I guess there are a lot of things we all do for our spouses…..and tonight, I watched an entire edition of Dancing With The Stars.  Yup I did and I’m proud to survive it.    Some of the best and worst dancing I’ve ever seen and a superb job by my old friend Tom Bergeron. Tom may be one of the most comfortable and talented TV hosts who ever played the game and I respect that…..but I’ve gotta tell ya, after two nights in a row……..yes IN A ROW….of Dancing With The Stars….I have definitely fulfilled my obligation toward today’s quota of wedded bliss……and perhaps for weeks to come.

     Mama has gone to bed now and here I sit, in recovery, doing that male thing of channel surfing….flipping through the channels, oblivious to almost everything……… and what pops up on the screen?   In HD no less?    The Joy Behar show…..and if that wasn’t frightening enough…..she’s not there.     Scary enough when Joy is there…..but who’s at the desk, hosting right now?    Roseanne Barr. And who’s she interviewing?   Michael Moore.

     If there are two people in show business today more obnoxious, more disgusting than Barr and Moore….at the same time and same place no less, I welcome suggestions.  

     I think I’m going to be sick!

     I’m going to bed.     Goodnight!


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