EASTON (CBS) — An Easton doctor is on leave from her job after being arrested for drunk driving.

Police took Dr. Laura McLaughlin in to custody Saturday night at a restaurant. They say McLaughlin was drunk after spending five hours at the restaurant.

A friend tried to stop her from driving, but police say McLaughlin got her keys back and rammed the friend’s car.

Comments (5)
  1. joan Hogan says:

    A Very Sad Situation. I hope she gets The Help she Needs.

  2. Taxpayer says:

    5 hours at a restaurant bar! I bet the bartender gladly refilled her glass for 5 hours!! Where’s is the establishments responibility here. Bottom line is money, drinks cost money and generate tips. All bars should have a direct line to taxi services if they are going to turn their customers into sots.

    1. gert says:

      why is it always someone elses fault she should know better than to drink for five hours and not drive??

      1. sergio says:

        Its arrogance that kills the drunk,

  3. dolly says:

    she is a great dr and a nice woman,we all have problems.

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