than let YOU in. So, who should get the ticket in that case?

  2. emom says:

    I have seen this big time since the law was mentioned,,, HOWEVER. I think most got the law backwards, instead of MOVING OVER to the right… They instead continue on and move to the LEFT .. Ok I have known to move over for emergency vehicles since 1979.. HELLO we where taught this,,,,, so why is a NEW concept … People think they OWN the road, they dont care about anyone but their selfish selves, I have seen them not move over for a bus and not even stop,,, Just last week I saw two different times where a cop was trying to get past some cars, sirens where blasting and all could hear,, what these nitwits where thinking, not sure, it took more than a few minutes for them to get the heck out of the way,,, If the cop could I am sure they would get a ticket,, I do hope they called in their license plate Hope they get a huge ticket. But doubt they will learn, OH and as for headsets,,, I thought they were illegal,,, Your not to wear them while driving… at least not on both ears…. one ear HAS TO BE able to hear at all times….. what fools to wear them….

  3. 1stackmack says:

    i see it all the time.the only people that do move over are pro. drivers i.e truck drivers.i move over asap.but as soon as i move over some yo-yo will sneak o the inside to pass me.ya,thats safe.also the headphone thing.when i go my DL in the late 80’s that question was on the test.but its time to up the it me but wouldn’t an i pod or what ever sound better through the factory sound system.

  4. emom says:

    1stackmack, I agree, if your vehicle has a descent sound system, Then why do folks have the need for listening to their mp3, ipod, cd, or other music or taped item.. Most vehicles have a tape deck or cd player, and if not BUY EXTERNAL SPEAKERS works so much better, Besides one of the things I remember back in 1979 when I got my license was if you have headsets on you cant necessarily hear emergency sirens.. and you tend not to look in the mirrors t see whats coming behind you… A practice that continues today Never using your mirrors. I have actually seen many folks pass a bus with its flashing lights,,,I so dont get that either… some day we will hear from someone that got a ticket for NOT pulling over , and if they get hit by an emergency vehicle because they were being stupid and darted in front of it,, Just wait there will be some fool that will claim it wasnt their fault , that they were in the right when changing lanes, and that the emergency vehicle was in violation ,,, just wait for it, some fool will pull that and try to sue.. Ther are so many stupid drivers out there as is… I would love to know who in the world did most of them actually pass their driving test… cause so many just cant do simple things on the road,, Watch your back end folks, they sneak up and stick to you like glue………..

  5. marty says:

    If you don’t know that you can’t have headphones on while driving (and I occasionally see people with headphones while driving) you should lose your license, period. Second offense loss of license forever, no exceptions. It’s time to start enforcing the laws on the books!!! It’s crazy how many things aren’t enforced. So many horrible drivers in eastern MA.

  6. CEO says:

    Marty, it’s not just Massachusetts. I travel a lot on business and there are dumb drivers all across the country. But, as the say, you can’t fix stupid. I just wish there was a way to get the really dumb ones off the road for good. I really love the people who miss their exit and then decide it’s a good idea to backup with traffic coming at them at 65 MPH. Just priceless.

  7. Mann says:

    I agree about headphones, but what about the folks that have their car music blasting so that it’s heard a block away? There’s no way someone can hear a siren while blasting music loud enough to burst and eardrum. I’ve seen people fail to move for an emergency vehicle, and also when a police officer has someone stopped on the highway. Why make all these laws if no one can enforce them?

  8. Reginald Brown says:

    I often wonder if people talking about this topic realize that a lot of high end headphones are open, therefore they don’t isolate outside noise.

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