By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

  When your reporters broadcast from Worcester, especially in the winter, you always mention Worcester’s “Seven Hills.”  Can you name them? – Diana, Worcester

According to the city’s website the 7 hills are:  Hancock, Bancroft, Newton, Green, Chandler, Union (or Sagatabscot), St. James (or College.)

However there are more than 7 hills in Worcester and, at least on the web, there seems to be some disagreement about which are the true 7 hills with some people listing Airport Hill, Vernon Hill, Grafton Hill and more.

I’m going with the city’s website.  How about you?

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  1. Cynic says:

    They are Hill #1,Hill #2,Hill #3,Hill #4, Hill #5, Hill #6 and Hill #7.

  2. emom says:


  3. Monardia says:

    The only time WBZ mentions Worcester or anything beyond Boston and the cape is when they are the epicenter of a natural disaster! It is like we don’t exists most of the time. You can listen to the weather forecast for the Boston area and take a wild guess at what the weather is going to be like in the Worcester area and more than half the time they don’t even come close. You have a better chance with the Rhode Island stations of getting an accurate forecast for our area. It is really pathetic that a city the size of Worcester doesn’t have a decent local station that runs full time and not the infomercial laced programing it has.

  4. Norma Gillus says:

    Grafton hill, Vernon hill, Green hill, Pakachoag hill, Airport hill,, Belmont hill, Bancroft hill

    1. Patricia Kneeland says:

      i agree with rest i will add college hill (holy cross area)

  5. Patricia Kneeland says:

    pakachoag is in auburn

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