BOSTON (CBS) – Two Boston city councilors are considering a proposal that would ban smoking in public parks and beaches in the city.

Councilor Salvatore LaMattina has filed an order for a public hearing on the proposal, which is co-sponsored by Councilor Felix Arroyo. Both men suffer from asthma and have been working with Boston’s asthma task force.

The plan bounces off a similar ordinance passed in New York City this month.

“I saw this happen a few times in a park where somebody lights up a cigarette and the person next to them has to move,” LaMattina said.

“My concern is the second hand smoke. Second hand smoke kills. I want to be sure that when people go to a park or a beach or public space, that is a smoke-free environment.”

Councilor Salvatore LaMattina speaks with WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ed Golden

The proposal would allow smoking on public sidewalks.

LaMattina and Arroyo plan to unveil their idea to ban smoking in Boston parks and beaches at Wednesday’s Boston City Council meeting.

Any official action on the plan would be months away.

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  1. snap says:

    Smoking, over paid Mass workers, so many people out of work, Way to go Duval.
    You SUCK

  2. Patrick Martin says:

    So Boston city councilors have nothing more important to do than harass it’s few remaining smokers? No crime to attend to? No local laws needing to be replaced?

    I am actually a former smoker, been cig free for going on 8 months. I could care less if people were smoking around me, and if it bothered me, it’s a matter of ‘who got there first’ – if smoker was there before I arrived it’s up to me to walk away.

  3. Cynic says:

    After reading all 133 coments I have come to the following conclusions:
    1.Non-Smokers Are Sick People.
    2.Non-Smokers Are Sick People.
    3.Non-Smokers Are Sick People.
    4.Non-Smokers Are Sick People.
    5.Non-Smokers Are Sick People.

    1. MamaCta says:

      No, Cynic, you will be, unfortunately. Joke all you want…

  4. emom says:

    I have to wonder where did common sense go, Oh wait I know,, forget it.. to late,, it has gone bye -bye…. I cant tell you how many times I have gone into a bathroom and all I smell is cigarette smoke, so bad that you would think someone actually was smoking,, instead it was a chain smoker that came in and her clothes smelled so bad from cigarette smoke that it actually chokes the air you breathe ,,, Its bad in a small room, now imagine that 10 fold in a resturant trying to eat a meal In a smoke free resturant,,, I had it happen to me on many occasions.. once it was so bad, that I requested a different seat,, the lady at the next table had smoked a butt before entering the resturant, and as soon as they left they lit up again , and when they got in their car yet again, windows closed,,,,, you could see the smoke in the car,,, Honestly if you choose to smoke like that fine but please understand that the excessive smell of the smoke lingering on your body and clothes and hair is more than many can handle. Its like being in a room with grandma and that awfull perfume that she bathed in.. really it is like that… OH and before you chime in ,, I SMOKED FOR A FEW YEARS AND QUITE,,, SO I DO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO QUIT. pee you it stinks, bad,

    1. Cynic says:

      I too have a problem with Bathroom odors but smoke isn’t one of them.

  5. Cynic says:

    This Smoking/Non-Smoking issue is so passe…..Lets concentrate on a more timely topic….The DEMON RUM.

  6. Loving Florida says:

    I don’t smoke but I believe that people have the right to smoke in open areas.
    I left Boston 26 years ago for the freedom of Florida. You folks are crazy.
    Do you not value the history of the minutemen who fought and died for your very freedom. I read about you folks want to ban smoking, ban candy bars,ban sugary drinks, ban dodge ball at school, ban giving out grades, ban keeping score and hundreds of other votes about freedom. If you folks lived in the 1700’s those minutemen would have been forced to fight with sticks.
    Oh by the way no State Taxes!!!!!!!!

