By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) — Jessica Elways believes in the benefits of breast milk for her seven month old daughter Penelope, but keeping a steady supply hasn’t been easy.

“I work 45 to 50 hours a week. My supply started to dip, and since I work in retail I can’t pump as much during the day,” she said.

She needed something other mothers have and turned to the Facebook site “Eats on Feets” to find it.

Mothers like Jocelyn Tremblay who are willing to donate their breast milk.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

“I think it’s a valuable thing for people to have who maybe have no supply of their own,” she said. With her newborn son, Adam, she has a surplus of breast milk and just discovered “Eats on Feets” to post her willingness to donate.

“I think a great thing about Facebook is that it’s very fast and very direct,” said Tremblay.

But it is too fast and too risky for some, including The Mothers’ Milk Bank of New England, based in Newton.

“There are times when moms can be transmitting things to babies they don’t even know about,” said Executive Director Naomi Bar-Yam.

The milk bank screens and processes breast milk for distribution to needy babies for $4.25 an ounce.

Unlike a milk bank, “Eats on Feets” is an exchange with no regulations and no fee. Jessica Elways doesn’t mind the risk.

“I think breast milk has the most benefits, they get the antibodies they need,” she said. It’s a mother-to-mother bond that’s based on trust.

“I think trusting you’re feeding your own child as well, and would hope that you’re a healthy and drug-free person to do that,” said Jocelyn Tremblay.

Donors and recipients are responsible for their own delivery arrangements, and are cautioned by “Eats on Feets” of the benefits and risks.

It’s now becoming a global milk-sharing network that has the Food and Drug Administration now considering whether the milk banks should be regulated.

Beth Germano

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is really cool! I am glad some people realize the benefits of breast milk and are willing to help their children out. Props!

    1. scott dinzler says:

      better keep it on the down low or the FDA AND ALL THE GOVT CRONIES will make a law against it

      1. Mike M says:

        and or tax it…

      2. HPS says:

        How true.. however.. I do see MANY potential problems here with the quality.. tread with care.. and the other thing is the GOVERNMENT will want their SHARE of your labors what will the taxes be on this..

      3. Aaron Gibson says:

        yeah, the fed will call this bartering!

    2. Jeri Tonti says:

      no props the heck do you know what diseases the donating mothers are carrying….protect your babies…dont do this….

      1. Tom says:

        These mothers evidently know each other, and are operating on trust, not fear. That means they’re being cautious. Fortunately, it’s still a free country in some ways, so they need not heed the warnings of people who make choices for other people out of fear. Hopefully communities like this will be not tampered with, and will flourish.

      2. Reality says:


      3. Tom says:

        Reality: All those CAPS REALLY PROVE YOUR POINT!


        You’ve obviously not read the article closely

      4. A donor mom says:

        Most women are exchanging medical records and the details of their diets and lifestyles. in addition to the milk. Also, many moms who receive donations flash heat the milk in order to pasteurize it, just as we do with cows milk.
        Maybe take a quick look at Eats on Feets before freaking out. There are many such recommendations posted.
        Why are so many people all up in arms about this? It clearly isn’t something that they choose and therefore has no effect of them whatsoever.

      5. texan past. tech says:

        I used the be the pasteurization tech at an official Non-Profit Milk Bank. This way of sharing milk is EXTREMELY risky! The donor moms for the Milk Banks are carefully screened and bloodwork drawn. Still, even after pasteurizing, sometimes the samples sent to the lab “grew” and as a result, the milk had to be discarded. There are appx 11 Milk Banks in the country – all Non-Profit, who would LOVE to have your extra milk. The one I worked for made sure to have EVERYTHING (including containers) available so as there would be no cost to donating mothers. Please go to to find a Milk Bank near you. Don’t worry if there’s not one within driving distance. Many have drop-off locations all over their state, and it can be shipped frozen with dry ice.”Sharing” these Drops of Gold is one of the most incredible things you can do – just PLEASE do it right – and SAFELY!

    3. Bob says:

      There is a underground movement to educate and aid
      Check out
      Milk brings hope or the breast milk foundation
      They collect and freeze milk for the most needy
      We in the USA have no govt education on the benefits vs risks of natural mothers feeding vs formula . , keep up the good work facebook

    4. Jennifer Bratcher Beck says:

      Say yes to the Militant Lactivists!!!!!

    5. strongteamaker says:


      Will the milk be labeled with the race of origin like beef? Will the milk donor be FDA certified DESEASE and DRUG FREE?

    6. vivi2009 says:

      But so dangerous not to test the breast milk first!! HIV, among other diseases can be passed through breast milk. Just like donating blood, it must be tested first. I am a breast feeding mom who would die before letting my baby drink untested breast milk. Please be informed and be careful!

  2. blech says:

    Better that than whipping ’em out in public and making us all look at them.

    1. Tina says:

      Isn’t it nice people like Bleechh can have a public forum where they can safely exhibit their ranting neurosis? I’d much rather walk by a breastfeeding mom than have to look at him. Thank God for anonymity, or he’d be the town idiot.

      1. el gato says:

        Tina, I like breast feeding women who have both of her breasts out…one in use and the other one on display! Sweet!

  3. Angel_B says:

    @blech – then don’t look. Our breasts were designed to feed our babies. I was told by my son’s doctor that had I not been breastfeeding him until he was 4 years old he would have died. He was exposed to toxic mold in our home when he was a year old. It decimated his immune system. The only thing that saved him was the fact I was still nursing him and it rebuilt his immune system.

    1. Priscilla says:

      I agree with you to the first sentence and your entire words! That’s scary that your son would have died had it not been for breastmilk. My Mom did this with all her children. Breastmilk really saved his life and it is like medicine! Thank you for your comment, Angel B.

      1. D says:

        That is a great exception. The rest of us shouldn’t breast feed 4 year olds.

    2. Ron Ocala says:

      My post below was intended as a reply to your post Angel.

    3. blech says:

      4 years old? That borders on incest.

      1. Worried Human says:

        I agree …, that’s a bit creepy.

      2. Bubba Six Pack says:

        You don’t understand the difference between nuturing and incest. Sad.

        People are really confused about sex.

      3. Virgil says:

        I agree with Bubba. Blech, that was a rather rude, judgemental, and ignorant statement. Do you realize what you have just suggested. The mother does not breast feed her child of any age with the intent you have (likely inadvertently…hence my comment of ignorance) suggested.

      4. Suzanne says:

        Such attitudes are all in your own head. To mother and baby, it has nothing whatsoever to do with sex, and millions of American mothers participate in extended breastfeeding.

        Extended Breastfeeding – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

        I can’t say I’ve never donated a bottle of breast milk to a friend with a sick baby, but frankly, I’m too jealous to have given someone else’s breast milk to my own baby.

      5. chill says:

        the average age of weaning worldwide is four. AVERAGE! you are clearly confused about the function of the breast!

      6. Amanda says:

        The average weaning age worldwide is 4.2 years. There is nothing incestual about it. It is about meeting the needs of your child.
        I don’t understand the hesitancy with human breastmilk when the population has no problem drinking cow breastmilk.

    4. Melvin says:

      Please don’t patronize the public with, “It’s my right, or don’t look.” This, debate that is going on, has more to do with in your face mommy activism, than plain old breast feeding. Its a status symbol nowadays to new mothers to flop out an old booby and letting the kid suckle.
      Bottom line girls women have been breast feeding since man started to walk the earth and hasn’t been an issue until you made it an issue. Many mothers today are making this an issue, because they want to be noticed.
      There is enough accommodations in public places for you to privately breastfeed your newborns than flopping out the old booby any old time and place you feel like it.
      If you want to be noticed make your kids behave when you go shopping.

      1. blech says:

        Thank, you. Very well said.

      2. kightwite says:

        “There is enough accommodations in public places for you to privately breastfeed your newborns than flopping out the old booby any old time and place you feel like it.”

        I say your comments are evidence that the mother’s weren’t the first to make a big deal out of it. Honestly, this is a deeper issue than rights. For years, it’s been a matter of self-esteem. Comments of others are saying that women should feel dirty for offering such care to their species.

        This is only the tip of it, but I don’t expect anyone who hasn’t looked at both sides of it by now will at this point.

      3. Dawn says:

        exactly. it’s not like men walk around with no shirt on and their giant manboobs . . . oh, wait

      4. Amy says:

        Wrong! There are not enough locations… when I nursed my son, if I wanted a private place to feed him I almost always had to do it in a bathroom stall in a public restroom… do you really think that is a good option?!? It is not easy to nurse your babies descretely if you ever want to leave your home.

        And to turn your arguemnt around… yes, women have been breast feeding their children since the beginning of man, it is natural and normal… unless you live in the U.S. where is is considered voyerism?!? If you beleive that it is second nature, as you eluded to above, why are you so disgusted by women doing it!?!

      5. Suzanne says:

        Melvin and Blech, Here – Educate yourselves.

        Discreet Breastfeeding, Needless Debate

      6. Amy says:

        Suzanne… why use a pump when the real deal is available and ready? Plus then you have to find a descreet place to pump!?! Unless all these people who are offended to see you feed your child suddenly don’t mind watching women hook up a breast pump in public? You can’t just pack a whole bunch of breast milk and leave for the day never to think about it again until you return home, it doesn’t work that way, inevitably you will still need to pump.

      7. Suzanne says:

        Amy, it was a breastfeeding article that happened to be on a breast pump site. But how do you think these woman are sharing their breast milk, anyway? I guarantee you, they are not passing their babies around. They are passing bottles or bags of breast milk around.

