By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

GLOUCESTER (CBS) — An American Bulldog that was ordered euthanized after fatally attacking another dog, is now reported missing. 

The dog was brought to Cape Ann Veterinary hospital in Gloucester after a five-year-old Chihuahua named Eddie was killed as the bulldog apparently bit his neck. 

“He just dropped a stick and ran up to Eddie, they sniffed each other, he grabbed onto the neck and wouldn’t let go,” said 10-year-old Taya Barry, the dog’s owner who witnessed the attack. The family says the bulldog was playing fetch in a nearby field without a leash. 

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

“A guy from the basketball court came over and put a stick in his mouth and opened the dog’s mouth.  He finally let go,” said Barry.  After the attack the girl said the dog’s handler ran away telling her not to tell anyone. 

She called her father who quickly drove to the field, but Eddie didn’t survive. 

“I got down on my knees.  I just looked at the dog and he was just lifeless.  It was awful,” said Michael Barry, who carried the dog to the car and took him home to be buried. 

Gloucester police found the Bulldog and brought him to the veterinary hospital after he was ordered euthanized pending an appeal.  Saturday morning he was reported missing as someone apparently broke into the facility.

“I think they realized the dog was going to be put down,” said Michael Barry, who also testified at a hearing for the dog. 

The death of Eddie has left an emptiness at the Barry home, and now they worry no one will be held accountable. Michael Barry says a police detective, “doesn’t think we’ll every see the dog again.”

Beth Germano

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  1. Brian says:

    People need to Be more responsible. sorry about Eddie.Poor thing, but killing the other dog does not heal your loss. Euthanize the owners.

  2. Tammy says:

    I have an American Bulldog and I agree with you Brian…euthanize the owners! Anyone that owns one of these dogs knows that they have a high prey drive and can be unpredictable around smaller pets. We love our dog very much and that is why she is always supervised and on a leash. I know that I cannot bring her to a dog park because she is bossy and has an issue with mostly big dogs (probably because she was bullied as a baby in her litter)…whatever the case, I need to protect her and other pets from becoming snack. I am sorry for the loss of Eddy and really sorry this happened in front of a little girl.

  3. Ann says:

    the person that owns the American Buid dog should be mpre responsible.
    this would not happen if the ower would keep his dog on his leash.
    i am sorrt for your lost of Eddy he is a cute dog.

  4. Jeff Kingston says:

    No such thing as bad dogs, only bad dog owners.

  5. emom says:

    Here we go again, tag these owners as bad owners, no leash , allowing to let the dog roam free, not protecting others from harm,. These folks that owned this dog should be never allowed to get another dog of any kind. We know the owners some how took their dog back and hid him , like that is going to protect the next victim, at this point this dog is dangerous, Its had taste of blood, and has the potential to attach someone else again. this dog will show up, lets hope not because of another attach of some kind

  6. Terri says:

    Good points Tammy, Jeff and Brian. We as a society need to be more conscious of our decisions when it comes to pet ownership. People need to take the time to review breed standards and temperment and take care when selecting a breeder or if adopting, spend time with the animal to try to guage if this is a good fit for your family. Pet owners need to be more responsible when it comes to pets off of a lead.
    As a breeder of these magnificent dogs, I am appalled that someone would actually let thier pets off a leash…period. As a veterinary assistant, I see far too many accidents that could have prevented because a dog was unleashed. Car accidents, bites, attacks…its really too bad.

    As a result of owner irresponsibility, a child has had a very sad and traumatic experience, she most likely will forever condemn a breed and not the irresponsible owner. Lets not forget about the AB Dog..he is now sentenced to death for something that is inate in his psyche. High prey drive+being unleashed+little dog= big trouble.

    To Taya: Sweety…I am so very sorry for your loss! You are very brave and I am sure did whatever you could for Eddy. There is nothing more that I can do or say to make you feel better other than thank you for being the responsible pet owner who cared about thier dog.

    I do not necessarily agree with you Enom…this “taste of blood” thing is an old wives tale..

  7. florence says:

    I guess your your dog is your BOSS!!! I have an american bulldog that I bring to the dog park and out in public off leash!!! Maybe you should train your dog properly so he/she could have a life and run around because they need alot of exercise!!!

  8. mike says:

    Just wondering what a 10 year old is doing by herself in a dog park??? where were the parents? umm just in case parents don’t know little girls should not be alone in a dog park or wondering around alone on the streets! It is 2011 not 1950 for christ sake!

    1. Bee Barry says:

      I am the little girls Aunt… it was not a dog park… but a playground, and she was with her 13 year old cousin… the playground is a stones throw from her front door, and it may be 2011, but we live in a little town where everyone knows everyone…. she has 2 amazing parents, so know facts before speaking please.

  9. Tammy says:

    No, Florence, my dog is not my boss, she was abused. She was used as a tug toy by someone who thought it was a good idea to teach her a lesson when being around other dogs.. Nothing I can do to deprogram the stress of being abused

  10. k. b says:

    hey mike get your facts straight she wasnt at a dog park. she was at burnhams field its a playground and i know the owner and taya ther girl walking the dog they live 100 yards from the field and she wasnt alone. she was with her cousin. the owner is a moron obviously letting a bulldog run around a play ground. if it was a little kid the bull dog bit would that be a different story. my point exactly.