BOSTON (CBS) – There is a possibility that the camp counselor who sexually abused Scott Brown when he was ten-years-old at a Cape Cod religious summer camp could still face criminal charges.

According to Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who has represented hundreds of sexual abuse survivors, a survivor can file charges until the age of 25 for a report of sexual assault.

However, he says in Massachusetts there is an exception: For every day the perpetrator or the sexual abuser leaves the state, the statute is extended for a day.  “So he left the state when Scott Brown was a certain age and he’s not come back, Scott Brown could file charges now.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

Scott Brown has not named the camp or the camp counselor, and his spokeswoman says he does not intend to do so now.

He has not spoken with the camp counselor since the abuse occurred.

Garabedian says he believes there are many other victims of this abuser, he says “Without a doubt.”  But he says it’s up to Scott Brown to decide whether to ask for an investigation.

“Senator Brown has a responsibility to himself and his family for his emotional stability.  If and when he does report the name publicly of the perpetrator, I am sure it would help other victims come forward and empower other victims and make the world a safer place for children.”

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  1. Ellen says:

    Scott Brown should name the abuser and the camp this sexual abuse took place, so to give other kids who were abused courage to point the finger at their predator and give justice a chance to set things straight.

    1. notabeliever says:


      Has Brown been hiding something all these years that was about to come out so he made up this story. If its true then he was not harmed at all. Look at his career, it seemed to be a good thing.

      1. I am a believer says:

        To notabeliever:

        Your ignorance regarding childhood sexual abuse is glaring. “It seemed to be a good thing?” Are you a sexual predator attempting to justifying your own actions?

        Have you not read any of the news coverage regarding the abuse by Catholic priests regarding the impact upon adults who have been abused as adults and their reluctance to speak of the horrific abuse? You are living in a closet of your own making.

      2. john says:

        your’ e an idiot. ohhh because he’s now a senator the fact that he was molested is fine?? maybe someone could molest your kid and if he/she ends up ok 40 years later then we can all say i was a good thing too. get a life

      3. baga waga says:

        no, you first.

    2. FN Jerk says:

      I asbolutely concur! Do the right thing Scott Brown

      1. Snoopy says:

        At most, Scott should hire a hit man and take him out. The whole trial thing is too convoluted and messy. Maybe he can just have some CIA guys erase him some night or else launch a sweet little hellfire missile from a Predator drone. I’d be willing to press the button if nobody else wants to.

      2. Apeon says:

        Another simulated ‘thought’—did your owner take you for another walk?

    3. Mark says:

      I hope that same opinion extends to the all victims of sexual mollestation and rape Ellen. Including woman. While I agree with you that it is the appropriate thing to do to give justice a chance, the setting ‘things’ straight part has to come with the victim. They need their time to cope with the disgusting attack to them. Not everyperson is like you and I and would be ready willing and able to immediately come forward and point the finger as you say at accuser.
      Not everyone was as strong as you and I were at the age of 10 when we were forced against our wills to submit to our deviant abusers to point them out to others the next day so that justice could be dealt.

      1. Ellen says:

        But Mark, Scott Brown is a man now, and not 10 years old. I do feel that abusers should be outed because of the tendency to abuse again and again. We have plenty of people in their 50’s and 60’s and even older that keep on doing this horrid thing time and time again just because no one ever told the authorities about what was going on.

      2. misstickly says:

        My 15 year old mildly learning disabled daughter could not cope with trying to name the five disgusting pigs that gang raped her. Nor, did I force/encourage her to.

        However, at 15 I was raped, as well, and made sure that guy went to prison.

        So, I guess there’s no “brilliant” answer to this one, folks. We all get by as best as we can. Blame the attacker for any attacks. The victim owes no one anything.

    4. Chansey Finnbar says:

      I am a lifelong Cape Codder. We only have one religious camp here… Camp Good News, in Sandwich. The camp confirmed this morning that Sen. Brown DID attend the camp.
      The story is in today’s Cape Cod Times. The camp spokeswoman said they are “Devastated” by the news.

      1. Ellen says:

        Thank you Chansey for that very valuable information. Your better then WBZ or any news station out there. Once again thank you.

      2. Peabody from Peabody says:

        Seems to me that the senator is trying to politically innoculate himself from some future personal revelation.

      3. Barney F. says:

        NO truth to the rumors that Scott and I attended the same camp at the same time. Just because we are Washington at the same time is just coincidence.

      4. rufus levin says:

        If Barney Franks signs up to be a Counsellor….be VERY WORRIED PARENTS.

    5. Gibbs Bentley says:

      “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.” ~ Clarence Darrow

    6. john smith says:

      be careful of witch hunts !!!! that can be much worse for all parties. Secondly I was abused.. Senator get over it and move the heck on. I think he is using this as a sympathy cause as most progressives are sympathetic to this type of charge… just my thought on the matter..

  2. SuzieQ says:

    Scott, you took it this far. Now you must finish by naming the abuser and the camp. It’s now your responsibility to bring justice. You opened the “can of worms”, now you must close it.

    1. notabeliever says:

      Sure, destroy some innocent person’s life. Brown’s life and career seemed to be OK. He lied his way int a US Senate seat. Brown must need some cash to pay off the GOP for accepting money under false pretenses.

    2. Snoopy says:

      Exactly – which is why the hellfire missile idea is so darn good. Can I get some support out there?

      1. jackoboa says:

        No you clown.
        Go get some anti rage tablets, and get out of moms basement, a Job and girlfriend in that order.

      2. Antifreeze Jill says:


    3. weeone says:

      so he must go “all the way” just to make you happy

    4. Anna says:

      Have you considered the possibility that if he names the man and cannot prosecute due to statute of limitations then he could be sued? Possibly even prosecuted for libel.