      8. Amy says:

        Suzanne, I have to admit I only glanced at the article you posted before commenting, but I wasn’t commenting on the the article but rather on the title of the article, which you typed like a statement and not as a title to the article. I was saying that to those who believe that pumping is somehow the solution to women breast feeding in public are sadly mistaken. Also, I was not referring to women ‘passing their babies around’ obviously they would be pumping to share milk (which by the way I would never do), but Melvin to whom this thread is a reply to, commented that women only feed their children in public because they are seeking attention… I don’t want him or others to be mislead into believing that somehow the ability to pump means there is never a need to nurse your child, thus my line “why use a pump when the real deal is available?”

      9. KC says:

        As a mom who breastfed … I agree with Melvin. It’s about having ” respect ” for others. It’s called ” baby nursing etiquetted ” … plain and simple! In the VERY LEAST, use a light baby blanket and cover yourself if you can’t find a quiet secluded place to nurse.
        I had a Sis in Law who nursed her 2nd after I had nursed my 1st son .. she had to show she was just as good a mother as I was. She was the type who would just pull it out and expose ALL which made everyone leave the room! Nursing your baby is important but theres no reason to flaunt the fact that you are. At a couple times while nursing, I needed to nurse my nephew and a good friends baby as they had gone shopping and I was available!
        I would hope nursing Moms would show more Etiquette while nursing and have respect for their baby and themselves.
        god bless all nursing moms!

      10. Angel_B says:

        Many people are surprised to learn that experts consider 4 or 5 years to be the average age of weaning worldwide.
        (Lawrence, R. A. and R. M. Lawrence. Breastfeeding:A Guide for the Medical Profession. St. Louis: Mosby, 1999. ) (Dettwyler, K. A. A time to wean. BREASTFEEDING ABSTRACTS 1994; 14:3-4. )

        More and more experts and professionals are encouraging extended breastfeeding, as there is substantial evidence that health benefits continue and increase the longer the child breastfeeds. The current recommendations of the World Health Organization and UNICEF are for all mothers to breastfeed until age 2 or beyond. Studies have shown that the antibodies and immunities in a mother’s milk are more concentrated the longer she nurses, to make up for the fact that the child does not nurse as often. Recent studies also indicate that extended periods of breastfeeding offer mothers protection against breast cancer.
        (Layde, P. M. et al. The independent associations of parity, age at first full- term pregnancy, and duration of breastfeeding with the risk of breast cancer. J Clin Epidemiol 1989; 42:966-72.) (Newcomb, P. A. et al. Lactation and a reduced risk of premenopausal breast cancer. New Engl J Med 1994; 332:81-87. )

      11. nursed all five says:

        Since you have a man’s name I doubt you know anything about available places to nurse. Most men are too hung up on breasts to not turn the sight into something sexual for themselves. I was able to nurse in public and no one saw my breast although you could tell some men could not control their thoughtlife when they realized what you were doing. Grow up!

      12. Jo says:

        Amen! I am am mom of five and this doesn’t need to be an issue- get of your “milk” box and get a life!

      13. Roy says:

        Melvin, actually its folks like you that stirred the puddin. average people dont notice or dont care. Then you have some uptight citizen that cant differentiate between the two uses for the breast (sexual gratification and providing natural nutrients to infants) and freak out.

        Some uptight self righteous idiot claims offense because they cant tell the difference and tells them to go feed in a bathroom because they cant do it “here”. I got a better idea. how about you eat YOUR lunch sitting on a toilet and see how much you like it?

        By the way, its law in most states (if not federal law) for women to be able to breastfeed ANYWHERE they are allowed to be normally.

      14. Amanda says:

        Enough accomodations? I haven’t seen any on my shopping trips. THe bathroom doesn’t count. Public bathrooms are disgusting. There is no way I am feeding my baby in one.
        I’m not looking for status or recognition bc I breastfeed. It is about providing the best I can for MY child.

      15. Robert says:

        The only reason mothers are making it an issue it because they want to feed their children in peace, not to be noticed. It is ludicrous to believe that a mother feeding her baby is only thinking of herself. She is thinking about the well being of her baby FIRST.

      16. Mommy_5 says:

        Wow, such ignorance, you said “enough accomodations in public places to “”privately”” breastfeed.” Well then the next time you get hungry in public why don’t you privately feed yourself so we don’t have to look at you while you chew.

      17. Reform Now! says:

        I KNOW! This reminds me of how women think they can just give birth however they want, too. I mean think about it- they want to give birth WITH THEIR LEGS OPEN! Uggh! Who do they think they are? Why don’t they just schedule their c-section and be done with it! Goes right along with women thinking they have the right to do what they want with their own bodies! WHEN are they going to realize they are only to display their bodies WHEN and IF we want to see them, with, like, sexy, low-cut tops. Someone tried to complain the other day that this girl’s top was too low cut and I was like, Why? Women are allowed to breast feed in public. Why can her tits hang out too?

      18. Reform Now! says:

        @ Dr. Kevin Brophy- How you enjoyin those perks from the pharm companies? It’s nice going out to dinner on their dime…

    5. Mike M says:

      But there is a biologic behavioral explanation why men may have evolved to instinctively like females with larger breasts – they are likely to be more able to feed his offspring.

    6. Karen says:

      And your physician handed you a load of BS IF he actually told you that. Toxic mold has nothing to do with breast feeding because the antibodies are only present in the colostrum, which is gone in the first few weeks. So at a year old, other than being given what amounted to a custom formula, it had nothing to do with your son’s recovery.

      1. jamie says:

        u r an idiot!

      2. Linda says:

        Karen there are antibodies in breast milk throughout the breastfeeding of a child. Whenever the mother is exposed to a virus or other sickness her bodies’ antibodies are transmitted to her milk. I’m a retired LACTATION CONSULTANT..

      3. Joe says:

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. All breast milk contains antibodies, not just the first few weeks. Scientists just now are finding other advantages such as T-cell encoding which helps prevent autoimmune diseases when the child reaches adulthood.

        Breast feeding till four is very common throughout the world-it’s just in the US that it has a stigma. My wife nursed my son till four under the recommendation of his pediatrician.

        Public health policy in the US is dictated by the pharmaceutical industry hawking the next product. How many children have died worldwide because of companies like Nestle (largest producer of formular) selling tainted or incomplete formular. Nothing beats mother’s milk.

        Throughout the world women have been feeding other children’s babies when their own supply was reduced-wet nurses.

      4. Dr. Kevin Brophy says:

        Linda – “Lactation consultant” not withstanding, breastfeeding after 6 months does not carry the same benefits as early breastfeeding. Its more a psychological bond between mother and child. The important antibodies carried by the breast milk in the first 6-7 months diminish thereafter and you essentially left with what amounts to just really good tasting formula. Women exchanging breast milk has absolutely no benefit for the child as the breast milk is coming from different DNA. The whole purpose of breast feeding from mother to child is they share similar DNA and the antibodies carried through the milk are only beneficial to that child. A baby drinking another mother’s breast milk as ZERO benefit to the child.

        I am pediatrician.

      5. MD says:

        Dear Dr. Kevin,

        I am disappointed that you are a pediatrician and not properly informed. The antibodies in breast milk that are passed on to the child (IgD if you’re curious) have nothing to do with compatibility of the mother’s and child’s DNA. The antibodies are active against the molecules they have been optimized to recognize….end of story.

        Dr. M Ph.D.

      6. Angel_B says:

        Extended Feeding Fact Sheet – PDF file

        The toxic mold actually created mycotoxins that destroyed my son’s immune system, verified via low t-cell counts and immunological studies that detected the mycotoxins. The breastfeeding and antibodies from breastfeeding rebuilt his immune system.

      7. Dan says:

        Frankly, I am disgusted with bottle feeding. Could you please be more discreet while bottle-feeding? It offends me that you as a parent would want to stick bpa bottles in your babies mouths for him/her to gulp down genetically modified soy along with all the other junk that is in formula (look at the ingredients for yourself). It also offends me that you put down women for breastfeeding for extended amounts of time, yet it’s okay to feed your child processed foods…. I bet Jesus would be cool with extended breast-feeding over happy meals any day….. But oh well factory farm beef, additives, preservatives, and GMO’s are so much healthier LMAO!

      8. Sarah says:

        Regular breast milk actually contains antibodies for as long as a child nurses. And the American Academy of Pediatrics recommeds breast feeding for AT LEAST the first year of life but notes the benefits to both babies and mothers health if you breast feed beyond that. So the women who nursed her son to age four did indeed provide her son with antibodies to help him recover and her doctor did not hand her a load of BS. Just basic research would get you this information. The point of this article is that people are used to drinking cow breast milk (because cows milk only comes from cows who have recently given birth to calves). Human milk has triple the benefit to to babies and for those who can’t nurse milk sharing may be a viable alternative to formula. Sharing is not for everyone, but only the ignorant make fun of those who choose to go that route. They are acting on the what they believe will be the healthiest option for their child.

  4. gramps says:

    @ $4.25 an ounce Mothers Milk is pretty pricey…..

    I’d say Deval & his buddy in DC will soon announce a new Government program…..

    ‘Boob Stamps’….. will become part of the WIC program!


  5. HdmdpICN says:

    Plain ignorance. Breast milk is bodily fluid. It’s treated as carefully as medication in the intensive care unit. There is potential for transmission of disease and/or transmission of drugs/medications the donor may be on. IF a baby in the ICN is fed the wrong breast milk, both baby and the owner of the breast milk is screened for disease and/or infection. Breast milk is amazing but it is MUCH safer to supplement with formula than it is to give your child a strangers bodily fluid.

