BOSTON (CBS) – You probably know Tax Day is next Tuesday. But, you may not know that this Tuesday is Tax Freedom Day.

In theory, every day so far this year, Americans have been working to pay off their federal tax bill. But, starting Tuesday, the money we make is all ours.

Some think all of those taxes are killing our local economy, while others say you’re not paying enough.

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large:

Jon Keller

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  1. emom says:

    OK tax freedom please that will never happen.,… We pay taxes on almost everything and it really does not go toward what it was suppose to .. LIKE excise tax,, yeah thats a no brainer,,, lets see, taxes how many can I list,,,,ready ok here it goes.,,
    excise, property, sales, resturant, meal, luxury, bonus ( you know when you get a bonus at work they take more than the regular), lottery , state, federal, other kinds of tax that appear on your utility bills, gas , booze, cigarettes, wow , I wonder how many more there are that I didnt list,,, I would be interested in seeing that…
    taxachusetts YOU BET JON, it has and always will,, the more they tax the less we actually get from it . this state is falling apart, and they expect the commonwealth folks to FORK OVER more to pay for it, It has to stop and get fixed , the state house spending , needs to be looked at, its out of control and the taxpayers of this state are paying the brunt of it, TAXACHUSETTS YOU BET WE ARE………..

    1. buzzardbill says:


  2. mikey says:

    “Srewachusetts is more like it(here’s the letter “c” I left out intentionally to make it through the blog filter).

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      What does the blog filter have against hardware stores?

      1. StanleyRamon says:

        Ha, ha! Good one Steve. It’s early, that took me a minute to figure out.

      2. mikey says:

        Excellent Steve! Funny stuff!

  3. Jon Cavanaugh says:

    Ummm, you could move to another state

    1. Ajay says:

      No matter what the problem… it seems that someone’s solution is to move. Is there some reason that the folks born in Mass can’t try to fix things instead of running away from them?

  4. macmum says:

    Taxachusetts? UH duh! Yah!!! There are taxes on the utility bills, phone bills, property, road tax (which never seems to help the roads get better), tax on anything no edible, luxury taxes gas taxes..and the list goes on. Yet all we hear is there is a deficit. How can that be? The only reason they might have a deficit is because people “got a clue” and started shopping in NH.

  5. taxedout says:

    My property taxes just went up another 250 bucks. I have yet to see a pol in this state do anything else to solve a problem other than raising taxes!!! How about pension reform, sick day buy backs??? my olks in their 80’s paying 600 bucks for oil every time they need a fill up!!! I’m in NH all the time buying, you can pick up the slack…

  6. Stephen Stein says:

    Massachusetts has the 11th highest state and local tax burden in the country, coming in at 10.0%. (The US average is 9.8%.) But Massachusetts also has the 4th highest per-capita income (behind Connecticut, New Jersey and for some reason Wyoming).

    If you look at income minus state tax burden (i.e. what you get to keep, before Federal taxes), Massachusetts ranks 4th best in the nation.

    But, you say, it’s expensive to live here. And it’s true – our cost of living is 23% higher than the national average. So how do we do when cost of living is factored in, in terms of net income after state and local taxes? We rank 15th best (behind WY,VA, IL, CT, CO, TX, WA, SD, NE, KS, MN, ND, NV, and OK).

  7. emom says:

    Hey forgot a tax,, its a new one and well a sneaky one as well,,,,, PREMADE FOOD TAX. Ok go to your local grocery store and purchase a bakery roll or two and see what you have to pay.. YEAH, blame the govnor, Its considered a premade food item and unless you purchase a certain amount you will be taxed on it,,, A MEAL TAX AT A GROCERY STORE.. Even on their premade food items, like the dinners in the deli they premake, fried chicken, I was surprised when the cashier told me it was the govnors fault,, what a huge surprise,,, another way to TAKE extra from the folks of this state……

  8. ENUFF says:

    Don’t forget “Hackachusetts”

  9. Allym says:

    Definitely ! If they can’t raise taxes they think of new taxes. Personal and Business taxes are way too high. The kicker is when they spend our tax money fighting for taxes, like that Town Fair Tire debaucle last year.

    I agree with you a prepared food tax is ricidulous not as crazy as the proposed sugar/fat tax Mr Patrick thought of a year ago.

    I also believe that a bottle deposit is completely antiquated since almost every town has curbside recycling.

