BOSTON (AP) — Employers who broke Massachusetts wage laws have paid more than $8M in fines and restitution to workers and the state.

Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Fair Labor Division said it recovered the money after investigations into labor practices in 2010.

Of the $8 million, more than $4.6 million was handed back to workers. The remaining $3.3 million in penalties was returned to the Commonwealth.

Coakley said the investigators handled more than 5,000 cases at a time when many workers were losing their jobs as a result of the lingering effects of the recession.

The biggest settlement was against FedEx Ground over claims the company misclassified its drivers as independent contractors.

The company paid more than $3 million to the state and thousands of dollars to 13 drivers.

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  1. Cynic says:

    Shouldn’t the workers get the penalties?…..Why the State? Fed-Ex paid Millions to the State but only Thousands went to the Drivers. It seems that the workers are going to get ripped off no matter what but they don’t get to choose who does the ripping off.

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