AMHERST (AP) – Amherst College is asking students to give up their laptops, smart phones and iPods, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

The liberal arts college is holding Amherst Unplugged on Friday to raise awareness about the potentially harmful effects of excessive technology use.

Assistant Dean of Students Debra Krumholz, a career adviser and work-life balance consultant, came up with the idea after seeing how stressed out students were and the pressure they were under to keep connected.

She says students are “overscheduled, overprogrammed and overwhelmed.”

The goal is to get undergraduates away from their screens and keyboards and the associated information overload and experience the benefits of “down time” in their day.

Students can unplug for 15 minutes, an hour or more if they wish.

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  1. emom says:

    WAIT ARE THEY FOR REAL,, we tell kids they NEED technology to survive, live, work , play, even eat and take care of ourselfs, and that is was they do use and depend on technology, its amazing now they want them to unplug. How about teaching them how to do all this and more with out the aid of technology, To totally depend and live by the electronics of technology only sets them up to never know how to do the things we once took for granted, I have choice to do the simply way , teach my child that technology and electronics are great but WHAT IF. they fail, break down, you cant afford, or they no longer work , because of variious reasons…. I would rather be able to do with out instead of rely on such technology.. Yopu go to a store, they cant count change, you see they need cell phones to communicate, computers to talk, or wrote, programs to do reports, papers, thesius, and simple spell check , dont get me wrong its wonderfull technology but at some point we no longer learn but merely allow technolgy to do the things we once did our self. I remember an article about similar talk, think it was called DUMBING DOWN AMERICA. someone make be realizing it now to teach an alternative ,,, that will be a bigger challenge. .

    1. Miley Cyrus says:

      Talk about the “dumbing down of america” Learn from your own advice and take a course on basic English and learn how to form a simple sentence, or how to spell.
      someone make be realizing, Yopu go to a store, or wrote, programs to do reports

      Hey Emom use a nice piece of technology called spell check then people will take your comments more seriously if things are spelled correctly.

  2. Alex Salzillo says:

    What a ridiculous response. Not only is your posting rife with grammatical and spelling errors, but you seem to be supporting exactly what the college intends to emphasize with this initiative. Living without technology is a Luddite fantasy; the competitive job market today calls for acute research and organization skills, most of which are now technologically oriented. While recognizing the increasingly burdensome role technology can play in our lives is important, it would be an injustice not to continue to educate the nations brightest students in the traditional faculties while providing them with useful skills that will facilitate their future careers. Thanks for using the CAPS, by the way, it really helped drive your point home.

  3. emom says:

    miley, I have limited computer skills, and even though I don’t spell correctly, I DONT CARE , I see way to may kids today that do far worse than I , they cant even spell with out a computer, they cant count money with out a calculator, they cant even pay attention to simple tasks in life, they depend way to much on how technology works, and have no respect for learning life skills. You know I am proud to have life skills, At least I am able to do simple things , so I cant spell correctly BIG DEAL. like its a crime , oh get the spell check police… YEAH kids today think they are so great at doing things, yeah like driving , how many times do we hear they were using a cell phone, speeding , drinking, or NOT PAYNG ATTENTION, sure adults do the same BUT you would think kids would learn, sorry , But when I go to the coffee shop and the kid I hand my money to cant even figure out the correct change, even thou its staring them in the face on the register, something is truly wrong. They take life for granted and have no thought behind their actions. so sorry I stand by what I said . Wait till you have kids and have to deal with the stupid behaviors, it will happen , you will look at it and see just what this article means.

    1. Miley says:

      That sentence, if you can even call it that, doesn’t make any sense. Also not everything was spelled correctly if that’s what you were trying to say; Thou is spelled though. The word you used, thou, is used to address someone, it doesn’t have the same meaning as though. Maybe you should take a lesson from this story and not use technology and shut your computer off.

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