      1. beowulf says:

        LIbel isn’t a crime, its a tort (that is, grounds for a civil action). The statute of limitation simply means too much time has passed to prosecute, it doesn’t erase the past. If the camp counselor sues for libel, well that would be a very bad idea. 1. The truth is always a defense to libel , if the jury finds Senator Brown’s testimony more credible than his accused molester (Magic 8 Ball says yes!) then there is no libel. 2. Testifying at trial (or deposition) leaves the accused molester exposed on possible perjury charges. Since the crime would have just occurred, there’s no SOL problem. If a criminal trial jury is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused molester lied under oath about a material fact, then he faces up to 20 years in prison (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268 Section 1).

      2. Chris says:

        To be libelous, something must be untrue, and the one saying it must KNOW it is untrue, AND that it damages the person described. While revealing the man’s name would certainly be reasonably expected to be damaging, unless someone can demonstrate that Brown is making it up intentionally, libel – or slander – wouldn’t be serious risks.

        Most importantly, if he knows it to be true, he should go further to protect any other child that still might be at risk.

    5. jakeman says:

      What I think…I think this might be all made up.

    6. wofmann says:

      I agree – its the right think to do anyway

  3. Time to go scott says:

    For Scott Brown to put this accusation in his book and not take action is nothing more than grandstanding by a LAWMAKER. If he doesn’t name this person or seek justice then he should resign immediately. To ackowledge a crime and then not act on it would be malfeasant by this elected official.

    1. jo says:

      whoa, take it easy there fella, there is no reason to accuse him of grandstanding…it is well known that most victims of child sexual abuse withhold the memory or keep the violation to themselves…you sure seem all to ready to pounce…have you no compassion?
      It is entirely likley Sen Brown knows the perpetrator can not be prosecuted…if this happened 40 odd years ago…malfeasance by an elected official you say…this is a complicated subject so try relaxing with the “off with your head” mentality!

      1. Greg says:

        No reason to accuse himof grandstanding???Are you kidding? Look at the venue he chose to make his disclosure. Not a counselor. Not his wife. But a book for all the world to read. Please return to reallity.

      2. eighter says:

        He needs to name this person so the guy can be put behind bars and not get is grubby hands on other children! These pervs attack multiple victims, others need to be alerted because this guy probably has access to children now. Brown is a grown man now, this guy can’t hurt him any longer, time to find the courage to protect others.

    2. cynthis marsh says:

      i love people with black and white views. Scott Brown should do whats right for him, not you-not me. You sound more political than wanting a wrong corrected. A grandstander. What Scott wants to do is his business.

      1. Jane Hedges says:

        Scott Brown should do whats right to ensure no other innocent children suffer the same abuse he suffered. It’s not about him anymore or you or I. We are all adults, but most pedophiles don’t stop when they get older, that is a fact. What if his abuser is hurting someone else, right now….Scott Brown should name his abuser and the location of where it occurred.

    3. tom says:

      If he had confessed to his wife or family Before the book came out, thats one thing. He didn’t – it looks like Grandstanding to me too.

    4. Snoopy says:

      You’re a tool.

      1. Apeon says:

        Your namesake’s IQ is better than yours—-such articulate thought must come right after your owner walks you!

    5. Imsmarterthanu says:

      Hey, Time to go Scott. The victim is the one that’s been victimized. Our anger should be directed at the low life that did this to Sen Brown. His first responsibility is to himself and his family and whether he thinks it would be wise for him to disclose more details. He understandably may not want to re-live such horrible events.

      Criticize him for his politics. Leave him to his own conscience on this very personal matter.

    6. smokehouse56 says:

      Not necessarily true. If you report all the illegal you have seen over your life you would be in court all the time. Report someone running a stop sign? Jaywalking?

      1. STM says:

        Agreed, but this is not just someone running a stop sign. This is a crime that could easily cause an angered father to respond by killing the attacker.

    7. STM says:

      “Time to go scott”
      You’ve got to be kidding. He didn’t do enough?!!!!!
      By the nature of your taunts, I strongly suspect you of just such a crime.

    8. extreme doublestandard says:

      Yeah, it’s not like he drove a car with a woman who wasn’t his wife into a river and left her to die.

  4. fantum says:

    This smells bad, why would he publically announce an abuser but refuse to name him?

    1. sal says:

      perhaps because the accuser can not be prosecuted?

    2. teetotaler says:

      It’s easy to write a book without naming names but the burden of proof would be upon Brown.

      1. Liz Raboin says:

        When did Scott Brown have time to write a book with all the important issues of the day???????????????

        liz MA

    3. harryworth says:

      Hey Fatnum, get a life will Ya! christsakes you lot need to get a Job.

    4. Apeon says:

      the ‘smell’ is coming from your ‘political’ question—read up on sexual abuse and educate yourself!

    5. Dee in Pa says:

      well,he hasn’t been getting to much publicity lately and has voted to the left a lot. He will be up for re-election and this would get him the sympathy vote .He is a big disappointment !

    6. ty says:

      Perhaps the alleged molester is already dead.

  5. Abuse Counselor says:

    Those criticizing Scott for how he handles this should be ashamed of themselves. Every abuser handles things in their way and in their time. Back off and let him deal with this. To call for the victim to step down because he doesn’t do it the way you want says a lot about who you are. A person with a political agenda. The left is only for victims if they fit their agenda. It has been shown over and over again and is shown by comments on here.

    1. Abuse Survivor says:

      Thank you abuse counselor! Sexual abuse is a very difficult thing to get over and every abuse victim needs to do what’s best for them. I know other kids could be saved, etc., but if you destroy yourself in the process, what then? This attitude that you must name your abuser or you’re a bad person is just another form of blaming the victim.

    2. jo says:

      You are so right on with the fact that the left has no use for or compassion toward others if they do not fit their agenda…well said! I find it so liberating to be an independent thinker…no need to froth at the mouth every time an opponent says or does something!

    3. tom says:

      Except for the whole announcing it in a book thing, you’re right.

  6. John says:

    Oh fantum, always taking the side of the rapist, never the raped. typical lib.