    1. Mike M says:

      People exchange spit with each other all the time and I don’t see them dying in the streets. Nice try there Mr. Gerber.

      1. lucy says:

        Hey you Mike M…have you read the latest medical stats on oral sex and oral cancer. Men are getting it like crazy. Put that on your checkup list. Yea, it’s called the pappiloma virus.
        Keep swapping that bodily fluid…Mr. Plato.

    2. lucy says:

      Not on e-bay it isn’t….or let’s swap it mommies….

    3. Stuff says:

      Plain Ignorance? Do you know that most formula contains MSG and non bio available chemical vitamins ( Everyone is born with the common sense that breast milk is better for you than man made chemicals and mutilated heated food that has lost all its enzyme content. It is only responses like yours that try to scare people away. It is unfortunate that you don’t even realize you have been manipulated by big business propaganda

      1. hdmdpicn says:

        @ Jocelyn…Three years ago, I worked in a NICU that used banked milk for their 24-30 week preemies when the mother was unable to supply milk. It cost about $12-14 for 100mL (just over 3oz) and that was 3 years ago. Consents had to be signed to use donor milk and the cost for the hospital was because the milk was pasteurized and screened. I’m not sure how it was charged to the families, if at all, because we would often split the milk between multiple babies so that we didn’t throw any away. Preemies are often only eating 1-20mL every 3 hrs and thawed milk is only used for 24 hours. It’s not cheap and it’s not the same as breast milk from the MOM.

        My argument here is NOT breast milk vs formula. My argument is that breast milk IS a bodily fluid. It’s composition is affected by everything a mother ingests, smokes or drinks. We use pumped breast milk from moms on methadone to help WEAN the baby off the drug after it’s born.

        It is ignorant to say that breast milk is “natural” therefore breast milk is “safe”. It seems ironic that people who are so fearful of formula as a supplement because of its “manmade chemicals and broken enzymes and, oh yea, bug parts” would have no trouble feeding their baby a stranger’s bodily fluids because that stranger is completely wholesome and the chemicals in her breast milk are NATURAL! But whatev… NATURAL does not mean SAFE.

    1. blech says:

      No, just someone sick of women who can’t be discreet and think it’s OK to whip it out whenever and wherever they please. Also, if the child is old enough to walk, it is disgusting.

      Show some respect and do it discreetly. Stop trying to shove it in our faces. Yeah, you reproduced, big deal. Doesn’t mean we all have to watch a show.

      1. Jstin says:

        Thank you blech. It’s fine to breastfeed, just do it in privacy. No one needs to see that. Too many women treat it like a power trip and do it in public to try and make a point. Relax!

      2. J D says:

        You are basing your comment upon social norms. Who are you to say that because a child can walk it is now “disgusting” to feed them the natural food provided for them? The nutrients in breastmilk cannot be replaced by any formula. Studies have shown that the earlier, and longer, a mother breastfeeds, the healthier both she and the child are. Breast cancer rates are MUCH lower among women who breastfed for at least a year for each of their children.

      3. Amy says:

        Blech… you do know that some children learn to walk as early as 8 and 9 months old?!? Most babies start to eat some soft foods at 4-6 months and slowly ween themselves off of nursing, but it is a little different with every child. My son only nursed once a day in the middle of the night by the time he was 11 months and when he finally slept through the night at 14 months he was officially done being nursed. I’m sorry but that is not disgusting!!!

        And women don’t ‘whip it out’ whenever they pleaes, they ‘whip it out’ when their child is hungary and needs to eat.

        I am a very modest woman and never breast feed openly in public, but I can attest that it is very difficul to be discreet! Why is it so difficul t for people to realize that nursing is a wonderful thing, it’s not gross, disgusting, leud, or provocative in any way…

      4. Suzanne says:

        Blech and Justin, Just how many mothers have you actually ever seen breastfeeding in public?

        I think merely stumbling across an article on breastfeeding is what really offended you. You recoil at the thought of it even entering your minds. How sad for your children.

        Heh heh – here’s another one:

        Is it Cultural Elitism to Teach, or Not to Teach, Breastfeeding?

        GO MICHELLE OBAMA!! Breastfeeding would save so many black babies lives that aren’t being saved now, because statistically, fewer black mothers breastfeed.

      5. Since this seems to bother you so says:

        Well, I’ve never had any need to do this in order to nurse my baby but…
        ( ‘ ) ( ‘ )
        (virtually whips out boobs)

      6. Angel_B says:

        I suppose you would prefer women to wear a Burka? May want to cover those arms up….oh, and when you eat, I don’t want to watch you stuff your face, so go sit in the bathroom and eat discreetly so I am not offended…

  6. Danielle says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts, the government will soon “save” you all from yourselves.

  7. gen says:

    AIDS is carried through breast milk. Medications are also carried into the breastmilk. Those using untested milk are putting their baby’s health at risk.

    1. Mike M says:

      Thank you Mrs. Nestle’

    2. Karen says:

      AIDS is not transmitted through ANY body fluid. HIV is. So please do your research. There has also never been a case in medical history of an HIV infection through breast milk…ever.

      1. Teresa Ackers says:

        Flash Heating anyone?

  8. Blushinka says:

    Oh, Angel! Better believe we’re looking. And salivating! Feel free to expose yourself with no thought to the people around.

    1. Matt says:

      Really? Have you seen a picture of Angel? You don’t want to be looking at that. Just think – she breastfed a young adult until 4 years old! Sheesh – my kid was doing my taxes by the time he was 4 years old, what is wrong with this woman that she needed to pull her kid out of preschool every hour so he could breastfeed!! How embarrassing for that kid – I think he will probably live at home as a virgin until he is 40 years old.

      1. blech says:

        Agreed Matt.

        I think that parent has serious emotional issues if she feels the need to embarass her child by breastfeeding when he/she is 4. There is something very disturbing about that.

      2. Stuff says:

        I agree and would not have my kid do that. However it may be all of us who are wrong since in many cultures it was the social norm to feed their kids till that age and more. Those cultures where much healthier than we are today.

  9. Michelle says:

    These women are certainly placing a lot of trust in each other. I would hope that everyone evaluated their fitness as a donor carefully, but there are plenty of sick (mentally and physically) people in this world.

    Breast milk is a bodily fluid, just like blood and semen. I wouldn’t accept an untested blood transfusion for my child and I wouldn’t accept untested breast milk either.

    1. blech says:

      Yes, it is a fluid like semen. Maybe I should start taking care of that biological need in public as well.

    2. jstin says:

      This story is disgusting, What woman cares so little for their child as to give it some strangers breast milk? I mean, are we serious here. And a woman that doesn’t have time to pump milk because she is working doesn’t have time to be a mother,

      1. blech says:

        Amen, jstin!

      2. Angel_B says:

        And how many in this forum drink the milk of an unrelated species that is laden with puss, hormones, antibiotics……even fecal matter……talk about disgusting…..

  10. emom says:

    Why would any mom rely on someone esles breast milk, they must not realize the dangers to others, even simply meds can cause another baby distress, Where is the regulation in this and further more who is regulating the transfer of this.. With all due respect is sounds great on paper, however, its going to cause alot of issues in the long run,,, wait for it,,,,,, can you say lawsuit.. from tainted breast milk.. Oh and I did nurse my child till 1year my own …

  11. Ron Ocala says:

    Don’t fool yourself into believing that the female breast is only for feeding babies. Yes, the female breast is “technically” a milk machine, but they were also designed as one of the most sexually arousing features of a human female to their male suitors. Like it or not, yours have likely been stared at longingly.

    And men, if you’re lucky enough to have a wife who let you indulge in their liquid nutrition, you know what I mean when I say it’s indescribable.

  12. KF4766 says:

    So she doesn’t mind the risk. Does this mean she also pays no regard to car seats? Will she not make her child wear a bicycle helmet when she gets older? Your baby’s health is not something that should be put at risk.

    Another point, the bond comes from the act of breastfeeding, not the milk.

    1. Dawn says:

      right! or give her child formula that has god knows what in it – despite how many times it’s been linked to diseases – ridiculous.

  13. Donor Mom says:

    Many moms do ask for your medical records to make sure that you are not carrying any diseases that could be passed via breast milk. They also often ask questions about your diet and lifestyle and meet you in person. The WHO lists donated breast milk as a better choice for babies than formula.

    When I donate to moms I can guarantee them that I have not been given growth hormone, loads of antibiotics, or that my milk doesn’t contain beetle parts. Formula cannot say the same thing.

    1. karen says:

      As a NICU nurse, I can tell you that formula does NOT contain antibiotics, or growth hormones or beetle parts. Infant formula is made from an entirely different process than cows milk and I also have never found beetle parts in my 2% milk that I drink every day. So please do not post inaccurate information.

      Unless those Moms are medical professionals, they do not know how to “read” medical records or know the impact of different medications and how that can affect their baby. Donor milk is NOT equal to the milk of the biological mother…the breast milk content CHANGES with the infant’s needs…you do not get this benefit with donor milk.

      Having medical records does not mean that Mom cannot contract Hepatitis or other disease later…it also does not prove that Mom is not on illegal drugs.

      Donating outside of a bank is DANGEROUS and I cannot wait until laws are passed to stop the practice.

      1. Bubba Six Pack says:

        See the article about bug parts in formula. These mothers should be free to do what they want with their breast milk.

