Time sure does fly when you’re havin’ fun…..and sometimes where you’re not, and I guess my absence on this page for the past couple of weeks is a combination of both.   The good news is, I’ve been in Florida since the first of the year.   The bad news is, the weather has sucked here in the Sunshine State so far this year where it’s currently 42-degrees, windy and drizzly.  Compound that with a pinched nerve in my leg right now and I’m not a happy camper.    But wait!      Before you break out the crying towels for me, I’m totally aware of what’s been going on in the rest of the country weather-wise, and now I’m sorry I even mentioned my plight.   Every person I talk to in the Northeast, family and friends have “had it”……have had enough of the lousy New England weather and we’re barely into the month of February.    The only thing good about February……and I mean the ONLY thing….is that it’s the shortest month of the year.    It just seems like the longest.   Even a nice Valentines Day couldn’t make February better.  But I’ll try. 

     Alright, just a quick few comments on the post-post-post-big game on Sunday.    I didn’t have a dog in the fight so quite frankly didn’t care who won it….as long as it wasn’t Ben Roethlesberger. (dirt bag)  I would root for Coach Mike Tomlin to win however.   He didn’t….too bad.

     It was a great game.   I stayed with it to the very end.   Yes I was pulling from Green Bay….I don’t know why I just had to cheer for somebody.     But perhaps one big reason is the class shown by Aaron Rodgers.    What a great quarterback.   Yuh, he tossed a couple of clunkers into the ground, but he wasn’t throwing passes to be picked off (unlike Ben) and if Rodgers receivers (as good as they are) had caught a couple of his passes which hit ’em right between the numbers, the Packers would have been leading by three touchdowns in the third period.   I would put Rodgers right up there with the best in the league, in some respects above the Tom Brady’s of the world.  He’s young, (like the rest of the team) and he’s going to be around a long time.

     Super Bowl game?   Excellent!   Pre-game hype?  As expected and worthy!   TV Commercials?  With only a couple exceptions..very disappointing!   It almost seems some advertisers believe they’ve got to go so far “out-side-the-box”, they’ve forgotten where the Hell the box is.  Silly non-sensical stuff (with only a couple of exceptions) and by the way, hitting a man in the groin with the can of Pepsi or whatever, isn’t funny now… and it wasn’t funny 20-years ago.

     And one final request…..Super Bowl XLVIVLX..or whatever number is next  (why not simply 46) would you please find someone who won’t insult the United States of America and the entire music world with their rendition of the Stars Spangled banner.  Oh my God…that was the worst thing I’ve heard since Roseanne Barr did it in a baseball park a few years back and this blond bimbo Christina Aguilera not only stunk up the place with her voice, she didn’t even know the freekin’ words to our National Anthem.  What a disgrace!!!


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