  7. Sanjose MIke says:

    If Brown identifies the abuser, (which in my opinion he should), he will either have to go to trial and publicly describe the abuse, or suggest that other victims carry that burden for him. So folks, it’s a privacy issue also. It’s not particularly fun for victims to be forced to publicly identify their particular type of abuse.

    Perhaps some of you could adjust your viewpoint with that understanding in mind and try not to be so hypercritical of him.

  8. lev says:

    you sound like a liberal progressive in sheeps clothing to me…and to use the word “rape” in your description of votes he has taken that you may not support is utterly disgusting…you are no tea party candidate…and he never promised to be anything other than who he was and is, like it or not he is not a conservative republican…grow up will ya…one of the most immature and ignorant comments I have read in a while!

  9. Kim Baliey says:

    Ok, Now we know why Scott is a RINO and serves his Black Masters so loyally.

    1. jo says:

      you, kim baliey, are just plain vulger…at least be thoughtful in your remarks…insults are the last refuge of a scoundrel! I voted for Scott Brown…and have not supported/ been happy with a few of his votes…BUT…I know him as a person and a politician and as such he is voting just the way he did as a politician in MA…he is being consistent and he IS voting what he feels is best for the people he represents whether I like it or not…SO COULD YOU STOP BEING A MEAN and SMALL MINDED PERSON…OR IF NOT, JUST GO AWAY WITH YOUR VENOMOUS REMARKS!

  10. Missourimule says:

    Scott Brown did nothing but join the parade of sex abuse victims, because it’s the politically popular thing to do. He’s looking for the “compassionate vote”, because he’s pitched aside the conservative voters that elected him. Could it have happened? Sure – but there’s no more reason to bring it up now than there would have been, say, when he was running for the Senate in the first place.

    1. jo says:

      Who are you to say when someone should “bring up a subject”? He NEVER portrayed himself to be a conservative, sorry I had to correct that falsehood that keeps popping up here…HE RAN FOR THE MA SENATE SEAT JUST AS HE IS…the conservative voters knew he was closer to their political belief system than his uber liberal opponent it is as simple as that…

    2. Brown dump says:

      Yep. Scott will have plent of time to be up John Kerrys skirt.

      We conservatives will not support, send money or vote for him again. Not ever.

      So perhaps he can reflect on how the left too used and abused him. He’ll have plenty of free time. Very
      shallow pathetic man

  11. Thank you Scott says:

    Thank you Scott

    I would like to thank Senator Brown for his courage to open up this topic, however he chose to do it. Anyone who is criticizing him on this issue should be ashamed of themselves, including the Tea Pty supporter. The problem with these posts, twitter, and texting is that people write stupid things without thinking. Sexual abuse is a major issue and everyone who has been abused should be grateful that a sitting U.S. Senator is telling what happened to him. I bet if he were a woman he would be getting much more positive press. The odds were that this was only going to open him up to ridicule, so I support him for his move. I will support Scott even if I don’t always agree with his politics.

  12. billybeer says:

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He lied about his political persuasion to get elected.

    He may be lying about this alleged sexual abuse to sell a book.

    1. jo says:

      CORRECTION: he did not lie about his political persuasion to get elected…remember the big tent republicans have (I am an independent) not all republicans are conservative…and if you followed his voting record in MA you darn well knew he never lied about his positions while campaigning for election…you are just plain wrong accusing him of misrepresenting himself…and I say that as a consituent of his who was not pleased with his vote on financial reform…but I know he has integrity whether I agree with him or not!

    2. Apeon says:

      Are you J. Carter’s brother?

    3. AB says:

      I voted for
      brown and donated $500 to his campaign. I am very suspicious of his abuse claim. How much did he get to write the book? When the abuse claims were discussed while negotiating the book deal, was the price increased to Brown? I would not vote for him again. I am Scott Brown and I drive a truck…I am republican and would rather leave my vote blank than to put an “X” next to his name.

  13. notabeliever says:

    He has lied about so many things to so many people, how can anyone believe this. Maybe he is a sexual predator who has just been discovered and is looking for a way to explain away his sin. Remember, Democrats have a DNA strand that let them sin.

  14. Cowboy says:

    The people who put him in office are turning on him because of his performance, and suddenly this comes up?

    Smells like old fish.

  15. Jane Hedges says:

    After reading all the comments….it is no longer about Scott Brown, it is about other young children who are being protected. Priest, boy scout leaders, teachers, abusers take many forms and for each day they are unnamed another child is put at risk.

    That is what this issue really boils down to, the fact that Scott Brown’s abusers could be repeating the abuse and nothing is being done to expose him, nor any effort made to ensure he doesn’t abuse other CHILDREN!

    1. Apeon says:

      The act of publishing this in a widely publicized book will make it easy for other victims to figure out that they have an ally, and then they can decide “for themselves” if they want to join Scott

    2. Professor Deborah says:

      Good day Jane,

      If Senator Brown had any intension to protect children, he would have divulged this information to the proper authorities even before writing it in a book. I do not believe that allegations in that, yes, some things happened to many of us in life and as for me, the person is now dead, however, it is still not something that I would want to put in a book unless one of 2 things could come from it, it could helpa others, which it cannot at this point or it can help me benefit in book sales. Since he has done done the obvious to report this person…in order to help others, only one thing comes to mind, he did it to help his own pocketbook and re-election prospects. On that same note, he should have thought this through in that now, there will be tremendous pressure from the public for him to divulge this information and if he does not, or if it is ever found to be untrue, this is something that he will never live down.
      Also, he did not seem to have any problems posing for nude photos when he was young, there did not seem to be any shame in him for that…or modesty.

      Professor D

  16. Cynic says:

    One thing Mr.Garabedian leaves out is that some Lawyer would make a Basket full of money off the case…. I’m certain he would love to take the case. Hasn’t he become the Donald Green or Dane Shulman of abuse cases.

