By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

CLAREMONT, N.H. (CBS) — A former Marine is working to keep Republicans in New Hampshire from repealing the gay marriage law with a full page ad in the Union Leader newspaper.

Craig Stowell says his 22-year-old brother Calvin is gay, and after he heard about two hearings to repeal gay marriage in New Hampshire on Thursday, he had to speak out.

The ad begins, “As a former Marine. I take freedom very seriously…”

Stowell says, “When I came back from Iraq, I married the woman of my dreams in my grandparents’ back yard…. Calvin was my best man and I just hope one day I get to be his.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

Gay marriage became legal in New Hampshire in 2009 when Democrats controlled the legislature. Now Republicans are in control, and two Republican representatives have filed bills to repeal the law.

Governor John Lynch has said he would veto a repeal.

Republican House leaders say the hearings will be held tomorrow, but they will not vote on the bills until likely next year, because right now their priority is the budget crisis.

The newspaper ad was paid for by New Hampshire Freedom to Marry.

Comments (40)
  1. Cynic says:

    If another Marine that did not agree with him advocated against it would WBZ give him the same amount of attention

    1. DNA says:

      Why would anyone want to give attention to a bigoted a-hole?

    2. Steve says:

      I’m sorry, but that’s immaterial. If they do your argument becomes invalid. If they don’t there are other news organizations that are unbiased and ones that are biased in the other direction. You can find opposing viewpoints if you choose to seek them. Again, discounting the outlet does not invalidate the message.

  2. Cynic says:

    My question was going to be who paid for it but then I read the last line. So shouldn’t the headline be “New Hampshire Freedom To Marry” Uses Marine to advocate for Gay Marriage.

    1. Steve says:

      Cynic, if I may, please allow me point out the flaw in your statement. You propose we must discount the Marine’s message solely because the publication of it was paid for by a special interest group. By this reasoning we should also discount messages of any conservative (even if they are speaking from the heart) that are published with backing from any conservative organization. The fact that someone else paid to spread a message does not abolish the merit of the argument.

      1. cynic says:

        Steve. Not discount them. Just take it into consideration.

    2. Steve says:

      No, I really don’t think it even needs to be a consideration. When I listen to debates I don’t care if the person presenting a point is Dem, Rep, Lib, rich, poor, or anything else. The only thing that matters to me is “Is the argument valid?”

  3. Cynic says:

    Did he actually write the letter or was it a joint effort of NHFM and their Public Relations People?

    1. Equality for All says:

      Dear Cynic
      The people of NH overwhelmingly support leaving the Marriage Equality Law as it is. Most polls show between 60 and 65% in favor. NHFTM is a small grass roots organization. They could not possibly equal the money that the Political Machince called The National Organization for Marriage has spent on this.

      1. Cynic says:

        You may well be right….Why not put it on the Ballot and let the People decide? What are you afraid of?

      2. Cameron says:

        Because New Hampshire does not have a mechanism for doing that, unless you want to make a constitutional amendment. That has been tried several times, and failed (needs a 2/3rds majority in both houses, then pass by a 2/3rds majority on a pop. vote).
        We have one of the most representative democracies in the world for a reason, bogging it down with California style referendum/initiative/recall measures would be hell on our budget, social values, etc.

    2. Sam says:

      Maybe you should write a letter to Craig Stowell and ask him yourself? Better yet, while you are writing that letter, ask if you can meet him and his gay brother so you can know for sure that it wasn’t a joint effort of the NHFTM. Pretty simple thinking if you ask me.

    1. IDontHateGaysIAmOne says:

      What was your first clue. He could have just posted as IHateGays

      1. MeTooButI'mAlsoRational says:

        Jesus Christ, people. Is it possible to look at something with a critical eye and ask relevant questions without being labeled a bigot? Frankly, I think Cynic made some very good points, especially about using the whole “he’s a former Marine” angle. Does the fact that he is a former Marine mean ANYTHING in relation to a debate on LGBT rights?

