NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) – The New Hampshire man on trial over a deadly knife and machete attack on a woman and her 11-year-old daughter finished testifying Wednesday afternoon.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

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Wednesday morning, the prosecution cross-examined Christopher Gribble in dramatic fashion.  Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin held up pictures of the crime scene, and “You recognize these photos because you were there, right?  Yes. You did this right?  You chose to do this?”  Gribble responded, “Yes.”

Strelzin then launched a careful line of questioning.   He asked Gribble about his testimony, the evidence, his statements to police to illustrate to jurors that Gribble made a choice to steal, plan the murder, and then kill.

Strelzin held up the machete, and asked Gribble, “There was no choice to take the weapon.”  He went on to ask Gribble, “You knowingly caused her death, right?… It was not instinct, it was a clear choice.”  Gribble responded, “Yes, it was a choice.”

Strelzin showed Gribble the receipt that he signed after selling the jewelry they stole from the Cates home.  “130.62 cents… That’s how much Kim’s life is worth to you, right?”  “Yes,” Gribble responded, “It’s an interesting way to put it. Yes.”

Jurors appeared captivated by Strelzin’s line of questioning.  This is Gribble’s third day on the stand in his insanity trial.

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Gribble admits he killed Kimberly Cates and tried to kill her daughter Jaimie in their Mont Vernon, New Hampshire home, but is trying to convince jurors he is insane.

At times, Gribble appeared to enjoy the questioning, and bragged and boasted.  When Strelzin said to Gribble, “You’re a dangerous guy,” Gribble laughed.  Strelzin asked why he was laughing.  Gribble responded that the people in jail don’t know how dangerous he is.  He said, “I smile that it’s funny all the people in there have no idea who they are messing with.”

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Strelzin asked Gribble about his insanity defense: “You’re saying you’re insane.”  Gribble responded, “It’s my defense, yes.”  Strelzin went on to ask, “You’re saying you’re insane? You want these jurors to believe that? “Yes,” said Gribble, “I believe it would be good for me to get help.”

Strelzin asked Gribble about his plans he had discussed with friends for when he got out of jail.  “The thing you might do when you get out is kill again?”  Gribble responded, “Yes.”  Strelzin finished, “That’s all I have your honor.”

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No New Hampshire jury has returned a not guilty verdict by reason of insanity in 50 years. Gribble’s own defense experts testified he displayed sociopathic traits, but was not insane.