Alright class……..has everyone calmed down now?     I certainly hope so….and I include myself in that prayer.   I’m talking about the football game on Sunday, during which the New England Patriots allowed all of us, and rightfully so, the opportunity to  grumble and groan about a bunch of big-mouth athletes from New York.     Hell we could take it from Pittsburgh, Dallas, Atlanta…..whatever….but not New Yorkers.    I’d rather see the Patriots lose to Billerica High than take a whoppin’ from a New York team.   And New York Yankees aside for one moment……when it comes to the jabbering Jet, to quote Associated Press’s Dennis Waszak Jr……..”Call them whatever bleepin’ names you want—and plenty already have.  Rex Ryan’s bunch of blabbermouths isn’t shutting up anytime soon.”   Danny Klein who writes “The Rant” for the St. Augustine Record took it one step further:  He said “I think the only people in America who like the New York Jets are New Yorkers and the New York Jets…..but so what?   Danny’s  got some problems liking Bill Belichick and Tom Brady too but he adds….”I”m sick of comparing character flaws…the NFL is full of them.”

Amen to that Brother……Amen!

P.S.  One more item. (sorry about that last Amen) I see Brett Favre is retiring…..again. He was crying the first time he retired (almost three years ago) and understandably so…the close of a Champion’s career.  But Brett apparently took one too many hits to the head and decided at ages 39, 40 and 41….he could still do it….and clearly he couldn’t.   He finished up his last season spending most of the time on the sidelines with injuries, tossed only 11 touchdowns, threw 19 interceptions (not including the nasty pictures he apparently sent to an old cheerleader which also got intercepted) and closed what could have been a Hall of Fame season with one of the lowest quarterback ratings in the NFL.    Sad!