      2. Donor Mom says:

        I love how you keep spouting that you are a NICU nurse as though that makes you an expert in human lactation.

        Formula does contain those things because they are made from cows milk that contains those things. Or from genetically modified soy beans that have been sprayed with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides. Pick your poison.

        They can read that I don’t have any communicable diseases.

        I’m aware that breast milk changes with the infants needs, that’s why I try to donate to moms whose baby is as close in age as possible to mine. This is far different from formula that doesn’t change at all, making your argument against me a moot point.

        And about me contacting hepatitis and using illegal drugs…do you really, really think that there are lactating women out there who are running around doing drugs and catching diseases and then taking the time, energy, and expense to pump milk, contact women, share their medical records, get to know them, and donate their milk to them? Really?

        As long as we’re passing laws about sharing milk let’s pass laws about sharing all body fluids. New laws to be enacted: no kissing my baby (saliva is a body fluid!), no one under the age of 18 can kiss either because there’s more body fluids being shared, no other sexual activity either in that case… Oh goody, maybe the government can try to control every aspect of my life!

  14. Leslie says:

    Beautiful story, ladies! What a wonderful thing milk sharing is!!

  15. EnoughAlready says:

    Ick! Human cows

    1. Donor Mom says:

      Um, no. It’s human milk from human women. Better than giving your baby milk from actual cows.

      1. blech says:

        Sure, giving your baby fluid from a complete stranger sounds perfectly normal to me.

      2. Stuff says:

        Actually it is. Wet Nurses have been used throughout history

      3. Teresa Ackers says:

        much better than giving them “bodily fluids” of another species. Ever stop to think that “Milk” as in Cow’s milk is a bodily fluid made for baby cows?

      4. Angel_B says:

        Formula is created from the pus laden milk of an unrelated species, with ground up rocks to increase vitamin content……what a lovely way to feed a child… thank you!!!

  16. Kim says:

    The last place I would look to buy breast milk would be off of Facebook. Well, maybe not last, there is Craigslist still. Sheesh.

    1. Donor Mom says:

      They don’t buy it. It’s donated.

      1. Kim says:

        The last place I would look to FIND breast milk would be off of Facebook. Well, maybe not last, there is Craigslist still. Double sheesh.

  17. z says:

    Better make connections now. The underground economy was crucial for regular people in the soviet union ….. much as at has been here in the more dependant communities.

  18. jojo says:

    Look up the name Elizabeth Glaser. Early in the Aids epidemic, she had received a blood transfusion after complications in the delivery of her first born child Arielle. The blood was infected with the Aids virus. Unknowingly, while she breast fed her baby, she transmitted the Aids virus to the child.

    Any parent who would take this kind of a risk with their child’s life should , in my opinion, be investigated by a social worker.

    1. Karen says:

      Jojo…you posted medically inaccurate information.

      It is SPECULATED BUT NOT PROVEN it was passed from breastfeeding as research on transmission was very shoddy at the time. Considering that there has NEVER been another case since then, it is considered very doubtful that this is how her daughter contracted HIV.

      Her infant was born immediately after the transfusion…it only takes ONE MINUTE for blood to circulate throughout the entire body…so there is no doubt in my mind, that her child contracted HIV via the birthing process and exposed to the tainted blood that was infused.

  19. Fusspot says:

    Listen up everyone. There are nuts out there. Those of you who profess to love your child act it. Because you breastfeed you think you are the end all. Think of your child NOT YOURSELF How do you know what horrible thing could have been added. I breastfed my twins and am a mother of four. Mothers milk and mothers germs should stay between a mother and child. your probably the same parent that let’s a child run rampant in a restaurant BTW. I am also a nurse and loving nanny

  20. glenp says:

    they call em FUNBAGS for good reason!!!

  21. EnoughAlready says:

    Blech, I agree with you. It may be a perfectly natural thing to do, but so is taking a dump and I don’t want to see that either

    1. lucy says:

      Yea, I wish everyone would just keep your bodily fluids to themselves!!!!

      So egocentric to want to share so much of themselves.


  22. LookItUp says:

    This is nothing new. Look up “wet nurse” in the dictionary. This has been going on for centuries.

    1. Lucy says:

      Not the same at all. A wet nurse is registered.

      1. Donor Mom says:

        I’m pretty sure those tribal communities had fabulous wet nurse registries as they communally nursed their children.

      2. lucy says:

        Last I heard we lived in a society….not a tribe. You can’t justify it so stop trying. You are putting your own health at risk. Just stop and realize the damage you may be responsible for.

      3. Dawn says:

        wetnurses were initially registered because there was such a large demand for them and it was a way to keep them centralized. in other words – it was a business strategy not a safety measure

  23. Paige says:

    My daughter recives donated milk from generous moms and of course we screen our milk, most mom’s who recieve donated milk do.

    We have recieved milk from stay-at-home moms, Doctors, scientists, a teacher and a lawyer, among others… all who are so generous to share their extra milk with us knowing the benifits my daughter will recieve…the same as thier own precious children recieve…and all of these wonderful womyn have be very happy to allow me to screen them.

    1. joe_shmo says:

      Glad to hear you’re only getting milk from doctors, scientists and lawyers. It’s a known fact that none of them ever have AIDS, hepatitis, drug addictions, etc.

    2. Karen says:

      It is NOT the same milk.

      Breast milk from your OWN body for your OWN child is unlike that of any other. It completely defeats the purpose of breastfeeding when you use donor milk.

      Unless you are a medical professional and have a lab set up in your house…you THINK you are screening them, but you are not.

  24. Kevin says:

    Them poor children will be exposed to someone else’s milk. They could be drug addicts for all you know. They could have diseases for all you know. They need protection and all the women doing this need to be locked up (for life). Remember, it is for the children. Hopefully, the nanny-state, that all of you women love, comes and gets you and takes away everything you have. Sick women….

  25. Lucy says:

    Oh My!! the poor poor child. Having a parent so dumb. They might as well scoop water from a puddle and feed that to their children.

    Where is Mrs. Obama with this one!!!!! or the FDA or common sense!

    Obstetricians …. heads up.

  26. Paige says:

    My daughter receives donated milk from generous moms and of course we screen our milk, most mom’s who receive donated milk do.

    We have received milk from stay-at-home moms, Doctors, scientists, midwives, a teacher and a lawyer, among others… all who are so generous to share their extra milk with us knowing the benefits my daughter will receive…the same as their own precious children receive…and all of these wonderful womyn have be very happy to allow me to screen them.

    1. bobb says:

      Yes, but how can you be 100% SURE that the person you’re receiving from is honest, aware, or even “cognizant enough” to be trusted? I find it very hard to believe, or trust, anyone I’ve met solely through the internet. It stuns me that people would put more trust with their child’s health than they would in making an online purchase of some gadget.

      And, PROVE that the “medical records” anyone receives covers all POSSIBLE transmissible diseases! Not just that, what about proper sanitation in the process of collection?

      I’m ALL FOR donation, and the whole breast milk benefits, but caveat emptor. You get what you pay (or don’t) for–and sometimes “more”, and you’re putting your child at risk.

      If all these “wonderful mothers” really wanted to do something, start a non-profit, collect donations to support the cause, and establish well-founded processes to ensure the safety of ALL recipients involved.

  27. GoodGrief says:

    When the child is old enough to ask for it and unbuttons the mother’s shirt to get at it, it’s time to stop. It is also time to stop if the child does his/her school homework afterwards

    1. blech says:

      Agreed, GoodGrief. These are the kids that have the hover parent who never leave the basement or their mother’s teat. Literally.

  28. David says:

    how do you screen them Paige?

  29. WDarwin says:

    Breast Feeding is not for everyone for many valid reason: biological, lifestyle or preference. The many benefits do not out weigh this absurdness or the “age old” formula practice.
    This is typical of opportunists who exploit postpartum women with additional unnecessary guilt. It’s simple if don’t or cannot breast feed use formula. It’s not about you it about your baby.

    1. Donor Mom says:

      Right. It is about your baby. And donor breast milk is shown to be far superior to formula.

      1. bobb says:

        Right–up until the first baby who contracts a disease or illness, then we’ll see the bleeding-heart story about how bad of an idea it was; how they were deceived; etc., etc.

        No one on facebook ever lies, is less than forthcoming, or is clueless, thankfully.

      2. WDarwin says:

        This is absurd! Non-regulated. Risky – based upon guilt that if you cannot breast feed you are not a good mother. Bunk.
        While I do understand that breast feeding between mother and baby has benefits, this has taken the ‘breast feeding’ zealotry to a new low.
        So I don’t accept the premise and it is OK, like the 100s of millions of children who used formula, to not be bullied and distressed into using a bizarre, unsafe, absurd service.
        This is not about babies, it is about selfish, guilt ridden, socially bullied women.

      3. Donor Mom says:

        Tell that to the mom I donated whose (adopted) baby violently vomits up every type of formula they tried but is THRIVING on my breast milk.

      4. WDarwin says:

        Lactose intolerant??? Soy???? Not the first baby. If so, it an an extreme edge case which still doesn’t support this unusual behavior of food banking because, again, if a mother choices not to breast feed or cannot. The amount of gilt is wrong; much like this idea.

    2. Dawn says:

      formula is not regulated any more than other foods. as a result toxins and disease causing bacteria have been found in formula and that’s not including the recalls for “benign” things like bug parts in the formula.

  30. Lisa says:

    If this catches on in a big way, Wal Mart will start selling it.

  31. eleanor says:

    back in the days when it was scandalous to show an ankle, and sleeves had to be long,
    mothers would breastfeed the baby in the living room when the pastor was visiting—and on a park the sunny afternoon.