  17. Mannie says:

    It’s going to be hard tom prove after all these years, and there is a serious possibility of persecuting [sic] an innocent person. You can’t unring the abuse bell, but you can’t unring the false accusation bell either.

  18. Susan says:

    This is criminal! Scott Brown is hurting every child, ever abused, with his desire to publish his abuse and then a cowardice not to follow through; gutless!

    1. wigwam says:

      You are an idiot.

    2. Apeon says:

      You intellect is badly unbalanced by your hysterical ’emotional’ reaction. Calm down, put the coffee away, and get some counseling!

  19. sara123 says:

    I think this is his cover story for gay youthful indiscretions and the Democrats/globalists have on him and are threatening to go public with. He has been marching to their drummer like one who is being blackmailed.

  20. olcoot says:

    How many of you can recall a name from 40 years ago? Get a grip

    1. Cynic says:

      I just recalled a name from 60 years ago but WBZ wouldn’t print it.

      1. Lucky girl says:

        So did I, whats wrong WBZ, a name from 40 years ago scare you. Who do you pretend to protect, the victims or the criminals. Olcoot, I do remember names, you don’t forget. Evidently you have never been victimized. Hopefully you never will be. It stays with you forever.

    2. Cynic says:

      Lucky Girl….The interesting thing that everyone that grew up in West Quincy in the late 40’s and early 50’s knows who I mean….He was the neighborhood pervert.

    3. Karen says:

      You never forget the name of your abuser. Ever. I can name mine… and it’s been 49 years now… clear as a bell on that one. No doubt, Senator Brown can name his too.

      And I applaud Senator Brown for coming forward and talking about this ~ nothing to be ashamed of, however, many live with shame for years ~ he was victimized and is in his healing process. It is very difficult to convict your abuser and one must choose where to put ones energy… in healing or in a courtroom… most of these monsters never get jail time and it is what I call a “catch and release” process anyways…~ and there are many, many monsters (pedophiles, child sex abusers, monsters) that are freely walking amongst us all and I can name a few myself that have NEVER been convicted of their heinous crimes toward children… there are many walking freely in our streets and living in our neighborhoods ~ it’s frightening, as with each victim it escalates and they become more empowered to continue doing it… (power and control)… the entire system is so dysfunctional and is very broken. The Senator can seek good counsel on what to do and yes, he can put it on the record in a Police Dept. who his abuser was as to notify the authorities in the area where this monster lives ~ believe me, this monster has a track record and it will come out. I have nothing but respect for the Senator and applaud his sharing openly with all of us as he will encourage other victims to do the same and unfortunately, he is not alone… many of us understand all too well… and unless you’ve lived it, don’t say what he should or should not do… he’ll figure it out.

  21. Cynic says:

    It is interesting that if you use the word Gay in your comments it will go through. If you use the Dictionary word it doesn’t.

  22. anonymous says:

    I was sexually abused as a child. and threatened to not tell anyone. When I did tell a family member about it I was called a liear, an evil child, etc. I spent days, weeks, months suppressing the shame and the hateful lack of support- People who have not been abused have no idea how deep the scars are and should at least be kind enough and wise enough not to judge. Prosecution? It’s not always the answer. Sometimes the attempt to obtain so called justice comes at too high a price. I had counseling as an adult and now, so many years later I do not care to dredge up that dirty horrible past. It’s time to move on. And I have faith in a higher power that does make sure justice is done.

    1. wigwam says:

      I am sorry for the hell you must have gone through. Thank you for your insights into how going through that hell feels.

    2. Apeon says:

      Well said—-and He will right all injustices—and at that time the horror will fade in light of his Love!

