LEXINGTON (CBS) – A local dentist is hoping to help put a smile back on some patients’ faces.

She’s part a program to help provide free dental care for folks who can’t afford it.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

Like many patients, Paige Kohler makes sure she sees her dentist regularly. “It makes me feel better I’m taking care of my smile because I expect my teeth to last a lifetime.” 

So does John Pinsky, “Teeth and gum health is so important. It leads to a lot of diseases later in life. So it’s really important to have them cleaned regularly.”

But because of fear, many patients don’t visit their dentist or can’t afford to for financial reasons.

Dr. Fawn Rosenberg of the Lexington Smile Studio explains, “Unfortunately many people don’t go to the dentist as often as they should and by the time they do, it’s much worse and much more expensive than it otherwise should be.”

That’s why Dr. Rosenberg and other dentists from around the country take part in a program called Dentistry from the Heart which holds 200 free clinics across the country every year.

“The goal is to help people see the dentist who wouldn’t otherwise because they’re not able to for themselves or their children.”

Her patients think it’s a great idea. John Pinsky says, “For people who don’t have access to dentists on a regular basis, its a great service to provide.”

Dr. Rosenberg is holding a free clinic at her office at 922 Waltham Street in Lexington Saturday, March 26th to 30 Boston area residents.

For more info, you can click here.

Kate Merrill


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