    Any man who objected because he saw something sexual to it would have been labeled as a pervert.

    breastfeeding is a natural right, and it is only the perverted minds of today’s
    sex saturated society that objects to it, which causes the ladies to have to stand up and demand the respect that breast feeding is entitiled to.

    1. Karen says:

      Back then, RESPECTABLE women who were not closeted exhibitionists would bring a large blanket to cover themselves discreetly while breastfeeding.

      The younger generation that “gets off” on any excuse to flash people in public think that they should be able to just pull out a breast, expose it for everyone to see and feed their baby.

      Legally, that may be acceptable…but you show me Mom that thinks that is Ok and I’ll show you a Mom that needs therapy…RESPECTABLE women, breastfeed anywhere…but they are so discreet about it and carry a blanket that you never even know they are breastfeeding.

      Again…nothing but a bunch of closeted exhibitionists.

      1. KC says:

        AMEN, Karen … I nursed my sons and even at home, had a baby blanket ready to use, just in case.

      2. Jessica says:

        I breastfed all three of my children for one year. Clearly you have never been around a baby over 6 months old. Most of them will not nurse with a blanket over their head. Would you eat with a blanket over yours? The reason they won’t is because they want to look around at the world around them. They are curious. The last thing I ever wanted was for someone to see my breast, but sometimes it happened. The majority of women do not want to be looked at. What an ignorant thing to say. I hope one day you become enlightened from your stupidity.

  32. response says:

    I think if a child can unhook the mom’s bra, they are too old to breastfeed…..
    I bottle fed my children from day one…formula…OMG…did that make me a bad mother, no it didn’t. I had perfectly healthy children who grew up just fine.
    (and…they seldom were ill with anything, not even a cold)
    It’s a mother’s choice. No one should be looked upon like they are a bad parent if they choose not to do it.
    With passing it out on facebook….The FDA is going to have a field day with this.
    In this case, I would rather give my child formula than someone’s milk I had no idea who they were or what their lifestyle is.

    1. Dawn says:

      so your decision shouldn’t be looked down upon by anyone else but you should sit in judgement of other people’s decisions – of course – makes perfect sense.

      1. Kim says:

        I’m a woman and I find it incredibly tasteless for women to whip out their “baby feeders” and do it in public. Gee – seems like they have breast pumps for when it benefits them…why can’t they pump some milk in advance when they’re going out in public and feed them with a bottle?

        I can’t help it but it seems to me everything to do with breasts turns into a political movement…from breast feeding to breast cancer. Thanks feminists for ruining yet another thing.

      2. Kim says:

        And Dawn, she didn’t sit in judgment of other people’s decisions. If you re-read her post, it says it’s up to EACH MOTHER to decide…

        Perhaps YOU prejudge HER.

      3. Angel_B says:

        Not all women have breast pumps. My children never had a bottle or a pacifier, nor did they ever suck their thumbs….

  33. emom says:

    First of all I am all for breast feeding infants, its a great thing,, FOR THE MOTHER AND BABY.. However I am not sold on the benifits of donated milk, How do you know its safe, sure screening the applicant is one thing,, but how about testing the donated milk for chemicals, meds, diseases, , alchocol, cigaretts, pot, and so many more things that can enter the breast milk. Look it still only sounds great on paper. but you cant trust everyone,, your fooling yourself if you take trust in a total stranger. it could be goat milk, you have no idea, unless you have it tested.. Furthermore is it banked in a milk bank and tested. The antibodies of one mom is totally different than your own, You dont know the potential for undiagnosted disease.. its possible.It has happened in blood transfusions, and still happens today even thou its screened. so with all precautions you still have no Idea what you are getting, BUT HEY good luck and I wish you the best, glad I was able to do it my self.

  34. luategsfd says:

    WANTED: milkman, contact eats on feets

  35. Jocelyn says:

    I truly appreciate everyone who assumes I have AIDS and am not only breast feeding my child but donating to others with that knowledge. I can’t imagine a mother who would do that. I have been tested and if the entire WBZ audience would like to see how safe my milk is I can submit a full screening blood work up. It is a personal choice, mother to mother, much like wet nurses in days past. There are many moms, adoptive, survivors of breast cancer and so on, who cannot provide breast milk for their own babies, why should my perfectly healthy milk be thrown away, when it can help those babies to grow and thrive?
    As to nursing in public, which is a totally separate issue as I have hardly left the house yet with my week and a half old newborn, seriously men, get over it. I will never understand how men love women’s breasts unless they are used functionally. I nursed my twins until they were two and a half and we nursed in public when necessary. Would I prefer not to “whip it out” on the T, sure, do I care what Johnny stranger thinks if I do need to feed my child in public, no. It is my legal right to feed my child in public as I see fit. And the connection to walking or talking being the cut off point for nursing is silly. The world wide age for weaning from nursing is about four and a half, so to think women are disgusting for nursing a toddler is a particularly American mindset. After a child is eating solids and at about a year or so, toddlers aren’t nursing all day long. My kids nursed before bed and naps or for occasional soothing for the last year and a half of our nursing.
    It always seems to be men who have such strong opinions, men who will never walk a mile in a mother’s shoes and who really sometimes seem to have no understanding of how basic and natural breast feeding is. Lovely to see them compare it to semen too! Not quite the liquid gold I had in mind for my baby.

    1. Tom says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said. And you’ve said it beautifully. Some people will never get it, but please know that many others do. I commend you for doing what you, and many others, know is right.

    2. blech says:

      2 1/2???? That is disgusting. If they’re old enough to ask for it, it borders on child abuse.

      1. Donor Mom says:

        My newborn baby asked for milk all the time. They just have different ways of asking as they get older. What about a 9 month old who can ask? Should I stop nursing then? What about when she starts to ask for solid food. Should I not feed her because she asked for it?

      2. Jocelyn says:

        I am not sure why I am even responding to this, but how is giving your child something they want, are asking for and is good for them, child abuse? Do you know what child abuse is? It, like rape, is not something to be taken lightly, or thrown around as a cute comment to get your viewpoint on breast feeding across.

      3. Sean says:

        Troll with kids? Did not think so.

  36. sean patriot says:

    This is just gross

  37. emom says:

    Oh I see only lawyers, doctors, succesfull people are worthy to donate milk,, I bet someone that takes pride in their health ways but is merely a store clerk, watress, mail carrier, or just your average shmooo is not wirthy,, GOT IT so glad that was cleared up. Only HIGH END milk will do. Now thats discriminating ..

  38. East_TN_Patriot says:

    Seems to me that there are quite a few folks here who need to mind their own business and stop forcing their own hang-ups on other people. Women have been breastfeeding for thousands of years, and sharing breast milk for just as long (ever heard of a wet nurse?) It’s only in the good ol’ USA where the female breast is scorned as a sex organ and breast feeding is seen as a sick perverted sexual practice that should be hidden away and not spoken about. It amazes me how most of the people who gripe the loudest are usually religious folks who have managed to create the warped logic that although God gave women the natural ability to breast feed their children, it is sick and perverted and un-Christian-like to do it. How about you self-righteous do-gooders worry about real social problems and not how normal women choose to feed their children?

  39. Marc says:

    Sorry, it’s too late now.

    Local edition ran the same story last week with two area moms involved.
    Watch the FDA ban it, Congress regulate it and the IRS tax it.
    Something as this needs to be discreet.

  40. Karen says:

    As a NICU nurse I can tell you first hand that this is a DANGEROUS practice. Hepatitis, is found in breast milk. Many Moms have cracked nipples or infections and I have seen PINK breast milk because of the blood content.

    These women are nuttier than loons for doing this outside of a milk bank and every single one of them should be charged with child engangerment for exposing their children to the body fluid of a total stranger.

    Oh yeah…and I guess I didn’t bother to mention the number of mothers who are DRUG ADDICTS that breast feed along with heavy smokers…those drugs are excreted in breast milk as well.

    Again, these women are NUTS.

    1. bobb says:

      THANK YOU, Karen, for being a nut-job, religious, anti-breastfeeding male chauvenist, sex-addict and responding to this.

      It’s disturbing that so many people are trying to villify anyone who provides a logical counter-argument and trying to get people to look after the safety of the children involved here. There ARE safe ways to approach this–either already in existence or ones that can/should be developed–but this way isn’t it.

  41. Hank Warren says:

    The FDA will be involved soon. Useless FDA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  42. Sean says:

    To those who say it is dangerous. You are correct. To those that say it is safe, you are wrong. HOWEVER like all things in life you can calculate your risk to reward. Breast-milk is the very best way to feed a baby. PERIOD. That is one reason formula manufacturers are always trying to get closest to moms milk than any other product….. blaw blaw balw. We have all seen the commercials. I would also be suspect of the formula. It was just a few years ago we got some poison formula from China (along with some dog food too). Just because it is man made does not make it safe for consumption.
    I would just like to point out that in the past this was called a “Wet Nurse” usually hired by affluent families.
    Is it just as safe to get supplemental mothers milk from a stranger on the internet? Heavens no. The thought of my children getting milk from an unknown mother is revolting. However I would gladly let them get supplemental milk from someone we know AND TRUST (best friends etc) knowing the risks that are still involved (luck for us my wife is a stay at home mom and does not have a problem with supply). I suspect that the mothers who are doing this are checking out the supplier before anything is given to the kids. I could not see it any other way. Most people are responsible. If they are not they would not care about breast milk feeding their children and would never purchase any online. Just my $0.02.