        Let me be clear here: it doesn’t. This is an example of visceral politics, playing off of the emotional response that his appeal will inevitably generate. It’s a tried and true tactic, and it works. Now can we PLEASE, even if just once, separate criticism of context from criticism of content? There’s a big difference.

  4. massman says:

    Republican bigots at it again.

  5. GIbles says:

    Opinionated Gay People to the Rescue!

    1. Jim Hlavac says:

      Well Glbles — everyone is opinionated — and few subjects are a nationally discussed than gay folks. And on the subject there’s far more opinion that fact, reason or logic. But thanks for making the link to me, whomever you are. It was however a “man bites dog” story, and it is getting national attention, for there is a crusade against gays folks. And what many call “opinion” from gay folks is in reality self-defense. Which is a 2nd Amendment right, which many a Marine would support.

      1. Cynic says:

        Self Defense against what? People that find them repulsive?

      2. Steve says:

        @ Cynic, re: Self Defense against what? People that find them repulsive?

        Um…. yeah. Pretty much. If people found you repulsive and wanted to strip you of your legal rights (or deny to give them to you in the first place), wouldn’t you consider fighting back a defensive position?

      3. Cynic says:

        Steve…Perversion is not a Civil Right.

  6. DNA says:

    Hey, Christians, take your weird, mythological beliefs and KEEP THEM TO YOURSELVES!!

  7. Cynic says:

    No one has answered my originial question….Would WBZ have provided this much free publicity to The Former Marine that disagreed?(Check one) YES—-NO—-.

    1. Jim Hlavac says:

      Dear Cynic — I will answer you! — YES! WBZ has provided constant coverage of any and all who disagree with Craig Stowell. In fact, such coverage has been par for the course for decades. Indeed, WBZ, or its ancestor I’m sure was right there along with the police when they raided gay bars so that the station could broadcast the names and pictures of them who are repulsive. There has been no shortage of reportage, and public opinion, gnashing of teeth in legislatures and even preaching from the pulpits in support of people who find “them” repulsive and very solidly against the we the repulsive.

      On the other hand, Craig Stowell is sort of like that Chinese kid who stood up in front of the tanks in Tien An Men Square in Peking back in 1989. So it’s kind of like David v. Goliath. And gay people are sort of like those Chinese students in the square, awaiting the onslaught, because we’re repulsive to the regime.

      But there are people who hate broccoli too, and no one wants to outlaw broccoli eaters.

      1. Cynic says:

        Com—-have you People no shame? Don’t hijack the image of the man in Tiananmen Square. I have a very Dear friend whose Husband disappeared the day after Tiananmen. She was furious when she read you comment.

    2. Jim Hlavac says:

      And cynic, let me tell you sir or madam, ye of genderless anonymity — I do not rely on my brothers — both Air Force veterans — to stick up for me, though they do. Nor my aunts, uncles, cousins. Nor my grandparents who stuck up for me when they were alive. Nor my mother or father, who stick up for me. Nor my sister, who has done Holy battle for me. No sir, I and every gay man can stick up for ourselves. And isn’t that the marvel? We are so relentless insistent that we are God’s creatures. That we are of the Hand of God, for a purpose. And you know what that is, cynic (of which there are a dime a dozen,)? Let me tell you. Gay folks are a test by God Himself for your decency – to do as Jesus Himself commands — walk a mile in another man’s shoes before condemn him, and to treat others like you would want to be treated. And more importantly, abjure the worst sin, in the word of Jesus — abjure hypocrisy. And alas, many have failed God’s test and treated the least among you as decent human beings worthy of protection and prayer for a better life here and hereafter.

      Because you “believe” we are repulsive. But you “know” not what you do. And I ask God to forgive you the errors of your ways.

      But if you want to pick on sissies — there is my name — and you, cynic, are so common.

  8. Cynic says:

    Nice Graphic… Is that WBZ’s contribution to “The Cause”?