  7. emom says:

    cynic you dont seem to get it,,,, I do and have lived with your kind,,, ahhh but smokers seem to think it does not hurt anyone,, not even themselves, I bet many may not go to a doctor and if they did it was for a cough that didnt go away… Oh I know the type , smoke them till you die type,, thats great, teach a child its no big deal, but tell them not to drink and drive or do drugs, wow. Cigarettes are addicting have always been and people do die from smoking , have major health issues and there families suffer health issues as well. I know 2 that have copd, both smoked , I had an uncle that died of cancer of the toungue from smoking unfiltered cigaretts,, explain that,,, nope you cant , but judge the non smokers you do, what a shame, you have no idea what its like on the other side ,, and never will,,, go to a field and smoke and enjoy it,,, cause what you think is ok for you many feel its not for them and I cant understand why common sense cant be used,,, maybe i will bathe in perfume and sit next to a smoker wonder who will move first,,,

    1. MamaCta says:

      Nicely said, emom. Everything you described, I’ve seen FIRST HAND, too. Smoking can and does lead to a very UGLY DEATH. It really is suicide on the installment plan. If smoking was so acceptable, why not smoke around babies? None of the trolls on this thread even joke about that – as it would really blow their credibility.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Simply stated, this is an attack on the public’s freedom. People choose to smoke just the same as people choose to vote or choose to buy a certain brand over another. On the issue regarding cigarette butts littering the sidewalks, what of the person choosing to smoke a cigar? It has no filter and is entirely biodegradable. What of the person choosing to smoke a pipe? All that remains after smoking is ash.
    The fact is that the government is choosing your actions for you. If we live in a “free society” that dictates harmless actions that you cannot choose to engage in freely, it is no longer a free society. It starts with small issues and escalates from there. Ever read the children’s book “If you give a mouse a cookie”?

    1. Loving Florida says:

      You are so right. The people are so blind about freedom. Every inch you give the government wants to take a foot. It’s a whole different world now. When I lived in Mass, I was a victum of a violet robbery. I wanted to protect myself so I applied for protection being a Vietnam Vetetan, no criminal history and of course they told me to bad, I might shot a criminal by accident.
      Here in Florida you are allowed to arm yourself, just like when we won our freedom. I will read the book you mentioned. 1984 has passed by but we are rapidly heading towards it.

  9. MamaCta says:

    Jimmy, with that logic, people choose to pee in the pool. Pee is biodegradable. Why isn’t it cool to do that? Why wouldn’t people be OK with it? After all, it’s a large amount of water and only a small quantity of a biodegradable fluid.

  10. emom says:

    if freedom to smoke is a big deal,, then explain why so many folks , decide to SUE the tobacco companies, sue the government or the doctors … REALLY contradicting if you ask me,.. Smokers whine its their freedom,, so your right,, However, why are you suing everyone over it,, why go after the manufactures, unless deep down you do know that it is a health issue,, OH WAIT because no one ever told you it was addicting,, then explain all those that have quit and stayed off them ever since, I havent smoked since my early 20’s I am now 50. EXPLAIN THAT ONE , And i have no reason to sue them since I chose to smoke on my own.. thats another issue I dont get,, nobody held you down to smoke, You saw others doing it and thought it was cool,, But as for the freedom thing, if you all want your freedom then why cant you see thats what we want,, HOW ABOUT WORKING TOGETHER ON THIS SO ALL ARE HAPPY,, OH FORGET IT ,,,, smokers dont give a rats butt about the next generation only their gratification they can get at the puff puff moment.. smokem up cause soon you will be heared to a field to have a smoke feast,, enjoy ,, leave the kids behind so they dont suffer your fate

  11. Kayleigh says:

    This will never fly in Boston. Sorry, but too many people smoke in Boston. If it were L.A. then, maybe. I’m a Californian who moved here awhile ago, and there a lot more smokers out here (in Mass.). I, personally, like it that people smoker here because I happen to be a smoker. It really troubles me that this is even a discussion that our government is having. Welcome to 1984. I have to say that I am always considerate of other people when I smoke. I NEVER smoke around children and move away from people when I’m smoking in public. So, to all those anti-smoking witch hunters, please get off your high horse. I’m a grown, well-mannered law-abiding woman. I can have a cigarette outside if I please. If the state can tax me and make me pay $8 a pack, I think I should be allowed to smoke. How can the state tax me and then cite and charge me again. What a scam! The government is as bad as organized crime.

    1. Kayleigh says:

      One more thing…Why don’t they focus more on getting the homeless out of the Commons and into the shelters? There are homeless people and drug dealers throughout that area, the Commons and Downtown Crossing. Nope, it’s better to infringe on my rights.