  43. KF4766 says:

    This is not a story about breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding, or where a woman chooses to breastfeed, or how old a breastfed child is — it’s about putting something into your baby that has been unscreened. With all the risks out there that are unavoidable, why would you want to add to those risks?

    1. East_TN_Patriot says:

      Do you actually believe that these mothers are just naively taking whatever milk is given to them? We give our children “unscreened” stuff all the time. Do you think every spec of food, piece of candy, or drop of formula we give our kids is screened? Hate to break it to you, but it isn’t. The majority of the human race is healthy and the likelihood of a lactating woman knowingly handing out milk tainted with blood, known disease, etc. is extremely small.

  44. Tom Seldgin says:

    This is so dumb on so many levels. As a practicing physician and scientist, I can tell you that while breast milk has definite benefits, the unregulated exchange of this substance is risky. Breast milk contains necessary nutrients including fats, proteins, immunoglobulins, etc. but depending on the donor, it can also be contaminated by viruses (HIV, Hepatitis, etc.) and bacteria. It is inconceivable to me that with the regulation of everything from soda to an aspirin that breast milk is unregulated.

    1. Karen says:

      Tom…these Moms are too cheap to purchase from a milk bank. That would be like you infusing blood from a “good neighbor” and bypassing the blood bank.

      These mothers would not dream of doing that to their babies, but for some reason, they think to do it with milk is ok.

      Karen..NICU RN

  45. Karen says:

    On rare occasion, in the hospital, we have an “exposure” where stored breast milk goes to the wrong baby.

    When this happens, the “donor mom” has to go through Hepatitis, STD and HIV screening.

    Gee…why in the world would a hospital even bother if we have the medical records right there!!!! Because there is a risk folks!!!

    We call the milk in our hospital “white blood” and TWO nurses have to sign EVERY time an infant is fed with stored milk to verify that it is going to the right baby…it is because there is a risk!!!!

    1. East_TN_Patriot says:

      Or perhaps it’s because it is the fear of being sued if you don’t go through all of that paperwork and testing? No, certainly not. Couldn’t be. It must be because 99.9% of lactating women in society are infected with all sorts of nasty diseases. And of course they all love to give out their tainted milk to stupid “cheap” women who are too dumb to make their own determinations of what’s best for their own child and too disinterested to look at the background of the potential donor. Considering that there are over 200,000 deaths due to preventable medical accidents each year, my confidence in your “medical” opinion is not very high especially when coupled with your very unprofessional tone.

      1. Just saying says:

        East_TN_Patriot you answered your own statement. why would you be worried about “getting sued” if the breast milk were safe to begin with???…Think it over…I’m sure the light bulb will come on eventually…Good post Karen…

  46. cccc says:

    Wonderful way to pass HepC and HIV to your babies ladies not to mention many other dieases.Not a good idea at all to turn your baby’s health and future over to strangers.

  47. Mom of 3 says:

    Anti=bodies are produced by a breastfeeding mother until the baby is weaned. These anti-bodies are type specific to what the baby is exposed to. There are also properties in milk (not colostrum) that trap bacteria and viruses and wash them out of the baby’s system. So, no, it doesn’t end with colostrum.

  48. vik says:

    EWW DISGUSTING. These women are just nasty

  49. vik says:

    mom of 3… people still do not understand who it really works.. and I believe it is a bit bias depending on the scientists beliefs… also, I know plenty of friends who had issues and were breastfed…so to claim that it is crucial is ignorant .. natrual is always better but to share breastmilk is just disgusting… Would you be okay if some woman let your child suck on …. because they were hungry ? You do not know how clean that person is and its worse then sharing underwear …which is downright nasty and they need help..

    1. Angel_B says:

      It is called being a wetnurse, has been done since the beginning of the mammalian species. It is even done between species. I myself have been a wetnurse for two babies in my family when their mother was unable to breastfeed because of a retained placenta that was misdiagnosed. Granted, it was only for a few weeks each time, but the opportunity to give a baby a chance at a better life is well worth the effort.

  50. Bernard says:

    Breast feeding is a natural process with many benefits but there is a problem for American and Western mothers. The food they consume is laced with preservatives, flavor enhancing chemicals, and even radiation for a longer shelf life. When it comes to our meat products one can add to this toxic brew anti biotic, anti fungal, growth hormones etc. that eventually makes its way to the consumer and in this case to the infant.
    If a mother prefers to breast feed she should be acutely aware of what she consumes including her own medications. A complete change of diet that includes holistic foods not tainted with any chemicals and a strong restraint of medications that the mother may consume would safe guard the infant from receiving this by products in the mother’s milk.

  51. Adam says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I’ll check it out after I’m done with this blood transfusion using blood I got from someone I met on Facebook that I totally trust.

  52. Jocelyn says:

    I am looking into the Milk Bank of New England as well, because their milk is what local NICU’s use and obviously those babies are in most critical need. However, right now the New England Milk Bank is not processing their own milk, so I have to be screened, which they will call me about next week, then my milk is sent to Ohio, processed and fortified (I think they condense the milk for preemies). I had no idea they charged $4.25 an ounce as they are a non profit and the milk is donated. I hope that at least for NICU preemies, insurance will cover these expenses, but for everyone else, I can’t imagine paying $4 an ounce as babies can eat as much as 6oz. a feeding, eating 6-8 times a day. That is roughly $150- $200 a day. Who can afford that out of pocket?

    1. Suzanne says:

      Ha, yeah, Jocelyn, you noticed the huge financial interest of the Milk Bank of NE in this story, too, did you.

      I think the biggest mistake these mothers are making is doing this breast milk match making exchange out on Facebook instead of in a private email discussion list.

      These women all know each other. It’s really nobody’s else’s business. Don’t think the Amish don’t do it, too. It’s a private thing among their group, and they don’t need meddlers.

      1. say it ain't so says:

        That is expensive…but I am sure Obama will find some way to make the rich mothers redistribute their “wealth” so the poor mothers can breast feed…

    2. texan pasteurization tech says:

      Please see my later comment explaining these fees

  53. Todd B. says:

    Another excuse for some sick women to continue to express milk far longer than is necessary. Angel B. YOU BREASTFED YOUR CHILD UNTIL AGE 4, THAT WAS NOT FOR THE CHILD’S BENEFIT, IT WAS FOR YOUR OWN GRATIFICATION YOU ARE SICK AND YOUR CHILD WAS ABUSED BY YOU!

    1. Suzanne says:

      Todd B. You are out of your mind. You cannot possibly force a child of any age to breastfeed. Millions of American mothers breastdfeed into the preschool years. They just know better than to consult judgmental perverted creeps like you.

  54. Jullianna says:

    I wouldn’t take milk even from my best friend – even that tiniest bit of risk is enough to want to protect my child. Maybe she should think about working less, pay for regulated milk, or get welfare to pay for it.

  55. Angel_B says:

    For those who say that 4 years old is too old to breastfeed, take a look at human development. The first set of teeth are meant to get the child ready for being an adult. They are called “milk teeth” for a reason. Before modern times, it was common to breastfeed children up to the age of 6 years old, especially when food was scarce. This afforded children with the best opportunity for survival. In most areas of the world, breastfeeding continues for at least 3-4 years. The western culture is way too obsessed with the human female body being looked at as a sexual object. The only reason people find breastfeeding distasteful is because they see the human breast as a sex toy that should be hidden from view.

  56. Joe says:

    So next time I see a woman breast feeding, can I ask to get up on that T!tty??

  57. Angel_B says:

    @Todd – Actually, my first child breastfed only until he was 23 months, then stopped on his own. My younger son is actually High Functioning Autistic, which is the reason he needed to breastfeed longer. In fact, between the bonding created through the breastfeeding, the intensive one on one I gave him in his early years, having a BA in child development and giving him the therapy he needed when young, most cannot tell he is autistic at this point. I have had verification from multiple sources, including his pediatrician, the neuropsychologist who diagnosed him with autism, his allergist, his neurologist, his teachers, his psychotherapists and quite a few others that I did exactly the right thing. I have been told that had he been born to someone else who had not given him the support I did, that he would have been completely non-verbal and locked in his own world. So, please do not tell me that I am abusing my child when you have no idea what you are talking about.

  58. Mr. Common Sense says:

    AIDS Anyone?

  59. Jonathan says:

    I was a Toxicologist for a decade. In that time, I dealt with 2 cases of infants who were positive for cocaine that they were receiving through breast milk. There were additional cases that involved infants with medical issues due to tainted milk.

    With this in mind, I would definitely stick to a “Milk Bank,” where the breast milk is screened so I know that my child is consuming a safe supply.

  60. Todd B. says:

    Angel B, If breastfeeding till age 4 is so beneficial, why stiop then? Why not continue until the kid leaves for college?!
    I’m sorry, but you do not live in the third world.
    IN OUR SOCIETY this is considered inappropiate.

    1. Angel_B says:

      Well, my son’s doctors, teachers and therapists all applauded me and continue to do so… who is considering it inappropriate?

      1. julio says:

        The kid’s THERAPIST supported her….LMAO.

    2. Dawn says:

      children naturally wean themselves. are you really under the impression that these women are forcing their children onto their breasts? right before my son turned one year he simply wouldn’t nurse anymore. each child

  61. Angel_B says:

    For all you men who are so against a woman breastfeeding in public, why don’t you “MAN UP” and breastfeed your own babies? There seems to be nothing wrong with a man taking his shirt off…..why don’t you do your duty.

