Felger and Massarotti continued the day talking about the Boston Bruins win last night over the Canadians and Brad Marchand.

In the past, Felger didn’t think much of Bruins center Brad Marchand. How wrong has Felger been?

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  1. Craig says:

    This is a freakin’ classic. “Marsh-mont Nation” rejoice! Felger retracts his early criticisms.

  2. Craig says:

    On what Frank the tank said about rage: Rage and over aggressiveness will not win the Bruins games in the playoffs. Controlled aggression will, rage will not.

  3. rzzatrails says:

    One of the best moments in the history of 98.5 the sports hub

  4. Phil C says:

    ,,,I just had to revisit this thread…Suck it FELGER you piece of ****

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