MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – A New Hampshire family is demanding a principal step down for failing to protect a sixth grade girl from bullies.

“I didn’t even realize I had my tooth out until I was in the nurse. I was like ‘where is this blood coming from?’” said Morgan Graveline, the sixth grader.

Morgan Graveline is only 12 years old, but she tells a chilling tale of being viciously attacked and punched by a 14-year-old boy in an assault that gave her a concussion, knocked out two teeth and left several more teeth loose.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

“He hit me like twice in the mouth because my tooth went through my lip,” said Morgan.

The attack happened at McLaughlin Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire in the cafeteria. Morgan had rejected the boy’s advances, and he retaliated.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

“I remember the first punch coming at me, and then I don’t remember a lot of it, and I don’t know for some reason. I can’t remember. I was like walking out of the cafeteria there was blood everywhere dripping on my hand and stuff,” said Morgan.

It turns out the boy and his friends had been bullying Morgan for quite a while, and two weeks ago she was punched on a school bus. She said she went to a guidance counselor and the school’s headmaster, and nothing was done.

“I feel like they really did not do anything to help protect her. Those boys were not removed from the bus when she was hit on the bus. I was never notified,” said Morgan’s mother, Danielle Gauthier.

See: Danielle’s Blog About Her Daughter’s Assault

Morgan’s family is calling for the removal of the principal at the McLaughlin School. In the meantime, the school superintendent is promising a complete investigation.

In a statement, the superintendent said, “Violence will not be tolerated in our schools and there are consequences for individuals who do not comply with the district’s policies and/or the student code of conduct.”

Manchester Police are also investigating, but the fear remains.

“She has nightmares when she talks about it she starts shaking. She trembles,” said Gauthier.

“I’m just scared because a couple of days ago I saw him. He was walking down the street right here,” said Morgan.

Morgan’s mom has already taken action. When classes resume next week, Morgan will be at a different school.

Her mother is also shocked that an ambulance wasn’t called that day Morgan was left bleeding. The family is considering legal action.

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  1. disgusted says:

    Why are there no protests going on in front of this school. I just read Morgan’s mom’s blog. I believe this was a hate crime against Morgan. The police are doing nothing, the principal, vice principal and guidance councilor should all be fired and the boys should be deported along with their families. What is this school covering up? Lots of questions. here

    1. Stopbullying Ripforever says:

      the reason for that is that the school is on vacction this week.

  2. Jean says:

    This is outrageous. These boys and their families should be deported immediately back to the dirt hole countries them belong to. It is unacceptable that a beautiful young girl will have to go through so much pain and fear because of these animals. Certainly legal action should also be taken by the police and charging these animals with assault.

  3. emom says:

    I do hope this family can do some good with bullies, I know what it was like growing up and being bullied,, its awefull, thankfully I stood my ground and handled it,, But my child was a victim of bulling a year ago, I witnessed it many times, told the school, and demanded that they do something OR ELSE, I told them simply that these girls had no rights to assualt my child and that if it should continue that legal matters would take place , also I told the school that since it took place on school grounds that that if they did not take care of this matter that they would then be held accountable and severe actions would come to them.. They had dealt with it , punishing the two assulters and since that time they have never assulted my child again. and this all took place shortly after the phoebie prince case..That made a huge impact on them and felt they had to do something…. Good luck I wish you well

  4. mark says:

    Principal – guidance counselor and school nurse. What can I say about you people?
    No words come to mind. Except; are you blind? You people just got yourselves in the national spot light! This girl has to change schools? What about the young man that did this, he is the one that should go to a different school (maybe jail). All 3 of you are in deep trouble.
    This school system will never be the same. Bad news for Manchester. Principal step down now, counselor what do you do anyway, school nurse do you have credentials?
    I can’t believe this happened. I hope this girl is ok.