    Here is an article on how men CAN breastfeed their own babies. :-)

    1. JacNThaBox says:

      Here is an article on people who eat fetuses…doesn’t make it proper. You want to “MOM UP” and do this? Didn’t think so…leave your pseudoculture science at home.

  62. Deb says:

    Trust, yet verify. Maybe they are willing to take the risk, but is their little darling? I wonder how long it will take before HIV is transferred to one of their little bundle of joy?

    So sad. Please verify first. Please have tests done before risking the health of your little one. I’m sure most of you didn’t drink, do drugs or smoke while pregnant those 9 long months to ensure you had a healthy baby. What’s a couple extra days? Take the time to test the milk donor so you will have peace of mind that you are not doing permanent harm to your baby?

  63. Nancy W says:

    some people may not realize historical references to wet nurses and what that means…duh

    this is not anything new, simply a new way of doing something that has been going on for centuries

  64. Todd B. says:

    Angel B, You want me to man up and breastfeed??????? Now I know that you are a kook and am willing to bet that you are a single mom… am I right???!

    1. Angel_B says:

      Nope…definitely not single :-) And, considering there are other cultures where the man does breastfeed their children….I say you are too chicken to do it.

      1. JacNThaBox says:

        There are also other cultures where they kill or eat their babies…are you brave enough to do that, Angel_B?

  65. liz says:

    I am a breastfeeding mom, still breastfeeding my 13 month old. What I don’t Get is why this is a breastfeeding debate. This is a breasztPUMPING debate. Breastpumping is appropriate in extreme cases where the mother is physically incapable of feeding her own child her own milk, such as adoption or disease and in those cases it is certqainly an act of charity for a woman to share her milk with another baby. But PLEASE don’t act like you’re a great mom when you work 40 hrs a week and feed your baby someone else’s milk. Your baby would benefit more if you quit your job and fed her formula than spend all your time awayfrom home and tell yourself you’re still a good mom because she’s getting high quality food with none of the LOVE.

    1. Dawn says:

      your child would probably benefit more from having a mother who has compassion for other people even when she disagrees with them rather than a self righteous loudmouth. spending 24 hours a day with your kid is only good if you aren’t toxic to begin with.

  66. Tara says:

    LIz, that is so judgemental. You don’t know a working mom’s situation. Just because she works doesn’t mean she doesn’t give her baby love.

  67. emom says:

    Hy LIz,, guess what , I worked 40 hours a week when my kid was a baby, 14 years ago, And I loved my kid enough to support and feed him.. OH and i nursed for the first 3 month since I was at home on maternity leave, but needed to return to wrk to help support the family,, OH WAIT, i used a pump during the day at work,, in private and no one knew. SO sorry love is what you can give your child, and working to support their needs is love, you had your choice this is my and so many others, OH and I nursed my child for over a year.
    some are cluelss and think they are doing what is best for their kids, only to have problems later,, but hey we all have our choices,

  68. afreegreek says:

    $4.25 an ounce?

  69. naxtor says:

    i love to drink breast milk. it keep the immune system a a very high state and gives all the protein and vitamins that you will ever need. my ex wife afte have a baby never actually dried up and gave milk for years afterwards and i never let any go to waste. i nursed every night on both when we went to bed. my stomach was never upset and always felt great. i was a breaast fed baby growing up and never like cows milk but would drink all the breast milk that you could possibly furnish me. i nursed my mother till i was a big kid 3-4 years old and she let me have all i wanted every morning and before i went to bed..

  70. a mom who would never do this says:

    Ew, just, ew. Do you realize that breast milk can be contaminated with virus and bacteria? This is not a good thing. OMG.

  71. a mom who would never do this says:

    You could chance the transfer of drugs, hep c or b, hiv, bacteria, pus, and any other big nasties from this–plus the “ick” factor. Your child doesn’t have a choice what you put in their mouth, so be smart and don’t do this. I can’t believe the health risks you are putting the child in.

  72. Mike says:

    How ignorant and disgusting. Must be some liberal idea. Lets hope they don’t spread AIDS, and all other afflictions to too many other imbecile mothers..

  73. Karen says:

    To Donor Mom..who is obviously very, very misinformed. I work in a large, Level III NICU which means that we deal with CRITICALLY ill babies. In 14 years…not once have I EVER seen an infant that “absolutely” could not tolerate formula..ever…to where an alternative milk source had to be found.

    So you sitting there stating that “an adopted infant threw up every kind of formula and is thriving on my breast milk”…then incorrectly assuming that your breast milk is the reason…that can be a host of things…self-resolved pyloric stenosis that was a mild case to start with, change from Poly-vi-sol from iron to no iron, the adoptive mother may have got better at burping, changed bottles, the kid may have been constipated…I can list you a TON of reasons that can cause spit up.

    If had the choice to expose my child to either Hepatitis or blood tainted breast milk or levels of pus from mastitis..I think I would take the beetle parts, hands down, because at least my child would not suffer the consequences of being exposed to viruses.

    These women are nuts, they are crazy and it is only a matter of time before one of these babies contracts something because these women are too self-centered and too uneducated to go through the proper channels.

    1. Dawn says:

      I don’t entirely disagree with some of the concerns you are raising but what about the rise in celiac because of formula feeding, what about Enterobacter sakazakii Bacteria (and yes, I looked that up because I couldn’t remember it), there was the BPA issue (which is still an issue in some places) and GERD. Baby formula has no greater regulations on it than any other food product. Now if there is a contaminant in a food we eat our bodies probably process it just fine – one because our systems are developed and two because unlike a newborn it isn’t the ONLY thing we are going to eat day in and day out.

      Like I said, I’m not suggesting that your concerns aren’t legit but the idea that the only risk from formula is bug bits is simply not true.

  74. sk says:

    Baby’s OWN mother’s milk is the best. Breast milk “character” changes in response to the nursing baby. Anyway, Seems too risky to accept someone else’s breastmilk. Don’t know what kind of diseases may be in the other woman’s breastmilk. (without her knowing it). You do know that HIV is transmitted in breastmilk and there is a lag period before the person is aware of the infection. To be safer, don’t do it. it’s not worth it. If you have to., substitute with formula instead.

  75. warren says:

    Great news! now….just waiting for the corrupt FDA to come up with an excuse to stop it..

  76. Jay says:

    Why breast feed?

    On formula packages they brag “gives your baby IQ scores almost as high as breast milk” – in other words, if you want your baby to have a higher IQ, feed it the real thing.

  77. Nate says:
    This is an article from 09 that talks about Selma Hayek (an actress) on a trip to Africa for vaccines for babies. She was still lactating from her last child and assisted at a hospital by breastfeeding an African baby. Just because we are not third world country does not mean we have to feed ourselves and our children industrial stuff. Just my $.02.

  78. Steph says:

    TO those mama’s who know what their talking about, you have my full support. But there are many idiots in the world, and on this page, who apparently miss the point of breast feeding. There are so many amazing health benefits when you breast feed you baby, too many to list on here. If you don’t know what they are you should SHUT UP and keep you ignorance to yourself. I knew a woman who had a double mastectomy at a young age and wanted to give her baby breast milk. She relied on sites like this to give her baby breast milk. Women have been nursing their babies since the beginning of time, and no government or ignorant man has the right to judge or regulate it!!! The ignorance of our American society, astounds me.

    1. vivi2009 says:

      Breast milk must be tested before being shared. Just like donating blood! HIV can be spread through breast milk.

    2. wdarwin says:

      Spoken like an angry, uninformed person. Keep drinking the koolaid. Breastfeeding in beneficial and safe when the “mother” is able to perform the duty. As I “stupidly” said before, this isn’t about the baby’s health it’s about breastfeeding opportunists. It is you who is unaware or unwilling to accept the risks of accepting breast milk from a factory. The “Donor Mom” or Selma may be safe supplies – that is merely luck at best. Like it or not the govt regulates these activities. We try to protect you from your unintended consequences – to be truthful.

      1. Dawn says:

        “breastfeeding opportunists” . . . wth??

  79. Simply Amazed says:

    For Suzanne and her “Michele Obama” call out supporting breast feeding. Yes, it is good she is supportive of breastfeeding. However, considering black women as a ratio of the population have the highest incidence of abortion, I would think that you would want her to ask why so many black pregnancies are needlessly terminated. Sanger was a racist and she found a profound way for eliminating those she deemed either mentally or economically disadvantaged. Sad so many of the ‘pro-choice’ crowd doesn’t realize Sanger’s true motives…Even sadder that someone as educated as Michele Obama doesn’t realize her own race bought into the fraud and her support of ‘choice” really is nothing more than perpetrating it on her own people through her own ignorance…

    1. Dawn says:

      shew – you must be limber otherwise i don’t know how you could make such a huge sssssssssssss – – — t—- r – – – e – – – – – t — – c – – -h.

      but putting aside the fact that this is in no way related to the abortion argument. . .. sanger didn’t invent abortion. your idea that we should be antichoice because of sanger is like saying we should be antichristian because the westboro church uses it to malign our troops.

      1. Simply Amazed says:

        I didn’t say she invented it. She DID (meaning Sanger) espouse the argument of those persons deemed economically or mentally unfit to be mothers (i.e. the poor) of which African Americans make up a disproportionate amount of the population. Secondly, as a ratio of the total female population in the U.S. they have much higher incidences of abortion. Third, my reply to Suzanne wasn’t to start a debate on abortion, just to point out her mention of Michele Obama is tenuous at best when you consider she could be advocating a much better public health message for the African American community. Do I need to speak slower and use smaller words??? Stretch that!