  10. buzzardbill says:

    This is a misrepresentation that sounds good in that it kinda easily rolls off the tongue. The facts are much more akin to those suggesting our STATE tax burden as between 7th and 15th or 28th BEST depending on which data one measures. Look at NH with no state income tax. They have among the highest property taxes in the nation much more than Mass and this is coupled with the fact that there are no public rinks, swimming pools, parks, State or otherwise. Drop your boat in the water for one day and you better have paid the state registration fees.. Mass has the lowest tax burden in New England, save NH. Mass ranks 28th in a worst case measure in tax burden in the US. TWENTY EIGHTH. So, more than half the states pay more in taxes than Ma and we have goods and services that many of the states with lower taxes do not. Apples with apples.

    1. emom says:

      Buzzardbill, I agree, Arizona has an 8 or 8 1/2 % sales tax and they tax you on practicly everything.. Meals have the gratuity and sales tax included ,,,, and that is very high as well. But I forgot about the property tax in NH, But they may depend on all the money they recieve from tourists. there is so many tourist spots there compare to MASS. I was blown away when I had to pay a meal tax at a shaws grocery store for 3 bakery rolls . I had asked the managed about it ans she said blame the govrnor, its a tax for prepared foods in stores, thus the meal tax at resturants.. Oh average I may pay at least maybe 3 or so taxes a day.. Lets see, GAS, FOOD, ( like coffee), sales tax, and federal and state in my pay check, so on average about 5 different taxes a month not including the others during the year… gee when is enough , enough,,,, GAS TAX IS THE WORST…..

    2. Ajay says:

      We do have high property taces here. But each town has the ability to raise or lower their own. My $2800 tax bill per year is not all that much.

      I also agree that we don’t have an enclosed public rink. We just set up an outdoor rink each year. We have a pool thats free to the citizens as do most towns. If you bothered to check into things before you type, you would also know that NH has 75 State parks and 19 State operated camp grounds. We have over 14,000 miles of various trails. You do have to register your boat here just as you have to in Mass, but have you tried to drop your boat in any of the major freshwater lakes in Mass?

      Its really amazing what we can do without income taxes, bottle taxes, lower alcohol taxes, lower gas taxes, lower cigarette taxes, reduced fees, water/sewer bills, etc. As you mentioned, we have a lower tax burden… I wounder how much better NH would look if we included all the fees into the mix as well?

      And I don’t see a mass of traffic going from NH into Mass each weekend….for some reason, everyone in Mass seems to come up here. I wonder why that is?

  11. Andyme says:

    All you people can complain about Mass Taxes, look in the mirror, with 80% of you voting Democrat, what do you expect? There is no tax that a Democrat politican doesn’t like. No wonder the rest of NE calls you Massoles.

  12. emom says:

    Oh fogot another gem of a tax,, called the TAX BREAK,,, yeah how many times have we have these ,, only to end up paying every penny back…. Yeah… wait that was a repulicain that created that at least 2 different times maybe 3…. both sides create taxes as they see fit… thats nothing new.. every politician creates a tax to help FUND their gold lined over inflated, over stuffed wallets. We as taxpayers would need to further look into the rational of these proposed taxes. Also dont forget the 2 1/2 over ride they threaten the towns with paying out more in taxes to SAVE services… If this state took a stand on having what they spend, and have and out side agency review their BOOKS, I wonder if they would find alot of inapropriate spending habits, after all we have seen multiple cases of fraud and theft… Maybe its time to re-look at the taxes and how they where originally proposed for.

  13. DStein says:

    Do what I’m doing, sell your property and leave Massachusetts. If I can ever sell my house, I’m outta here! This state is slowly on it’s way to becoming the state version of Detroit. As the recent census pointed out, there has been a dramatic shift if demographics showing an increase in those that live off the government and a decrease in those that pay the taxes. As more of us wealthy tax paying citizens bail off the TItanic, there will be less tax revenue around to pay for all these handout programs. Good luck, Massachusetts!! I’m voting with my feet….and my dollars.

    1. Ajay says:

      Its a shame that people are choosing to leave their hometowns to move to more affordable locations. Friends from the cape just closed on a house in VA. They said that between taxes and insurance, they should save abour $13,000 a year.

  14. Ajay says:

    The original question was “Is The Bay State Still ‘Taxachusetts’?” Well, what taxes have gone down that would cause it to lose that nickname?

  15. CEO says:

    Ajay, good point. All we’ve seen since Deval Patrick took the helm is higher taxes and fees. All from a guy that originally told us he was going to lower our tax burden. What a joke. But, somehow he got reelected.

    I already moved my business out of Massachusetts to New Hampshire. Once the housing market improves a bit I’ll sell the house and make New Hampshire my residence as well. It will literally save me thousands of dollars a year in taxes. Talk about giving myself a HUGE raise. Not to mention a better quality of life, less traffic and an easier commute. Manchester Airport is a snap to get in and out of compared to Logan as well. Massachusetts? Who needs it!

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