By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) – Christopher Gribble was back on the stand Tuesday afternoon in his insanity trial.  Gribble was trying to convince a jury he was insane when he killed Kimberly Cates and left her daughter Jaimie to die.

Gribble talked about the beginning of the crime spree with Steven Spader.  They began breaking into the home of a family Gribble knew from church.

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He read texts he wrote to his ex-girlfriend about his dark side:

“I can’t seem to make it through life the way religion says too (sic). I’ve tried letting my nice side run things. It didn’t work.  Now the dark side of me will…”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

“What life are you talking about?” His ex-girlfriend texted back.

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Gribble’s response: “whatever keeps me going.  Steve and I have plans now.”

Gribble then began talking about planning the Mont Vernon murder.  He says he was upset about his breakup with his girlfriend, but they were in the process of reconciling.

He said ring leader Steve Spader told him that he had a “job” and had scoped out a home in a remote area with another friend. Gribble says Spader told him what to bring, including gloves, acetone and rope. He said Spader would text him and refer to it as bringing supplies for a “party.”   He says they planned to meet at Walmart at midnight.

Gribble says he had snuck out with his ex-girlfriend, when he got a text from Spader that they were ready.  Gribble brought some weapons from his home.  He says “the knife was on a sheath that was on my belt.” Gribble bragged about his driving skills, and said he was the one who usually drove.

Gribble later described how they changed into dark clothes.

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David Cates, all along, was in the courtroom surrounded by family and friends, listening as he has throughout this trial and the trial of Gribble’s friend Steven Spader.