  5. Christina Cara Dartez says:

    This is such a terrible and unexcusable action and I agree that this Principal should be fired for not taking the time to help this poor young girl or even discipline those sorry little boys or boy who tortured and abused this precious little girl. We see this way too often in our schools and something has to be done, Maybe we should make the Parent or parents just as responsible for thier childs action. After all I know some parents allow this to go on and do not discipline thier children or explain to them that it is NOT ok to put your hands on anyone at anytime in your life. These children are cowards and bullies because they prey on innocent children to get their “kicks” and “oh its fun” Well NO IT ISN’T a game to hurt another stupid mentally or physically. Too many innocent children are scared to come forward or commit suicide and we NEED TO stand up against these monsters of children and do something fast!! I am so disgusted!! FIRE THAT Principal and expell that student or students involved and anyone else that causes harm to another child. LETS TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS from these bullies and teach our children to help one another, Report incidents to your Parents since the Staff members will not do anything, I had this Happen to my daughter at Camden High School in Kingsland, GA she was harassed and humilitiated by students and all the staff member did was laugh and tell her to move on, I think that staff member should have been fired but she wasn’t! LET UNITE AND FIGHT for What is right!!

  6. Lyn says:

    This is appalling. It doesn’t have to be this way. A number of years ago, when my sixth grader and another student were being harassed by an older girl who eventually scratched them with her long nails, drawing blood, the school was incredibly quick to respond and discipline the girl. They took the physical evidence of bullying very seriously, and I was so relieved that the problem was handled quickly before it got worse. I’m grateful to live in a town where bullying is taken seriously by the schools, and wish more communities would get a handle on this problem. Remember the awful story of Phoebe Prince? If parents organize to put pressure on the schools to address bullying issues, the culture can be changed. I hope there are firings in Manchester – that will force the school, and other schools, to pay more attention to this problem.

  7. elizabeth says:

    This is horrendous! All the talk around the issue of bullying and the school failed this student so drastically! Shame on everyone involved that day. Didn’t someone in the caf. see this, what about when the poor kid walked the hall? It is sickening and I think the family should pursue any avenue they can! Their daughter is now scarred for life. The boys involved should be expelled and made to do community service as re-payment. Blessings to the family, may they find the strength to move forward in a positive light.

  8. BH says:

    This is way so uncalled for. Just because a boy gets rejected by a girl to be his GF don’t give him any right to suckerpunch her. I strongly believe heads need to roll on this and this girl’s mother needs to sue the pants of the city of Manchester for an unspecified amount. Bottom line is the ‘boys’ parents need to pay her medical bills and send these sorry excuses of human beings straight to jail.

  9. Jeff Kingston says:

    This inaction, and cavalier attitude by school authorities is simply unacceptable. Resignations are in order ate the councilor ant headmaster levels, and parents and students should be in the street protesting until that happens. We need to take control of our schools and those who work there when they fail so miserably.

  10. Erin says:

    maybe if the head of school doesn’t do anything , then I guess the next step would to just go right over the principals head to the superintendent of schools

    1. Erin says:

      just wanted to add that this poor girl should not have to leave schools or be afraid to go to school, this boy should be expelled and not be allowed back in to this school, get rid of the bad, not the good….take action and make schools safe. If all your good kids left because of bullies, than all you would have is a school full of bullies who will eventually run the school and staff.

  11. denise says:

    I’m disgusted – but not surprised. Todays views of what is socially acceptable especially by kids is scarey! When I was the age of this young lady if a “boy” put his hands on a “girl” – the other “boys” would explain to him that this was not acceptable and I assure you he wouldn’t do it again! However, the fact that he felt secure in himself to do this in school – says something about the school as well! There are times when I truely believe – if we instituted “an eye for an eye” policy or public humiliation … and enforced it – we wouldn’t have 1/2 the problems we do today.

  12. Sloppy_Joe says:

    Hate crime , if this was a bunch of white boys beating a black girl Al Sharpton would be in front of the school now

  13. jaygee says:

    I would hope that the boy has been expelled….forever! He should be put into a youth facility and his parents or his single mother should be taken to court. Any coward who punches a girl in high school or anywhere else should be taught a severe lesson in life before his actions escalate to murder.

  14. Ellen says:

    Yes bullying has gone on far to long for these schools to let again cough up another excuse for not addressing this horrific situation, and seems that they will continue to do so. Kids that bully should be automatically kicked out of school, and let their parents deal with that one. If enough schools tallied behind No Bullies, and No excuse, then maybe things will improve.

  15. Rebs says:

    Why is the principal automatically the one whose job is on the line? No where did it say that the girl told the principal – she spoke to guidance and the headmaster – but what if they never passed on the information?

    And mom being ticked off the school didn’t notify her about the bus incident…why didn’t her own DAUGHTER tell her about the incident?

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel very badly for the girl and the boys need to be punished. But let’s make sure the right people are held responsible.

