WORCESTER (CBS) — A Westford man was driving in New Hampshire Thursday morning when a chunk of ice flew off a truck and smashed into his car.

Doctors at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester believe Stan Raczelowski will make a complete recovery.

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The orbits of his eyes are both broken, cheekbones and his nose are all broken.

“I saw this truck on the left of me. It was a tractor trailer truck. It was white or grey. And these large pieces of what I thought was snow were coming off. And before I even had a chance to think, I got hit.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

Though blood was streaming down his face, he somehow managed to stop his car and get out and check the damage. He was amazed by how much there was.

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Raczelowski was able to dial 911 and he was airlifted to UMass Medical Center.

“I hope that something good can come out of this. Perhaps there can be better enforcement of the rules which require people to remove the snow and ice off their car tops and the vans and the tractor trailer trucks.”

“For those who put the trust in the Lord, there’s always a good reason for something. And our life here is short,” said the 64-year-old.

Raczelowski is expected to be released soon, but once the swelling in his face goes down he will have to return to the hospital for surgery.

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Late Friday WBZ learned the driver of that truck works for Hillside Plastics in Turners Falls. The company says the man is a good driver, and they’re cooperating with the investigation into what happened.