WRENTHAM (CBS) – The Wrentham Village Premium Outlets closed on Wednesday at the request of fire officials concerned about roofs at the shopping center.

All customers and employees were evacuated as a precaution while fire officials worked to check the structural integrity of the roofs.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

Some employees said that they saw what appeared to be part of the roof caving in.

“A little bit of the sagging, I mean when you look at it, they’re just saying ‘precautionary,’ but there’s a little bit – you can notice it – because of the way the roof is and the way that the snow is falling on everybody and the way that the rain fell on it. It’s just too heavy. It’s just…it’s not gonna make it,” said Kathleen Riley, an employee at the outlets.

Officials at the outlets said there was no roof collapse at any of the 170 stores, offices, and rooms. Most of those stores have flat roofs, which are at the highest risk for collapse.

While there was no collapse, fire officials determined that three buildings and seven stores have roof issues.

The outlets will not be reopened until company officials get the OK from the building commissioner in Wrentham.

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