    3. Karen says:

      I too, am sorry for the lack of support from your family member ~ and also appreciate your sharing so others reading these posts may understand… truly, as a “thriver” myself (I don’t like the word, “survivor”)… one never “gets over” the violent heinous act and I too, had years of therapy and it took me until I was 50 years old to feel beautiful… and to be comfortable in my own skin and recently, at age 52, feel like a worthy woman… I’ve found my voice and it’s taken me years of therapy to grow through the process of healing. I was 3 and my identical twin sister witnessed 5 boys who savagely attacked me, and I was hospitalized… she has endured guilt up to a few years ago, that she couldn’t protect me… I hemorrhaged for 3 days from my injuries and unfortunately, an Uncle also abused me ~ my family has supported me and I hear your pain and have great understanding what you’ve endured as my Mother was ganged raped by neighborhood boys in her home town and she told her Mother and my Nana’s response was to slap her, and say she was never to tell her Father ~ (not the way to handle a young girl being victimized)… she had no support and was also deeply shamed ~ that’s immensely sad ~ the shame my Mom lived with and hurt… she too, went to counseling and for years… when I was victimized, she was in a striker body cast having broken her back, unable to take care of us… she was recovering in our home in a neighborhood where you’d not think or imagine things like this would ever happen…and unable to protect me… I was playing outside next to my house with my twin, my twin was held while I was attacked and she watched…helpless to help me… horrible, yes… I lived. I still have the scars, lived in fear every time I had to see these “boys” as back then, not much happened to boys who did such horrific things ~ we’re talking 49 years ago, here. Abuse has affected our family, deeply… my brother was raped in a private boys school when he was 9, I was 5 at the time… my Mom and Dad had the school closed down because of it… bless them… (My Mom passed away 7 yrs. ago), sadly, my brother was set up and abducted when he was 13 after attending a scout meeting and taken for 3 days and left for dead… he will never be the same…he too, has had counseling and the best of care ~ was a full blown alcoholic/drug addict to cope, even with the best of counseling… bless him ~ (that was during his teen years) shame? My brother never talks about it…and chooses not to ~(he’s almost 60 now)… his abductors and rapists: one hung himself in prison, and the other was released ~ (catch & release program),,, surely, to do it again. The affects this has on a family, I could write a novel myself ~ the fear is real, the silence is understandable… how can a child cope with such heinous acts?… even as an adult, it’s painful to talk about and I feel Senator Brown is very courageous and brave for doing so… some of these folks saying that he did it for $ ~ or to sell his book, is way off base… I feel that it was a very healing move on his part to cope with his past and putting it out there took great strength, regardless if he names his accuser… it’s out and he can begin to heal… the perpetrator knows who he is… and it is very real to a child, when a monster pedophile says to you “I’ll kill you if you tell”… I’ll kill you and your Brother, your Mother and Father and your pets… and some even demonstrate killing an animal to make it very real and sink in… I was very open with my own children due to all the heinous acts upon my family and my own son was sexually abused when a girlfriend took him with her daughter to watch while my other son was having pre operative work done for an upcoming surgery… he was sexually abused along with her daughter, when she chose to go shopping, leaving the children behind with her In-laws… oh, I to this day, regret and will regret to the day I die, that I left him in her care, someone whom I thought I could trust and it was not the arrangement for her to leave my son, with her in-laws while she went off for a couple hours… I wanted to kill them… reporting it, our son, very articulately told the police what happened and they did nothing to this monster… it went to the DA’s and was dropped… these monsters are very clever, very and know how to destroy a childs innocent soul ~ our son has also had the best of care in counseling for most of his life and the repercussions are too numerous to discuss in this small forum of how it affects a family or the victim themselves… the police know this monster and this monster was never convicted… our son, could possibly go after this monster and take him to court, that is his decision and that takes energy and does come at a high price ~ we will support him, as we have in every way possible… whatever he decides… counseling is so vital and important… I agree whoelheartedly that “people who have not been abused have NO idea how deep the scars are and should at least be kind enough and wise enough not to judge”… Amen to that comment and I agree wholeheartedly with you… Unless one has lived it, you will not ever understand and it is important to respect the victims who are finding their voices and rather than cut down Senator Brown, support him in prayer, so he can heal… He is not alone, sadly, he is not alone in being victimized… there are many who do not have the courage to come forth, like he has and sadly, due to some hurtful comments like some posted here, who would?… we must encourage and love those who have been harmed so deeply, to feel safe to discuss their pain and if Senator Brown chose to share it in a book for the world to read, I congratulate him for taking a mighty stand (regardless if he says who harmed him)… and I too, have faith in a higher power that does make sure justice is done and know what is like to want to kill those who harmed my son… if it weren’t for my faith, I would have done the deed and the PD, counselor, family members and pastors told me what good would it do my being in prison?… I had a job to do, and that was to bring up my sons and I’ve done just that and see the damage this monster has done and my son is strong, and finding his voice now ~ and I’m very proud of him during his healing process… and support him wholeheartedly ~ we’ve been given a life sentence and it is our choice to heal and move on and give it in God’s hands to punish because the system stinks and it is up to us to contact our legislators and make a difference (advocate as I’ve done) ~ it’s a slow arduous process, however, people will begin to pay attention more now, because of our dear Senator and I THANK Scott Brown for that. Change may be forthcoming ~ due to his finding his voice… as many of us, have found ours and many have yet to find theirs… the little girl in me, found the beautiful woman and the beautiful woman, has embraced the little girl and we are worthy… the monsters, are not worthy to breathe the same oxygen we are and need to be stopped. Scott Brown is making a difference. I challenge the naysayers to be proactive and contact their legislators to make a difference in changing the laws in their State and pray, that they are changed on the Federal level… One more child is too many and these monsters seem to have more rights than we do and are set back into our streets to do it again and that horrifies me. I speak up, I pray and therefore but for the grace of God, go I.

    4. Tim Armstrong says:

      As a sexual abuse victim myself, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for your comment. Well stated.

      1. Karen says:

        Bless you Tim ~ your comment is heartfelt and I too, am sorry for your abuse ~ bless… and I send you a “hug” ~ hugs, are healing and if I could, I’d give Senator Brown one too. (there’s an “understanding” amongst those of us that we don’t even have to explain… we see things very differently in the world and our compassion & empathy run very deep. Thank you for yours.

  23. mo says:

    All parents should read the book “Conversations With a Pedophile: In the Interest of our Children” by Amy Hammel-Zabin. It will aid parents in understanding where pedophiles are, how they gain your child’s trust and get children, whom they abuse, to stay silent.

  24. Cynic says:

    Do these comments reflect Peoples actual opinions or do the censors at WBZ pick and choose which comments to publish to create the impression that everyone supports a particular point of view.I just made a comment that would have sailed right through but as an experiment I included one word that seems to upset WBZ no end and my comment disappeared…. Strange.

    1. Apeon says:

      This is Massachusetts—“The Home of Political Correctness” do you not remember Salem

  25. Virginia Hawkeye says:

    Unfortunate for Scouting that the picture of young Scott Brown shows him to be what appears to be a Boy Scout neckerchief when the article says it was a “religious summer camp.” I am certain that is unintentional on CBS’ part as I know they are supporters of Scouting principals and ideals. Aren’t they?

  26. milt says:

    My Mom was sexually abused as a child. Mom made it her goal in life that it would not happen to me or my brothers and sister. My Mom is the greatest person I have ever known. And the neat thing is there are many other people who think this of my Mom as well. My Mom proves that not all who are abused have to abuse others as well later in life and you can do something about it. I love you Mom.

    1. Lucky Girl says:

      Milt, I share your story. My mother was sexually abused as a child by her own father. She went on to have 3 daughters, and she said it was her life duty to protect us all from the monsters in the world. People who have been abused and then turn into abusers themselves can only blame themselves. My mother was the strongest person I have ever known(God rest her soul). She showed everyone around her you do not have to be a victim. I am happy to share that with you, and God Bless your mother.

  27. Harry Obrian says:

    Well, seems everyone is looking for their publishing nickel these days. How is it Scott had the time to write such an income producer while allegedly serving in office? I wonder how well the book would have sold without the ‘scandal’? Anyway, what is truly surprising is all the lack of honest thought and blind acceptance of yet another RINO.

