BOSTON (CBS) – A former Stonehill College student is facing federal charges. Police say he threatened to blow up the school and kill two staff members.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports from Easton

Twenty-three-year-old Sterlynn Robbins is accused of making those threats in a series of text messages he sent on March 17 and 18.

A police affidavit details about a dozen troubling messages Robbins allegedly sent to a female student at the school:

“Yea do me a favor. Be at stonehill the day I blow it up and (expletive) kill those (expletive) people.”

“I’ll make all of you (expletive) beg for mercy (expletive).”

“Just wait and see what im gonna do.”

“You think im joking but what else do I have to lose.”

“It’s not hard to get on campus and do what I need to.”

“I don’t really (expletive) care. I was already arrested once. I don’t even care if they kill me in my attempt. At least my pathetic life will be over.”

“I have nothing to live for anyways except revenge.”

The affidavit also states that Robbins was “separated from the college” in 2009 after the school found him responsible for physically assaulting another student.

The school stated that was the second time Robbins had been in trouble for physical assault.

Robbins, of North Branford, Connecticut, was arrested Thursday and charged in federal court with transmitting a threat to injure a person.

If convicted, Robbins would face up to five years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.