WORCESTER (CBS) – A video that went viral on the web has led to a bouncer’s arrest in Worcester.

Police say they had received several leads last Thursday from the text-a-tip web site about a bouncer allegedly beating up a man at the Platinum Premier Club on Southbridge Street in Worcester last May.

The anonymous tips referred to a video that was posted on You Tube.

WBZ-TV’s Ron Sanders reports.

“One of the employees is filming the incident while the other employee is questioning the patron,” police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst said in a statement.

Officers said the bouncers first took the customer in the bathroom and accused him of dealing drugs, but he had no drugs on him and then he was robbed. “This is your sacrifice right here,” the bouncer is heard to say in the video as he flashes the cash.

“During the questioning, the male, without warning, punched the victim in the face; he then continued to punch him approximately three more times in the face and head area. At one point in the assault the employee takes cash out of the victim’s wallet and kept it. The employee also locked the bathroom door while the assault was taking place, preventing the victim’s escape,” said Sgt. Hazelhurst.

At one point, the victim is ordered to kneel and pray to the bouncer saying, “Oh great (expletive) brown dude…” “You’re lucky I didn’t bring you in the basement and (expletive) dismantle you. You’re lucky to be able to walk out of here,” says the bouncer on the video.

Police eventually tracked down the victim, a 25-year-old man from Worcester.

“He informed the officers that the incident occurred on May 25, 2010 while he was at the club,” Hazelhurst said. “The victim stated that he feared for his safety after the incident and did not report the incident to the police because the bouncers had his name and address.”

Police say the bouncer, 35-year-old Easton Byfield of Oxford, filed a police report the day of the incident claiming he was attacked by the patron.

Officers tracked Byfield down Friday and arrested him.

On Monday, WBZ-TV went to Byfield’s apartment, where he answered the door and promised to call later to talk but did not. He repeatedly refused to comment.

He’s now charged with assault and battery, kidnapping, unarmed robbery and filing a false police report.

He’ll be arraigned Tuesday in Worcester County District Court. Police said the video makes “a great piece of evidence” in the case.

WBZ-TV’s Ron Sanders contributed to this report.

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  1. timma says:

    They forgot to add violation of civil rights. And they forgot to arrest the co-conspiritor who filmed it. By making him get on his knees and pray to the big brown dude, its probably against his religion to be forced to worship a false idol. You can bet if it was a black guy who had to pray to a big white dude Al and JJ would be holding a march!

    1. Joe-Blow says:

      Name: Easton Byfield
      Address: 30 Thayer Pond Drive, North Oxford, MA
      Cell Phone: (508) 377-8388
      Email: eastone@live.com
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?i
      Business 1: Platinum Premier Gentlemens Club / Club Envy, 241 Southbridge St. Worcester, MA
      Business 1 #: (508) 754-4444
      Business 1 Boss: Christopher Stephans, 90 Neshobe Rd. Waban, MA
      Business 1 Boss #: (617) 558-7601
      Business 2: East One Construction, 17 Oliver St. Worcester, MA
      Business 2 #: (508) 752-4165
      Father: Desmond G Byfield 59yrs
      Mother: Dorrett Byfield 53 yrs
      Sister: Shani Amira Folami Byfield 25yrs

  2. Stevo says:

    The big brown dude needs a beating. Not only did he break the law multiple times but put it on youtube. Make the fool pay!

  3. Denise says:

    Just shows those stupid school house bullies grow up to be ignorant adult bullies!

  4. vote saxon says:

    I pray I’m called for jury duty against the nightclub owner for the Civil Rights violation of this white kid.I would love to state”we the jury find for the plaintiff for the sum of 20 million dollars”.I pray that the owner of this club gets cancer and dies a painful death for hiring such a beast.

  5. emom says:

    You know here we go again,, what is it with some they must feel pretty macho, to corner someone and bully them,, I bet if there were to other kinds of guys that cornered his butt he would change his tune.. Freakin smug look he has,, I bet some would love to wipe that smug look off his face…. You know with people like this and that cop, its a wonder some dont retaliate, they both deserve what they dish out,, EYE FOR AND EYE, jerks.

  6. Thomas Hood says:

    Why is “watch it”‘s comment still here? Racist phucher

    1. Cynic says:

      Thats alright Tom…We’re all adults….We can handle it.

  7. Cynic says:

    Poor Drug Dealer. Boo-Hoo.

  8. Slim Pickings says:

    Just wondering why my post wasn’t shown???? Hypocritical news agency who operates on the 1st amendment. Did I say something wrong.

    1. Cynic says:

      Slim—It’s called manipulating the News.

  9. myron gaines says:

    i didn’t know laurence fishburne worked at a strip club

  10. bert stayre says:

    @ cynic
    The guy wasnt a drug dealer. Even after fully searching him they didnt find anything. Maybe someone should rob you on the street and itll be okay as long as they call you a drug dealer first.

  11. TLDR says:

    Calm down bros thats just Will Smith shooting for Men in Black 3.

  12. Slim Pickings says:

    Who exactly is the “brown man”. The kid was put on his knees and told to pray for his life? I hope that kid has a father or a big brother.

  13. Jocko from Morocco says:

    He had ample opportunity to punch the bouncer in the throat. It would have been self defense and then he could have gone back into the club and made a few more sales before the rest of the bouncers caught up to him.

  14. Cynic says:

    The bouncer isn’t a Cop is he? He sure acts like one.

  15. jerry says:

    Weres the REV AL SHARPEN AND JESSE JACKSON AT its so funny how when the ROLES ARE REVERSED and its a white person getting abused you NEVER HEAR A THING FROM REV AL SHARPEN AND HIS SIDE KICK JESSE JACKSON are NO WERE to be found it just goes to show what a JOKE jesse jackson and al sharpen are i HOPE they put them 2 bouncers in there place and SUE the night club owner and put them out of business . This is not the first time that i have seen a bouncer ABUSE his job dutys and no i do not drink either and i seen a few bouncers beat up a few guys that were there for fun and got beat up just because they were drunk and yes i seen the whole incindent happen and they did not touch any girls dancing or anything.

    1. Paul says:

      dont close the club they have good steak!

  16. Goodone says:

    See how much he smiles when he has to pay first his lawyer then his fine.Yea he is real tough he’ll be crying to the judge next

  17. abkush says:

    not a racist issue, but one of cowards from the looks of this guy(bouncer) he was an outcast nerd who “juiced” and got a gig that gave him the power to invoke revenge on others for the way he probably was treated as a youth, the same goes for many cops and other careers that allow the use of force, he’ll be lunch meat in jail!!!

  18. get the record says:

    If you watch the full video you have to ask yourself, “Did that idiot make calls or texts from the victim’s phone? The first… ok second thing I would have done (after immediately going to the police) would be to get a record of the number he was connecting to.

  19. Alan Harper says:

    I hope Charlie Sheen finds brown turd and punches him in the face and takes his money. I know berta would.

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