    1. Apeon says:

      You will have to ask Scott how he did it, maybe by not spending his time reading this comment section—do something useful Harry!

      Oh! and not all Repubs belong to your club, and I go back to Barry Goldwater—Dude!

      1. Harry Obrian says:

        Have someone explain to you the concept of your blatant hypocrisy there peon, so typical of your type. You are however the common insipid reply when realities are exposed.

  28. Scott Brown says:

    Scott – don’t you want to tie him to a tree and make him squeal like a pig?

  29. teetotaler says:

    The good senator never bothered to make a report to the authorities. Publishing and publicing a sensational best seller is more important to him.

  30. Max says:

    another politician in human disguise. His abuse comes as an opportunist moment.

  31. nevatu says:

    You all just automatically believe this story ? It was saved as a “special” headline to sell a book, but so many instantly believe, not questioning.

    Maybe it did occur, but I think the fools are the ones who rush to judgement. And, of course, they end up destroying lives of people who may not be guilty.

    Think McMartin preschool hoax….Duke stripper rape hoax…..there is no shortage of false stories.

    Get some facts first, fools.

  32. Thom Hunter says:

    As an adult survivor of sexual abuse, one of the things that has always haunted me is that I have not been able to locate the man who abused me long ago in Denton, Texas. When I was a child, I felt helpless and unable to do anything about him. As I got older, I realized that he probably went on to inflict himself on other boys and change their lives forever. I will always wish I had done something to keep those boys from harm. I remain hopeful that he is in prison or dead by now.

  33. Cynic says:

    Yesterday I asked the question,Did Scott Brown vote for or against the repeal of DADT.WBZ held my question “For Moderation”. As one who lives in the world I am constantly trying to understand how it works and why. In trying to understand how a person that knows the effects of Same Sex abuse first hand could vote to repeal DADT I advance my knowledge of the subject. It was a legitimate question.

  34. Joe Astroturf says:

    He should name the creep and try to do something about Obama’s renaming another Safety School czar.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    The real teabaggers are Barnie and the safe school czar
    Your kids aren’t safe in a bus or car
    Jennings might not report it if their molested at a bus station
    lets hope he don’t have Nambla take them on vacation

    Britain will have company as they ration mammograms and cortisone
    The U.S. is now joining them so they won’t be alone
    Bill Ayers his hero and Jarrets slum lord bets
    Mine our Gerald Walpin , Private Long and the Swift Boat vets
    I know him and his czars think this songs not balanced and fare
    We just want nothing to do with that trainwreck Obamacare

  35. Ed Farms says:


    I’ve got more important thing to think about.

    1. Apeon says:

      So what R U Dewing Hear??

  36. DJT says:

    FACINATING !!! NEVER mentioned it even to his own wife or mother— but time to sell a book…………

    Events were so terrible, but Brown will not name his molester??????

  37. NAMBLA-NOT says:

    I doubt Scott Brown is going to give up Barney Frank at this point…

  38. mark says:

    was it a JESUIT CATHOLIC PRIEST run camp???

  39. mw says:

    Scott will not release the name of the counselor that allegedly sexually abused him. So much for helping others and protecting other children from being abused by a predator. This makes it even more obvious that this is a ploy to sell books and get sympathy votes.Thank goodness this buffoon will only be in a little while longer.

  40. Commentator says:

    Wait … it’s complicated. He could get sued for defamation if he cannot prove it. And you think a jury in Mass. is going to be fair to Republican Brown?

    I think Brown is amazing for coming forward.

    They are such sadists these men who molest boys and they are everwhere; even when they don’t the urge to do so is had by far more men than people think. It’s a problem. Remember, 2000 years ago, men sodomizing boys was “normal”; in Rome, Greece, everwhere. Humanity has not changed; society has. Unfortunately we have amongst us these vestiges of viscious past. Don’t presume it’s not “next door” either … it is.

  41. alan says:

    Why would anyone want to prosecute a pedophile? Just because they are oriented different sexually? This really smacks of unbridled bigotry….

  42. denise says:

    I give him credit for talking about it – but I have a hard time understanding him not wanting to now protect any future vicitms of this person. Maybe he knows that the person is dead??

    I know someone that tried to protect his girls – I actually went with him to the Worcester Court House where he was told by his lawyer to go and get a court order for custody – well the snot in the office actually said to him “has he touched them yet?” Needless to say he left there that day w/o the help he needed to keep his girls safe – died less than 6 months later – I pray every day his girls are strong enough that is something is actually going on they get help! Others have called DSS on the mother etc… But if the adults can’t get help thru the avenues allowed – how do you expect kids to come forward and ask for it? Sad word we live in!

  43. LibsAreCommies says:

    The Lying Liberal Media makes an overblown deal of the pedo perv priests of years ago while largely ignoring the much more common pedo perv teachers epidemic of today. They’re protecting their fellow Libs. Despicable.

    1. Apeon says:

      Sorry LibRcmmies—You missed the underlying factors—–the Press did not do its self-proclaimed mission—You do not hear much these days—

      AND The ‘priests’ belong to an ‘Organization’ that has power, and the ‘teachers’ do also—IT IS ABOUT POWER–CONTROL–ME ME—nothing else! Each ‘evil’ tendency will express when there is POWER to do so without being EXPOSED.

      Of course the ‘press’ also has to protect its POWER, so it does not exercise it in situations that they may be EXPOSED

  44. Noah Vaile says:

    Our circuses as our world burns.

  45. Cynic says:

    Not to speak for Mr.Brown but is it posible that there are factors in the incident (s)that he can’t have brought back into his life?

  46. Chansey Finnbar says:

    I am a lifelong Cape Codder. We only have one religious camp here… Camp Good News. The camp confirmed this morning that Sen. Brown DID attend the camp.
    The story is in today’s Cape Cod Times. The camp spokeswoman said they are “Devastated” by the news.