  9. Jim Hlavac says:

    Cynic — Ah, so you are the sort who thinks that defending the gay existence is “stealing” something. No doubt the word “gay” too we “stole.” Ergo, no analogy — the stuff of defense since the Greeks did define rhetoric — I could make would be sufficient — for we are, as you say “Repulsive.” That sir, sums up your mindset. You are entitled to it, much as the man who believes the sky is green and the grass blue. It is your right. I cannot help you. God forgive you. Cheers and happiness in your quest, whatever it is.

    Yours, a gay man with a real name — unafraid to state the truth — while you hide in gleeful anonymity, free from true guilt or apology. Because you are sure of your convictions. And that’s the difference, sir or madam of genderless fog — I stand by what I say — and you attack anonymously.

  10. Cynic says:

    Jim Hlavac…..Really now .. It takes the Same “COURAGE” to have sex with a person of your own Gender or to Molest an Altar Boy That it takes to stand in front of a column of Tanks? Surely you jest…!

    1. Jim Hlavac says:

      Let me assure you, cynic — It takes no “courage” at all to have sex with a guy. It takes nothing but a tingle in the leg. And a welcoming glance. And a smile to die for. Courage? No, oh no. It takes mere joy.

      As for molesting altar boys, only Catholic & other clergy do that — not gay men. And the Church, sir, is more than adamant that those clergy are not gay — in fact they sent them to the next parish. The Church is clear — NO GAY FOLKS allowed. They chased us away. We went away, and prayed for their hard hearts to soften. We are not a part of the clergy of this land. They are all married or chaste. No gay man molests boys sir — there’s too many fine gay men with whom to comport.

      Even more strangely, all the victims of the molestation are straight and not a one ever said they were made gay by the molestation. Which is exactly opposite to the Church’s position, but I’m not their spokesperson. Indeed, they say, as so many other say, as you imply, anonymously — that it takes but a moment’s dally with a gay man to make a fine hetero boy as sissy as he could be. Indeed, sir, I submit – a gay man cannot “molest” a gay man — sir — we call it God Given Joy. And that’s what particularly you find anonymously aggravating — we love being gay. And the victims of molestation are quite upset that some heterosexual priest — as the Church itself calls them — did molest them.

      You sir, are confusing bananas with apples.

    2. Jim Hlavac says:

      And let me tell you this cynic, and all, and this website’s administrators — the Church did submit affidavits in Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Lafayette and Houma Louisiana, and even here in Boston Massachusetts, and all around the world — in Ireland, and Poland, and Argentina — claiming under oath that the gay boys did lure the fine prelates into the molestation. Only the boys aren’t gay. Not a one! Yet, the Catholic Church blamed the altar boys on their own attacks. And that sir, is something you can go look up by reading the court papers submitted by the Catholic Church in defense of their priests. They blamed the kids for attacking the priests. Then they hid the Churches assets behind multiple corporate structures. The Pope himself had the audacity to claim not too long ago that priests did not work for the Church! That they were independent contractors. Cynic, know you facts before you go “wow” on anyone.

      Cynic, yours and the Church’s is a cynicism of a kind I can not fathom.

  11. Joe Haley says:

    I think that they should stop having this repeal thing on gaymarriage and just allow it. We don`t need to go to church and support to aband on gaymarriage because straight marriage doesn`t get things right anyway. Like we don`t need to go and call the radio station and play a love song to the woman that the guy loves. The state of New Hampshire needs to aband the biblebooks in stores to sell to everyone because everyone is using it to go against some people who supports gaymarriage. The only thing that is that the church can have them only without selling them to the people of New Hampshire.

  12. Michael Jerald White says:

    We need to take away the Bible books off the market because some people are using them against gaymarriage and homeless people. We need a law for the state of New Hampshire, where it says having a Bible book is against the law.

  13. Michael White says:

    The state of New Hampshire needs to aband straight marriage and only allow gay marriage more than straight marriage. Most women who can deal with straight marriage can go wrong. Like most women uses men for money and sex. Women can also look on porn sites too. That is why we need to aband straight marriage and only allow gay marriage more.

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