  80. el gato says:

    The milk bank is just helping themselves to huge profits! Imagine charging $68 a pint! What a bunch of slimeballs!

    1. texan pasteurization tech says:

      please see my later comment explaing these fees.

  81. Mark Carlton says:

    Sharing milk over Facebook, you say? Hard as I’ve tried, I still can’t find the nipple on my computer.

  82. Feminisme says:

    mine are more like

    ( O )( O )

    1. Just saying says:

      Any video to prove it? Just kidding. Funny stuff though.

  83. Watnasshat says:

    They are going to be investigated just like they investigated the farm co-ops. It’s all about taxing and regulating.

    How do you know that the woman who gave did or did not have bad or good habits?

  84. vivi2009 says:

    This is so dangerous. HIV can be passed through breast milk!! Please do not do this for your baby’s sake. It is not worth the risk! I am a breast feeding mom and realize the benefits. I would NEVER let my baby drink untested breast milk.

  85. julio says:

    Facebook creepy. Sharing breastmilk nasty and creepy. Sharing breastmilk over facebook…well, you get it.

  86. Imod says:

    I tried to get some breast milk but I got turned down.

    I like it much better than cow milk.

  87. dkh says:

    I have leftover milk I can donate. However, I also had undiagnosed Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia while I was nursing. Babesia is a now a permanent exclusion for donating blood … I’m excluded FOREVER.

    Okay, so who wants my leftover breastmilk?

  88. roger says:

    i’m still waiting for the facebook menstrual fluid exchange program. a lot of peeps still haven’t earned their redwings, you know.

  89. hether says:

    As an up and coming first time mom, and having read all this, there is plenty of accommodations to feed your baby, there is dressing rooms, that if you ask the clerks nicely, they will allow you to use one to feed your child so you don’t have to sit on the toilet to do it!! As well it is now the law, here in canada anyway, that there has to be family rooms in most public places!! Every mall in my city has a “family room”, which is where women can go to breast feed if they are self conscious to do it in public, and for us it’s either a whole separate room, or even a small nook off to the side in the women’s bathroom!! As well as fathers to go into to change their babies, because men’s washroom don’t have the baby change tables! When you’re out at a restaurant, where they won’t have “family rooms” ask to be seated somewhere where the prying eye of the public doesn’t have to see you breast feed!! Also if you feel like you have a right to breast feed anywhere, then by all means, do it, it is our legal rights as a mother!!

  90. Dawn says:

    to follow up on part of what sarah has said “The point of this article is that people are used to drinking cow breast milk (because cows milk only comes from cows who have recently given birth to calves). ”

    in fact, many of these cows have not recently given birth to calves they are instead given hormones to fool their bodies into believing that they have given birth or to extending the “post partum” cycle well beyond its normal course. yeah, that’s so much more “natural” and “normal” than giving your child breast milk

  91. Guyanthony Parramore says:

    I thank God for Rachael a mother who volunteered her breast milk! After my daughter’s mother left us. If it wasn’t for she blessing my daughter Kirara who was at the time two months old. Kirara wouldn’t drink formulas, and once my poor baby got so hungry she could stomach anything but breast milk. Rachael donated her breast milk, if it wasn’t for Rachel, Kirara would’ve suffered so much more.

  92. JacNThaBox says:

    There is a LOT of ignorance in this forum…no one is arguing against breastfeeding. The only debate raging is the MANNER in which a child is breastfed. I worked at a family restaurant for nine years and saw more exposed breasts than I would in a strip joint. I understand that breastfeeding is natural, but so is urinating. Discretion is the key issue here. Furthermore, all your articles and proofs bear no weight here. Give me a dozen articles about any aspect of breastfeeding and I’ll find you a dozen that say what you are supporting is wrong, or vice versa. This is NOT closed science, it is open to debate, and the only reason their is a debate is because there are too many extremists involved…there are too many women that feel society has to be “taught a lesson” by undermining the status quo instead of working to positively change it through education and respect to naysayers. No one wants to hear how disgusting they are for drinking milk or why formula babies are statically dumber than breastfed babies…I’m actually amazed at the lack of respect people show their causes by acting like complete jerks…and I must say this statement applies to most of the moms on this forum. I don’t agree with how “eats on feets” is implemented, and not because I am uneducated or miseducated. It is a personal preference, and that does not make me a bad parent. I think that breastfeeding a four-year-old is inappropriate FOR MY CHILDREN, but if a mother chooses to do it that’s her own thing. I have quite a few friends on the breastfeeding militia on Facebook, and all they do, literally is try to show their boobs online and complain when Facebook deletes them, or criticize those who don’t agree with their POV. THAT is why there is a debate…because breastfeeding proponents have gone out of their way to make other mothers feel inferior and to take a harsh stance against anyone who disagrees with anything they say. And as long as the breastfeeding militia conducts their business in such a manner, they can expect strong opposition.

  93. Paige says:

    So interesting, read this in The Guardian…seems like Brits are as progressive as the folks at Eats on Feats…

  94. emom says:

    AAAHHHH gulible trusting niave fools, When someone desides to SUE over what should be a “SAFE” and healthy substance ,,, welll, I can image what someone will say.,,,, I was assured it was safe, free of all chemicals, medications, alchohol, it was dye free, nothing but pure clean healthy milk, we checked out the persons diet, she showed us a diary of what she eat, how she lived, who she was exposed to , when anyone got sick and gave details of her life,, with that we felt it was the best breastmilk to give to our adopted new born.. But within a few weeks she developed a rash and then a respitory problem, come to find out all that was disclosed was not as true as it should be, I feel I was lied to and decieved. I am sueing for damaged to my babies immune system and the cost of medical bills, and the pain and suffering my baby may have to deal with in the future, she is only 3 months old and she is scared for life, Now this sounds like a real case but its not, its merely a possible scenerio,,, but hey sounds extremely plausible,
    Yeah guilible fools need to wake up from your healthy comas and get real, the world lies and you need to get reall…

  95. emom says:

    AAAHHHH gulible trusting niave fools, When someone desides to SUE over what should be a “SAFE” and healthy substance ,,, welll, I can image what someone will say.,,,, I was assured it was safe, free of all chemicals, medications, alchohol, it was dye free, nothing but pure clean healthy milk, we checked out the persons diet, she showed us a diary of what she eat, how she lived, who she was exposed to , when anyone got sick and gave details of her life,, with that we felt it was the best breastmilk to give to our adopted new born.. But within a few weeks she developed a rash and then a respitory problem, come to find out all that was disclosed was not as true as it should be, I feel I was lied to and decieved. I am sueing for damaged to my babies immune system and the cost of medical bills, and the pain and suffering my baby may have to deal with in the future, she is only 3 months old and she is scared for life, Now this sounds like a real case but its not, its merely a possible scenerio,,, but hey sounds extremely plausible,
    Yeah guilible fools need to wake up from your healthy comas and get real, the world lies and you need to get reall…

  96. emom says:

    There are some real niave folks on this story, gee, still cant wait for when someone is wronged and BOOM a brand new story,,, If You think this is good then so be it , but many of us seem to think is dangerous, HEY BUY CARRY ON AS USUALL<<< in 20 years or so lets have a conversation on the benifits of someone elses stuff, fools still will be fools.

  97. Paige says:

    If you look at the Guardian on-line they have an article about a restaurant in Covant Garden that serves breastmilk ice cream. Endangering the lives of Britons and tourists everywhere! And they screen there milk mamas the same way I do for my daughter! Whoa! LOL!

    1. emom says:

      hey guess what britain is now looking into the safety of this breast milk icecream saw it on line today seems even they beleive this may not be a good idea.. yeah get back to me in 20 years to see if the benifits outway the risks,,, spreading your germs is not a good idea…its like sneezing on your friends food,, talk about risks

  98. neither friend nor foe says:

    another reason not to get married. womens iqs are just too low. quite sad. this headline made me cringe. poor children they always get it worse.

  99. Samantha Putnam says:

    Okay, I have a question. So I can walk in my kitchen and thaw a bag of MY breast milk to feed to MY baby, and that’s perfectly okay (recommended even!). But if another woman were to feed that same bag of milk to HER baby, it’s EXTREMELY RISKY? Why? Seems like a double standard to me.

    This isn’t as dangerous as some people want to make it out to be. My medical records show that I’m disease free and healthy. My baby’s medical records show that he is exclusively breastfed by me, and he’s also disease free and healthy. So what’s the problem?

    I’ll tell you what the problem is: there’s no monetary profit to be had for ANYONE. I don’t charge anything for my milk, I GIVE IT AWAY. That’s right FOR FREE. That’s what’s got so many people’s feathers ruffled: the fact that they can’t profit from this in some way.

  100. emom says:

    YEAH you still dont get it, You know its ok, but truely , the rest of the world DOES NOT. with so much that people come in contact with , its very difficult to be absolutly sure with out haveing it tested prior to use, and sorry that is a huge expense for wither party.. You may think your fine, oh but wait what about your partner, truth be told the other person can transmitt a disease, what about those you are exposed with ,, aaahhh like measles, colds, it happens and you may not even be aware of it, there are way to many scenerios of what could happen. so as for all this safetly its not safe to say that its totally safe,, but if some rather have the risks over safety , whos stopping them,,

  101. blue says:

    man…there are some sick, neurotic, paranoid people posting here.

  102. savings says:

    lortzea nire duzu beti gogorra, baina zer definitly merezi izan zela. Dut behar hi esan eta esango dizu i atzera izango

  103. Full Sheet Sets says:

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