BOSTON (CBS/AP) – A well-known defense attorney was charged Wednesday in a drug money laundering conspiracy.

Federal prosecutors say 56-year-old Robert George and a unidentified co-conspirator worked together “to conceal the illicit source of more than $225,000 in drug proceeds” from early 2009 to 2011.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

George allegedly introduced a person who was cooperating with the government to George’s co-conspirator, who allegedly converted drug money into checks made payable to a fictitious undercover company.

Prosecutors said George helped conceal the fact that the cash was what he understood to be drug proceeds.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

He was arrested early Wednesday by federal drug enforcement agents at his Westwood home.  He made a brief initial appearance in federal court Wednesday and did not enter a plea.

His attorney, Rosemary Scapicchio, said George has had an “impeccable” record during three decades as an attorney and said federal agents had “set up” George.

A judge approved his release on a $50,000 unsecured bond. His attorney did not immediately comment.


George is best known for representing Christopher McGowan in the Christa Worthington murder trial in Barnstable in 2006.

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George is also well known for his work on high profile cases defending organized crime figures like Frank Salemme and James Martorano.

He was the attorney representing 15-year old Eddie O’Brien, who was convicted of killing his friend’s mother and he defended Margaret Rudin, also known as “The Black Widow.”

George was also involved in the Attleboro cult murder case, and he defended William Bennett, the man originally charged with killing Carol Stuart, before her own husband became the prime suspect.

“Defense counsel play a critical role in the criminal justice system, protecting important constitutional rights upon which we all depend,” United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz said in a statement.

“But when an attorney assists in the criminal concealment and laundering of drug money — as is alleged in this case — it impedes the administration of justice and is an affront to all ethical and law abiding members of the bar.”

If convicted on all charges, prosecutors say George could face up to 25 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.

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Comments (19)
  1. Fatty_Arbuckle says:

    Never trust a big fat Italian lawyer

  2. emom says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……. THIS IS SO RICH. A big time lawyer busted, whats the chances of that, I mean who would have thunk it. Oh but wait he will talk his way out of it some way and claim he was trying to protect himself. Yeah, high profile and crooked as the day is long. How many more will crawl out from the scurge of corruptness. time will tell.

    1. RealLawyer says:

      I’m glad you think that the misfortunes of others is funny. Some “mom” you must be. Good thing its not one of your kids who is falsely accused of a crime, isn’t it?

      1. emom says:

        and your point, , he got caught am I suppose to feel sorry for him. He scammed folks and now is going to pay. Its funny since they always walk around acting so nice and good, well guess the egg caught up with himm hahahah,
        Oh and as for my parenting skills, I at least teach my kd right from wrong and discuss these type of stories with my child , My child at least understands the difference.

      2. RealLawyer says:

        And what “folks” do you purport he “scammed”? Your comments are a complete crock. Perhaps you should go contribute to society.

      3. StevenL says:

        RealLawyer…….There are some great honest attorneys, no doubt. But i know for a fact he is as crooked as they come!!! for a fact.

    2. youidiot says:

      listen you piece of trash emom, maybe you should spend more time perfecting your grammar skills than talking about legal issues you know nothing about. if your literary skills allowed you to read, and perhaps even understand the federal complaint, you might be able to see (i’m not holding my breath on this one) how flimsy the government’ case is.

      1. emom says:

        wow, Like you care, really, I dont care what you think, This guy got caught and thats ok, we should just let him get away with it., what did I do state the obvious or sorry my grammer is not perfect, at least I dont claim to be perfect, like some, At least I know right from wrong. He broke the law and I should be happy, NOT

      2. StevenL says:

        I have to agree with ’emom ‘ This bob george ” person is a real thief!!! Trust me on this. He scammed many people of thier life savings. So the other “” attorneys ” here that are defending him , THEY REALLY DID NOT KNOW HIM like some people did. It’s over for bob george . He will be very lucky to say “” PAPER OR PLASTC”” BOB GEORGE , REMEMBER ONE THING WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND A. H.

    3. IgnoranceIsBliss says:

      I certainly, for one, wouldn’t want to be the child who is “taught” by somebody who is clearly as ignorant as you are…perhaps your parents are the ones whose parenting skills need to be discussed, as it is certainly clear you have no idea who Mr. George is, you know nothing about him whatsoever, and you are certainly devoid of any compassion for others. You should be ashamed. I agree with RealLawyer and youidiot. Looks like you’re outnumbered on this one.

  3. fff says:

    Fat porker is going to squeeeeel like the piggy he is in jail!!!!!

  4. Ugh says:

    it’s disturbing that so many high profile crooks claim they were “set-up” and expect that this is a reason to let them off. Of course they were set-up, but they still did the crime. just because you got tricked doesn’t get you off the hook.

  5. Bill W says:

    200 grand is a drop in the bucket in drug money. It will cost more to investigate and try Mr. George than he allegedly laundered. Small time stuff.

  6. eric o says:

    If you were falsley accused of a crime there is no better person/lawyer then Robert George to defend you. He is a great believer in “innocent until proven guilty” and that each and every person deserves a fair trial. He has also lost a lot of weight.

  7. onenten says:

    Having engaged Mr. George as counsel for a felony charge which I was innocent of, I can only offer my personal thoughts. Regardless of the fact that I was found guilty in a bench trial and putting Mr. George in the most favorable light, I would advance that I found Mr. George to be much less than honest. His good ol’ boy interaction with law enforcement and the ADA was far beyond my thoughts of what was appropriate. There were further events that displayed a larcenous mentality on his part. My opinion is that Mr. George is always looking out for Mr. George regardless of the consequences. I would NOT be able to sit on a jury deciding Mr. George’s innocence or guilt for I am predisposed to the thought that Mr. George is not an honorable man. INCIDENTALLY, anyone who would make a determination about a person’s character based on their physical presence deserves NO consideration whatsoever!

  8. onenten says:

    A further thought: After experiencing law enforcement, the DA’s office, corrections and the probation system, I would strongly suggest that none are as most would believe. (Most certainly add the media to that list.) What the public is told as opposed to the truth of matters can oftentimes be quite different. Everyone– including Mr. George– deserves their day in court!

  9. parto says:

    I agree. I think it is a pretty good idea and interesting.


  10. Nurse says:

    Let’s put an end t white collar crimes.

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