TAUNTON (AP) – A Massachusetts employment organization has canceled its annual job fair because not enough companies have come forward to offer jobs.

Richard Shafer, chairman of the Taunton Employment Task Force, says 20 to 25 employers are needed for the fair scheduled for April 6, but just 10 tables had been reserved. One table was reserved by a nonprofit that offers human services to job seekers, and three by temporary employment agencies.

Shafer tells the Taunton Daily Gazette the lack of employers means the task force won’t have enough money to properly advertise the fair.

The task force has been organizing the job fair nearly every year since 1984.

Shafer says the cancellation reflects the current economy — even though things are getting better, companies are still cautious about hiring full-time workers.


Information from: Taunton Daily Gazette

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  1. Ed Dracut says:

    Things are getting better yeah right. If someone runs out of unemployment benifits and is no longer collecting unemployment they are no longer used to caculate the unemployment numbers. So it looks as the numbers either hold steady or move slightly up or down. So the iddiots that we elect can say things are getting better. But the are actually a lot worse. We are in a similar sitiuation as the great depression. No work no money no nothing. What turned this country around was WWII. Because of the arsenal of democracy. The making of the weapons of war employed thousands and thousands. Then after the war we continued to make things cars,TV’s,washing machines the list goes on and on. And employed hundreds of thousands. that was until we started sending everything we make over seas. It all started with Clinton and NAFTA. Remember Ross Perot and the “Giant sucking sound”? Now we are making only a fraction of what we need to prosper. The president is touting to be first in innovation/engineering/sciene and math. All are great but if the end result similar to Evergreen solar takes the manufacturing jobs over seas we will not prosper as a country.

  2. RecallDeval says:

    I could have sworn that we were told that Massachusetts was “on the mend and on the move”. Turns out that worthless failure, Deval, was lying about that too.

  3. Mark says:

    This country is so over. Too many taxes, no guts legislatures, governors, & presidents. More entitlement programs not enough tax payers, illegal immigrants, outsourcing jobs, over paid & benefitted government employees, politcal corruption. All have been going on for years and now its time to pay the piper. My suggestion learn Chinese.

  4. emom says:

    And we are surprise about all the LIE’S we hear daily about thios state, Come on they tell us so much yet we see way more than they are truely telling us, Deval wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to him, and spoke to him. never mind parading up and down the halls of the state house. he would think it was someones family memeber pretending to work there.. He is useless and a joke, cant you hear the laughter all over the state, grab a cup of strong coffee or tea and sit out side in the early morning before all the sighing starts and you might hear him pretending to care….. then the mumbles and grumbles of dissapointment start from those trying to stay afloat are aimlessly wondering around .. Yeah he got voted in and is laughing about the stupidity of it. He suckered us into a false sense of HOPE> freakin tea baggers….

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