    1. ManchesterMom says:

      The principal is the headmaster, it’s the same thing at McLaughlin. As for the notification, her daughter should have but under NH laws they were responsible to report it to the parents within 48 hours which in this case they failed to do. This is a principal that doesn’t take these incidents seriously. I spent two years arguing with this man because my son was being bullied and that’s before NH passed stronger bullying laws. We send out children to school to learn, the administration’s job is to educate and to make sure that our children have a safe environment to do so and he failed miserably in this case and many more.

  16. Patrice Benard says:

    I urge ALL parents of McLaughlin Middle School to attend our next PTO meeting on March 8th @6:30pm. The police chief was already scheduled to appear and hopefully he won’t back out now. The meeting will be in the cafeteria where this assault occurred.

  17. Jennifer Hadley says:

    I had tried to stay quiet about how I feel about all this, but i can’t any longer. My daughter was also assualted in the lunch room. Two years ago she was hit with a lunch tray, punched in the face and given a bloody nose…. from Morgan! I have not thought about the incident in a long time until two weeks ago when morgan was bragging about it on FAcebook to one of my daughters friends! things are not always what they appear to be on the surface. there may be more to this story as well.

  18. mindweapon says:


    How dare you talk about a little girl on the Internet She’s 12 years old!

    The evil beasts who attacked Morgan are “refugees” from Africa, where they woman are considered lower than animals.

    Africans create Africa wherever they go. These monsters re-created Africa in Manchester. Anybody surprised?

    1. Jennifer Hadley says:

      Are you serious!! I did nothing but state what happened to MY daughter!! Just as Morgan’s mother is doing for her. I you saying that the assault on my daughter is not valid?? I do not have ill will toward Morgan not do I wish her any harm in her life. My point is that everyone is making this a racial issue when in fact its just about children acting out of control and violently! There is no reason for ANY child put there hands on anyone.

      1. Lurker says:

        Jennifer – you people always depress me with your “this isnt a racial issue” nonsense.

        Of course its a racial issue and we know that because if it had been a black girl and a white boy would never hear the end of it. And people like you would be the first to cry racist.

        Deport this boy and his family – now.

  19. Ryan J. Murdough says:



    12-Year-Old Girl Punched In Face During Alleged Bullying Attack
    Mother Says School Ignored Case Of Extreme Bullying



    As a father of European heritage who is a native of New Hampshire I am appalled at the recent crime committed against a 12 year old female student also of European heritage and also a native of New Hampshire. The young girl, still a child had her front teeth knocked out by students who are refugees from Kenya, guests in our Nation. How much longer are we going to sacrifice OUR children in the name of tolerance, multiculturalism, and racial diversity, all of which have failed and have only served to increase crime statistics? For decades OUR children have been brainwashed into believing that diversity and multiculturalism is good for them. Racial integration and multiculturalism are colossal failures and WE have paid dearly for it. Unless we want our state, society, and culture, and of course schools to resemble something very similar to Mexico and Mogadishu, all immigration must be stopped.

    In order to preserve a future for OUR children in the United States, the National Socialist American Labor Party calls for an end to non-European Anglo Saxon immigration. No one may seem to care about OUR children these days but the N.S.A.L.P. does. How much longer will OUR people entrust their children’s safety to politicians and officials who care more about being “tolerant” and not looking “racist”, than doing what needs to be done to keep our children safe? The N.S.A.L.P. are not afraid to stand with OUR Families in the interests of OUR people. The N.S.A.L.P. is not afraid to say what many really think and believe.

    Ryan J. Murdough N.S.A.L.P. National Political Director National Socialist American
    Labor Party

  20. Sad Reality says:

    As others have mentioned, this is another example of how multiculturalism has been a complete failure. If all the involved parties were caucasian, I have to wonder if the outcome would have been different.

    I completely agree that the boys should be prosecuted for assault and hate crimes to the fullest extent of the law. The really sad part is that the parents are probably not working and instead living off government assistance. The taxpayers will probably have to pick up the legal bills for the kids as well. I would not be surprised if part of the defense argument is cultural misunderstandings, that these boys acted in a manner consistent will their cultural mores. My heart goes out to this girl and her mother. I hope and pray that all the school employees who shirked their duties are terminated for gross misconduct, meaning no eligibility for unemployment and a big red flag for any future potential employers.

    Hopefully this girl will receive compensation and all necessary medical care paid for by the school so that she can live a full and rewarding life.