BOSTON (AP) — The state’s four Roman Catholic bishops are urging Congressional leaders not to cut funding for a program that helps low income families pay for heat.

In a letter dated Friday, the bishops in the dioceses of Boston, Fall River, Springfield and Worcester said cuts to the Low Income Energy Heating Assistance Program “would be nothing short of devastating.”

The proposed cut would reduce the program’s current funding of $5.1 billion by roughly half.

The bishops said they recognize lawmakers face “excruciating choices,” given a tough economy and pressure to reduce spending.

But they said the proposed cuts would deny more than 3 million families critical heating assistance. They asked Congress to “preserve a special place” for the most vulnerable residents as they debate the budget.

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Comments (3)
  1. ed wallace says:

    well why don’t the bishops offer to help the poor with heating bills

  2. Snowman says:

    Ed, first of all they do help with heating cost for the poor.
    Why doesn’t Congress force the oil companies to sell oil at wholesale prices. I think BP would be a good target. Exxon alone, made $11.7 billion in quarterly profits. Venezuela is the only country that will sell wholesale to the needy.

  3. DStein says:

    The Catholic church is probably the richest entity on the face of the Earth. If they didn’t have to plow so much money into their legal budget to defend themselves from lawsuits resulting from pedophile preists, maybe they’d have enough to pay for oil. Hypocrites.

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