BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts public health regulators have approved regulations to limit the sale of sugary soft drinks, salty and calorie-packed snacks, and even white bread sandwiches from public schools.

The rules approved yesterday are a response to concerns about overweight students.  The rules would apply to a la carte lines, snack shops, and vending machines, but not to the main cafeteria line.

They would apply during the school day and a half-hour before and after classes.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

The rules need the approval of the state Public Health Council, an appointed panel of doctors and experts, which is expected to consider them at a spring meeting.  They would take effect in 2012.

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  1. emom says:

    It’s about time, really it is,, Some schools serve pizza , burgers, hotdogs, corndogs, cookies, cake and other unhealthy stuff everyday ,, My sons school has choices for lunch. most is good, but there is pizza and burgers on the menu.. REALLY ,,, like that is healthy for kids everyday… Get rid of soda, if the parents are cutting back why shouldnt the kids, Ok I am not a fan of BANNING < or the first lady.. However, there is some truth to what she says,, the obesidy of children is on the rise, If so many adults dont understand why the adutls are over weight well then what would you plan on doing to prevent the kids from the same out come.. Healthy eating habits must start somewhere, and if school will be it so let them, after all it will be another helicopter parent whining about their kids getting fat at school and listen for the lawsuits,,, so let the good stuff be eaten at school and if they eat junk its the parents fault then,

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