  47. JJ says:

    Is his story even true? Not sure it is if he won’t prosecute the man.

  48. Sam Brown says:

    Let’s see if Scott Brown got caught in a lie. He thought statute of limitations had ended. Now that it hasn’t, he would be an accomplice to possible current abuse if he does not provide parents and law enforcement with this person’s name. If he says the person is no longer alive, you can bet he is not telling you the truth.

  49. tell the truth says:

    Let’s see if Scott Brown got caught in a lie. He thought statute of limitations had ended. Now that it hasn’t, he would be an accomplice to possible current abuse if he does not provide parents and law enforcement with this person’s name. If he says the person is no longer alive, you can bet he is not telling you the truth.

  50. Woodbridge Connecticut says:

    I have a friend from high school who was molested by Ken Oliver. Ken is known in New England as a math teacher and a tutor for children. He worked at Amity Regional Senior High School in Woodbridge, Connecticut and was a Yale University graduate. My friend still suffers from that sexual abuse.

  51. Pikadon says:

    So little Scotty got his dingus diddled when he was ten. Big deal. Get over it, man up, and move on.

  52. FreedomScribe says:

    Scott “The Ultimate RINO” Brown has nothing better to do than to regurgitate his adolescent ‘tragedy’ on 60 Minutes to Leslie Stahl? Don’t we have trained therapists with mega initials behind their names to deal with this sort of thing? Or at least that hypocrite Dr. Phil? So it turns out that the great, rogue, independent conservative that Scott brown claimed to be is nothing more than another in the long list of celebrity seeking power seekers? Is he looking to campaign on the Moron Liberal sympathy vote? Shame on him. Validate the facts, arrest the pervert that did this to him and lets move on, quickly – the country and the world is falling apart.

  53. Earl says:

    Protect your children from religion.

  54. Hank Warren says:

    Molested Senators (do they ever mention the Franklin cover-up with Bush I), Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  55. Georg says:

    Scott Brown is an coward, if he had been anything else, he would have spoken up years ago and prevented other children from being molested, but, no, Scotty waited until it served his selfish ambition to come forward, apparently character counts only when trying to sell a book, or, chasing down the pity points. If they ever do go after the “counselor’ they won’t have to look far, he’s either one of obama’s education advisor’s, or, he’s working for the TSA.

  56. Barkley Pontree says:

    okay, let me first say this: I put child molesters, men who beat on women, and people that abuse the elderly on the lowest form of humanity. So don’t jump all over me for what I will say next.

    I’m not doubting or questioning Brown. But think about this: what could YOU do if someone came out 30 or 40 years after the fact and claimed YOU raped them at a high school party. Or YOU abused them when you were baby sitting them. How do you defend that accusation? What can you possibly say or do? Add to that the person now making said accusation is a famous person, political person, or something.

    No guilt here, I have a clean past. Heck, I have a clean present. I’m just thinking about 30 or 40 year old accusations and the impossibility of defending yourself against nothing more than a he said/she said accusation.

  57. bill says:

    OMG has everyone in America been molested?

  58. John Brown says:

    If Senator Brown does not name the alleged criminal and does not press charges, he is aiding and abetting the criminal. I believe Senator Brown is lying and was not molested. That is why he refuses to name the accused. Because it never happened. If he does name someone, he will name someone who is already dead, so he will not have to fight a slander lawsuit.

  59. Tito says:

    In 1961,as a 7th and 8th grader in Cathedral High School,Lafayette,La,I was sexually molested,fondled,then stripped naked,ordered to bend over,and paddled 25 times on my bare butt with a heavy fraternity paddle by Brother Benard,a Christian Brother at the school,on multiple ocasions. Is it too late to bring him to justice? Any attornies out there?

  60. NEXT says:

    Rich people care because they have no other worries.

  61. Imainfidel says:

    no wonder he turned into a liberal

  62. imainfidel says:

    im sure now that hes in Washington obama will comfort him.

  63. ronnieg says:

    Attacking the victim is never a good idea, no matter the age. Why do some on this thread see Scott Brown as the evil one?

    Until you are a victim don’t pretend to know what he or she should do.

  64. WEEONE says:


  65. Rouy says:

    There is no telling that maybe…just maybe that camp counselor might have turned into a molester / killer…
    Brown needs to name this guy and let the investigation/s begin…

  66. Roy says:

    There is no telling that maybe…just maybe that camp counselor might have turned into a molester / killer…
    Brown needs to name this guy and let the investigation/s begin…

  67. Kim Baileyi says:

    What if Scott is lying like He lied to voters to be elected and quickly went to work for Obama?
    I don’t trust Scott. Won’t vote for him either.He is a RINO

  68. Kim Bailey says:

    FASCINATING !!! NEVER mentioned it even to his own wife or mother— but time to sell a book…………

    Events were so terrible, but Brown will not name his molester??????

  69. rufus levin says:

    I thought he was elected to Congress to work on legislation, not to write books, and to give his life story…who cares….run the darn government. Whatever you had to overcome is your personal business. Scoot…we don”t CARE….life is tough and all of us have had terrible problems to face at one time or another. Man up, get therpy is you need it…but just do the job you are getting paid to do for the USA.

    1. WickedMark says:

      So Oprah should have quit her TV show years ago when she talked her past sexual abuse, right? And she did it on her TV show! If that’s not grandstanding I’ve never seen it.

      How about Maya Angelou, Kelly McGinnis, Terry Hatcher? What are these people still doing with successful careers? They were all abused and talked about it in public forum.

  70. FLETCHY says:


  71. Mark says:

    Let me get this straight…he unloads this during a televised interview? What a self serving piece of sh#.#….he spent his entire adult life knowing that a predator was on the loose working as a CAMP COUNSELOR!!! How many other victims were there after him? How many innocent children would have not been a victim of this predator had Brown the courage to say something last year, 5 years ago, 25 years ago! Don’t we elect people because of their supposed good judgement? This guy is a self absorbed and selfish fraud.

