BOSTON (CBS) – A Weston neighborhood woke up underwater Thursday morning, and not because of any rain.

Overnight, an MWRA plug broke and sent water rushing down Oak Street from a nearby pond.

The Linnard family’s mudroom and basement ended up taking the brunt of the flooding. Water also damaged the family’s brand new Mercedes Benz.

 “We have lots of furniture stored down there and that’s all ruined.   Of course, we’re concerned about water damage and mold damage,” homeowner Peter Linnard told WBZ-TV.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports from Weston

The MWRA tells WBZ-TV that a contractor had installed the plug in the pond last year as part of a large construction project to repair a major aqueduct. They say that contractor will be responsible for covering damage costs.

The failed plug was replaced on Thursday and crews were pumping out water from the Linnard’s home.


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