BOSTON (CBS) — Members of the Answer Coalition were on the streets of Boston Saturday rallying against U.S. and UN military action in Libya.

“Any intervention into Libya by the U.S. government or NATO will not liberate the people of Libya any more than the U.S. invasion of Iraq eight years ago took the lives of over one million Iraqis and ruin the country,” said protester Chris Gonzalez.

Protesters say the only reason the U.S. and the UN are taking this action is oil.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I was there at the protest, and it’s true the organizers were against any intervention in Libya, but the people there had mixed opinions. Everyone there was against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the case for a no-fly zone over LIbya is much stronger.

  2. Cynic says:

    Yea because its much better to sit back and just watch Gadhafi murder innocent civilians.

    1. madmike says:

      Well these protesters are obviously selfish and in human to watch innocent people be killed and tortured.Why dont you all just grow up and for once think of other people instead of your sellfish selves !!!!!! Maybe you could spend all this free time of yours helping build this economy back up instead of taking up space on our public streets.

    2. Nihal Fernando says:

      madmike, it is YOU who is the selfish ones, you are very single minded. Do you really think we must go into war with Libya? Yes its wrong for gadafi to murder his civilians but war isn NOT the answer, once again, you and everyone else supporting the war is very single minded. Wake Up!

      1. William says:

        Saying that peace is the only answer is also single minded. I hope you do realize your argument is just as one sided as saying that war is the only way to do this.

  3. USstayHome says:

    I wonder what the UN would have done about Pres Lincoln’s Civil War of 1865? I suppose the UN would have intervened, and allowed the Confederates to continue their control of the southern US. After all, the Union soldiers were attacking innocent civilians!

    1. Cynic says:

      “If there’s something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.” Thomas Jefferson

      I guess being a decent Human Being and helping others when you have the chance is just too much to ask these days. Goes perfect with the new American motto “ME First” and its not what can I do for my Country but what can my Country do for ME

    2. madmike says:

      We are not there to win a battle for anyone !!! We are there to keep innocent people (women and children) from being killed and tortured.1865 ? you are a joke.

  4. madmike says:

    Japan is losing thousands of lives,no food or shelter so maybe we shouldnt help them either.”USstayhome” 1865 are you freakin serious?We werent even an established country !!!!! This is a totally different world and time.Slavery was one of the worst things this country has ever seen,but how can you compare 145 years ago to now.we have grown as a country,and are way more human and compassionate then ever before.The united states is about freedom and helping others,and giving people a oppertunity for a better life.Once again just thinking of yourself !!!!! What if that was your home of origin and you had family there ? “just let them die and suffer”.It is people like you that keep this world from being a better place.Just pray you dont break down in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold with a killer 10 feet away,I would tend to want to keep driving right past you,but as a american and a more humain person,and no matter what your thoughts are I would still pull over and help you.You see we dont only need to come together as americans but also as human beings.

  5. jaygee says:

    People have a very short memory. We helped the “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan fight our proxy war against the Soviets and it worked. Only problem was that the fighters turned out to be Bin Laden & the Taliban. They used the weapons we bought them to kill our soldiers and they are still doing it 9 years after we went into the country. They wanted the Russians out and then we go in after these smae people are involved in 9/11. Go figure.

  6. Lisa says:

    Why did the president of the United States go to the UN to seek permission to attack a sovereign and independent country and not go through congress. Because congress would have said NO. Hearings had already been held in regards to this situation. The pentagon and intelligence said this is a civil war. These are not unarmed citizens, they are armed rebels attempting to over throw Gahdafi.
    It’s naive to think this is about a no fly zone. This is about getting Gahdafi out…period. If the US was concerned about the civilians we would have gone into Iraq. Why Libya and why not Iran? Libya gave up it’s WMD”S, Iran is perusing them. Iran has been systematically killing and torturing its people since their bloody march for freedom began in June 2009. Why did one of the most dangerous threats to world security escape criticism, sanction and retaliation for the unmatched killing and torture of the millions who marched the streets for freedom against Islamic theocracy?

    1. William says:

      Because this isn’t declaring war. You moron seem to forget that there will be no feet on the ground by anyone other than the rebels. We’re keeping the skies clear from Gadaffi’s planes and helicopters hitting civilian targets. We’re giving the Rebels a chance to over take their government. We want this to be legitimate. If you haven’t noticed, its France and England doing most of the sorties, all we’ve launched are 3 B-2 bombers and cruise missiles. That’s it. France has 14 air superiority planes up in the air at any give time and England is launching Tornadoes with ground targets every night. The US isn’t holding a major combat role in this, its the rest of NATO who is.

  7. Nihal Fernando says:

    If people are supporting a war against Gadaffi, you are very single minded. Are you aware that they are ALREADY going to have a civil war against Libya? The only reason this war persists is because for Oil. ITs not becasue the US feels SORRY for the innocent people, there are definitely better ways to support the rebels than what they are doing now. I do not support the rebels and I do not support the allies. I hope there will be more protests against this pointless war.

    1. Rationalperson says:

      It didn’t seem like their was already going to be a civil war when Gadaffi’s troops were a few miles outside of Benghazi. More or less it seemed like it was going to end up like Budapest of 1956. If all the wars the US engages in are for Oil, then why the hell didn’t the “Great Satan” attack Iran back in 2009 when we had every legitamate reason to? Why on earth would we be in Afghanistan? (PS Afghanistan has no oil, even Venezuela has more.) There were argumants like this against NATO’s intervention in Kosovo, it never occured to anyone that Serbia was most likely going to do exactly what they did in Bosnia. If Gadaffi was going to accept any deal at all he would have done that a month ago. Now is too late.

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