NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) – The junior prom at North Andover High School was shut down early Friday after four students were hospitalized because they ate pot brownies.

That prom was held at the Atkinson Country Club in New Hampshire.

As many as eleven students had eaten the marijuana-laced brownies before arriving at the event, and four were sick enough to be taken to the hospital.

Watch video:

According to the North Andover Patch, the brownies were handed out by another student.

All four of the students that went to the hospital have since been sent home. While they’re doing fine, the school said they will face disciplinary action.

North Andover Police are looking into the matter too.

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  1. Cynic says:

    When is the Phantom Gourmet going to rate the” Best Hash Brownies” ?

  2. Me Too says:

    Unless the 4 students knew the bownies were laced with pot, how does the school think they should be disciplined? The person who made and/or gave them out should be, but not the victims. Sounds like the school is going overboard here.

    1. sbm13 says:

      Seriously?…I’m pretty sure the kids knew what was in them. I don’t know if they were victims or participants…but my bet goes to participants. Big waste of $$$ though for those uninvolved…Tuxes, prom dresses, Limos. That stinks.

  3. emom says:

    why di kids do this ,,,do they not read stories about things like this, Oh yeah ,, kids will be kids, someone brings hash brownies and no one knew, 11 eat them but 4 got sick, they eat to many.. Why is so important to get high. Kids never learn from these incidents.. maybe there was lack of supervision somewhere along the way… learning to cook with pot, wonder where they learned that….should be truely intersting to hear the FULL story on this one. punishment to the one that brought the brownies, and anyone that knew of them as well, only 11 eat them but 4 got sick, seems they knew of the brownies….

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