By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I am curious if the State is considering pushing back MCAS testing dates due to the number of snow days this winter and the missed classroom time that has resulted? – Josh, Orleans

 I asked the state Dept. of Education that question today and a spokesman emailed me this answer:   “We are looking at options right now, but it would be very unusual to adjust the testing window at this point.”

 I think that means kids would have to miss many more days before any changes would happen.

 MCAS tests are scheduled for various grades in March, April, May and early June.  You can see the schedule here.

As any parent will tell you the tests take up a lot of time.

What do you think….leave the schedule alone, or push it back to accomodate the lost days?

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  1. Gerard Milch says:

    I really don’t know what is so difficult to have half days on Saturday, whatever number of days needed. A half day still qualifies as a day! Be sure to put it in all clauses of any agreement!