  12. emom says:

    I dont care if you do smoke outside, BUT,ad you say you are considerate,, do you beleive its rigth that smokers congregate around a doorway that is used by all to enter and leave a building.. should smokers be there and should those that have CHILDREN and dont smoke be made to walk past and thru smokers to leave an establishment. I feel if smokers want to smoke please do it in a designated areas,, WHATS wrong with that…. to me thats fair,, we give them a space to enjoy theircancer sticks, so be fair to those that dont want to smell it,, OH and to all those that seem to like to FLICK YOUR BUTTS around and leave your stinking trash on the ground,, think of this,,, If a child should happen to see a cigarette butt on the ground do you know that if they pick it up and put it in their mouth and chew on it , they can get seriously illl form that… Children are the innocent and have no idea of the dangers of cigaretts lite or not… would you leave your drugs around for them to take, how about yout booze, what about chemicals,, cigarettes are no different than all them,, protect the children if you all care… I think thats fair.

  13. emom says:

    I have a question, If smokers have a right to smoke,,,and where ever they choose then Why cant NON-smokers have the right to not becomed perfumed by your smoke when walking out doors of establishments, walking in areas that many are in and not have to inhale the stench when going into a small room.. Just curious, since all this revolves around the rights of a smoker , but gives no thougth to those that do not smoke including children , babies, and those that may have a breathing condition.. I mean I dont think you would want me to walk into a room with peanut butter on me and your chiild is allergic to it… or I am sure you would not want to be subjected to the overload of perfume that takes your breathe away to the point you scramble for air to breathe,,,, I think its sad when we can not use common sense and think of others , after all, I am sure many where raised to RESPECT OTHERS, but few ever practice what they learn or for that matter very few ever practice what they claim … FREEDOM TO BE INCOSIDERATE IS THE NEW THEME,,,,,, HOW WONDERFULL LIFE IS,,,, NOT

  14. Vast Sums of Cash says:

    What I’d like to see is banning changing diapers and leaving the poop-filled, plastic pampers on the beach. If you can’t stand a little smoke, try sniffing dirty diapers or better yet, stepping on them during that lovely walk. They banned smoking and booze at San Diego’s beaches but the restaurants on the beach offer “patio dining” where folks can smoke and drink just a few steps from the beach along the busy boardwalk. For all the other businesses, well ,they’ve disappeared because the party animals who used to come to the beaches now go to the desert. And for you whiney-butts, smokers and drinkers fund a giant portion of every state budget through the ever-rising vice taxes. For you jerk smokers that feel entitled to pollute the air, be considerate – at the same time, anyone walking down a busy street is sucking in just a much or more carbon monoxide (car exhaust) than a wisp of ciggie smoke. Your immune system is there for a reason. Lastly, smoking is an addiction and causes early death. Smoke-free folks should be happy that smokers are paying that much more in taxes and will never use their social security cause they die so much earlier.

  15. Mark says:

    Ignorant comment
    Smoke in a park second hand won’t kill u

  16. Jakeslaw says:

    you can’t smoke but you can kill unborn babies.

    Only in Massachusetts

  17. Xpat Ron says:

    When I read this stuff it makes me glad I left home, been living overseas for nearly 10 years, and during that time it’s gotten worse and worse back home, seems like they don’t know the difference between inside and outside anymore in the US, they still know the difference in Europe fortunately, and as far as the trash goes, well how about hiring people who need work to clean up =parks and beaches clean = out of work folks employed, oh sorry that was a moment of common sense, I do apologize for that.

  18. CarolT says:

    The anti-smokers commit flagrant scientific fraud by ignoring more than 50 studies which show that human papillomaviruses cause at least 1/4 of non-small cell lung cancers. Smokers and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus for socioeconomic reasons. And the anti-smokers’ studies are all based on lifestyle questionnaires, so they’re cynically DESIGNED to blame tobacco for all those extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV. And they commit the same type of fraud with every disease they blame on tobacco.

    And, all their so-called “independent” reports were ring-led by the same guy, Jonathan M. Samet, including the Surgeon General Reports, the EPA report, the IARC report, and the ASHRAE report, and he’s now the chairman of the FDA Committee on Tobacco. He and his politically privileged clique exclude all the REAL scientists from their echo chamber. That’s how they make their reports “unanimous!”

    For the government to commit fraud to deprive us of our liberties is automatically a violation of our Constitutional rights to the equal protection of the laws, just as much as if it purposely threw innocent people in prison. And for the government to spread lies about phony smoking dangers is terrorism, no different from calling in phony bomb threats.

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