  72. Pmcg says:

    I wonder if other victims of Brown’s abuser will come forward now, knowing that they weren’t alone in being molested. It’s not just up to Brown to “out” the guy who molested him. There are probably many victims and they all have a voice. And now I’m wondering if this incident is why Brown used his body to make money both in Cosmo and in an article stating he’d like to hook up with “older” women when he was still a college student.

  73. emom says:

    First of I beleive in justice, as long as it is justified,,, Now,, I have a few problems with all this,, First, he has never told a single soul about what happened since he was a young child. EVEN AS AN ADULT<< But managed to write a book , a tell all book about his life of abuse,,, YET still had not mentioned it to his wife, HIS best friend, really, But we hear of a school wrestling coach that was arrested for porn and then OUT OF THE WILD BLUE YONDER<<<< this,, Mr brown was abused, as a child BUT WAIT<< nothing sexuall happened, really,,, if nothing sexuall happened then how can it be sexuall abuse, His step father beat him thats physical abuse, but a camp counsoler, sexually abused, him BUT did nothing sexual to him,, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.. And at no point he never allowed his wife to read his book, BIZZARRE, BUT after the school coach issue, HE COMES FORWARD,, DOES ANYONE FIND THAT A BIT STRANGE AND THEN A CAMP ON THE CAPE WANTS TO APPOLIGIZE ,,, AHHHH WHATS THE TRUTH NOW… SOMETHING STINKS ..

  74. manoblair says:

    Way to go Jo! Somebody needed to straighten this guy. Malfeasance by an elected official huh? Take a minute and think about what you said there buddy! The Senator needed to get the mess out of his system. Now let’s just hope that he names the perpetrator. Hopefully the perp isn’t still a counselor!

  75. Red says:

    I hate to be cynical about this but isn’t he running for re-election soon and isn’t he pushing his new book? What better way to get in the news than to claim he was abused. That happened a long time ago and how can you prove or disprove it now. Shaky, just like his record so far in DC!!

  76. Marius Higgins says:

    Sexual abusers should be executed or at least permanently maimed.

  77. binaryboy says:

    “cynthis marsh

    i love people with black and white views. Scott Brown should do whats right for him, not you-not me. You sound more political than wanting a wrong corrected. A grandstander. What Scott wants to do is his business.”

    Sounds like your distain for people with black and white views is pretty black and white.

  78. Unenforcer says:

    Wait a minute, they have not ID the person, nor have they charged the person, so that person is not a criminal yet. Also there are stautes of limiitations, lets go by the law not on emotions or opinions. as you know we have opinions and armpits and they both stink

  79. Joshua says:

    Mr brown gas an obligation to report this man. He may be abusing other children now. Why we tolerate pervert like Barney Frank is beyond me.

  80. jgreene says:

    Why go public at this time and “trash” the camp and everyone who was there with you when SOME counselor molested you, Scott? And you refuse to name the person now? Please.

    I actually supported Scott Brown and donated to his campaign for the Senate and I’m not even from Massachusetts. I’m beginning to question “Senator” Brown’s judgement.

  81. nifongnation says:

    Scott needs to become friends with Barney Frank.

  82. nifongnation says:

    Maybe he is suffering from PTSD as a military man.

  83. elda says:

    It takes years for some people to be able to deal with the pain these acts inflice on them. I was raped by a doctor when I was a yound adult. By the time I had gotten strong enough to tell anyone what had happened the statute had run out. I hear this a lot.

  84. jon says:

    I love how the liberals want to pounce on Brown. Amazing how our political blindness and hatred governs us at every step. IF Scott is the victim of the crime, then it is up to Scott to “pursue justice”, which, in this instance, may me forgiveness and moving on.

    The crime was not against the People of Mass, so he has no responsibility to “the people”.

    To say it is grandstanding, etc., is merely people that hate Sen Brown and are now themselves trying to politically grandstand. Liberals are the absolute worst hypocrites in the country. They have zero compassion.

  85. Truth E. Ness says:

    He got gayed when he was young so he voted for DADT.

    He didn’t see the point in bringing the perv to justice, but if he can sell a book from it shout it from the rafters.

    Scott Brown = RINO = Reckoning in 0’12

  86. Doug says:

    Aiding and abetting is a felony. Brown must name molester (if there is one).

  87. William Thompson Jr. says:

    Barney Fwank says he is sowwy!

  88. jakeman says:

    I think he made the story up. Should have gone on Oprah.

  89. jakeman says:

    Made up stroy. Sounds like something on Oprah

  90. jim says:

    Just another RINO looking for sympathy.

  91. Laura says:

    It sounds like a lot of the liberals on here have their knives out for Scott simply for the fact that he is a Republican. What a bunch of hateful, miserable people.

  92. Lou says:


  93. JamesAZ says:

    As a “RINO” he knows that only sympathy will help him get reelected…
    So… “Voila”

  94. chuchopierre says:

    This stuff happens more than people can stomach thinking about. The affected can suffer in weird ways for many years, perhaps a lifetime. I pray to Jesus Christ, my Lord and personal savior, in Jesus name I ask for this abuse and torment to be ended forever, for everyone. Amen.

  95. Amity Regional High School says:

    Kenneth S. Oliver, who has worked closely with Gary and Maria Litvin of Skylit Software, molested at least one Amity Regional High School student while tutoring them in mathematics in the late 1980s. Speak out against sexual abuse.

  96. Thom Hunter says:

    Those of us who were sexually-abused as children and have survived and grown to be productive adults have no choice in whether we do everything legally possible to reveal predators. Certainly we can reach a point of forgiveness for what was done to us, but we can not do that for others.

  97. Thom Hunter says:

    If you really want to know the impact that sexual abuse has on a young boy, into adulthood . . . but also the healing that comes through forgiveness and restoration, you might want to read this:

  98. Thom Hunter says:

    This is the proper link to the Kindle Book, “Why Was My Voice So Small.”