PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman is suing a Rhode Island bakery alleging that its pastries gave her son salmonella.

Attorneys for Erin Carrera filed the lawsuit Monday against DeFusco’s Bakery in Johnston. Carrera, of Rehoboth, Mass., bought pastries at DeFusco’s Bakery on March 18. Her lawsuit alleges that the pastries made her son ill.

The Rhode Island Department of Health says nearly 60 people have fallen ill with suspected cases of salmonella. Officials say many of those affected ate doughnut-like pastries called zeppoles made by DeFusco’s Bakery.

As of Friday 26 people have been hospitalized. A man in his 80s who tested positive for the bacteria died March 23.

The bakery has voluntarily shut down until further notice.

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  1. emom says:

    Its sad this has happened, HOWEVER, why travel 20 miles to get pastries, I do hope she just happened to be in the area. and didnt drive there to get pastries. Either way you have to wonder How it happened, seems at least they pinpointed the source, now they need to figure out how it happened, I do hope it was a case of the eggs had it and not neglegence,

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