BOSTON (CBS) – Environmental police shot and killed a coyote on Beacon Hill Sunday.

The 25-pound female was first spotted on the Common near the Frog Pond and then ended up in Louisburg Square  near Sen. John Kerry’s home before noon.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports

Read: Info on coyotes in Massachusetts

When police arrived at the scene, they saw the coyote making its way through an alley.

WBZ News Radio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports 

It had mange, a skin disease caused by mites, and an injured left paw.  Officers believed it was a danger to the public, so they shot and killed it.

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  1. Why did they kill the coyote? Was it rabid? Had it attacked them? Did they fear for their lives?

    1. Des says:

      No, it was just an animal. Our culture of death mandates that we kill it.

      1. Now I”m glad I rechecked this –as now they’ve JUSTIFIED their shooting of an animal smarker and more adaptable than most humans. A recent article in Orion described the migration of coyotes into, through and across urban areas. Some in NYC apparently enjoy playing ‘golf’. I hope this female did not leave behind a litter to starve with her demise.
        Hey, is this an example of a ‘death panell?
        25 polunds–yes, a REAL BIG GUY. I know house CATS bigger than this coyote and apparently moure aggressive.
        Oh NO in Kerry’s neighborhood! OUr culture of death NEEDS to change itself asap!

    2. BP says:

      Good to see that the majority of these comments are just people complaining about something that doesn’t affect them. Surprise surprise. If people put time/efforts/feelings towards more important issues than complaining/being upset that a coyote was shot, maybe MA could resolve some of it’s actual problems.

  2. Beezer says:

    Please realize you took one of God’s creatures without any thought and with no consequences. That coyote had as much right to be in Beacon Hill as any living creature does. He/she did not go out with intent to hurt anyone like unfortunately some of their human counterparts do sadly on a daily basis in Boston. In the future please vent your fear in a place it belongs and not to take the life of an innocent animal

  3. 01887 says:

    how does a coyote get to beacon hill??????

    1. vance says:

      Green line to Copley…….

      1. I wouldn’t put it past a coyote. They sure know how to use the suicide lane to cross four lanes of traffic n Tinley Park, IIL at rush hour.

  4. swamper says:

    He was looking for John Kerry

  5. Lucy says:

    Horrible! This happens all of the time. There is no excuse. The excuses given are pathetic and weak. Right – culture of death – no respect for life – not even human. This does not represent the people that must value life or there isn’t hope. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Monsters. No feeling. That’s dangerous.

    1. Mike says:

      Lucy..I feel the exact same way as you do..These idiots had NO right to kill this animal! Its DIDNT attack anyone ..It should of been brought to a local vet to be checked out and the released into its original habitat! they have NO heart whatsoever for nature or wildlife!
      Why not just shoot all these illegal immigrants instead?!

  6. ed wallace says:

    sen Kerry called the cops he didn’t want competition

  7. Herculano Fecteau says:

    I saw either a coyote or a gray fox several times some yeas ago in Mision Hill, my own neighborhood. It was fascinating and fun to watch, very skittish and wary of getting close to people, unlike some of our other charming wildlife, like the raccoons, possums, and wild turkeys. I suspect that some of the snooty and pampered class of people living in Beacon Hill were terrified by the most likely harmless “interloper”, and demanded the death penalty. Why couldn’t the City’s Wildlife Control officials have captured it, sedated it, and relocated it (or even better, left him alone, unless there was some indication he might be rabid)? Heartbreaking. I feel bad for the little guy.

  8. Cynic says:

    I am so happy that NO ONE says it was OK…..Maybe the Police have been watching too many sensationalists Newscasts about Coyotes.

  9. Cynic says:

    Why don’t they go after the Weasels and Vultures on top of the hill.

  10. Chief Harry says:

    Coyote will attack and kill small animals and children..we have had several attacks near where I live in Jersey

  11. Wizard says:

    Death to all coyotes!!!

    1. Beezer says:

      Death to you and Des if that’s the way you both think. Don’t you realize you are related to the coyote. The coyote is a mammal as are you. You’re just a “higher” functioning one that should be able to process that killing anything isn’t the answer. There were other nonviolent options that could have avoided this tragety. Please think about it.

  12. cynic 2 says:

    Aren’t they protected by law? Why aren’t the police being challenged on this? People in rural areas have had pets killed an eaten, but since this was in a metropolitan area that makes it OK? Something is wrong here…

  13. Chief Harry says:

    Coyotes play an important role in the ecosystem, helping to keep rodent populations under control. They are by nature wary of humans. However, coyote behavior changes if given access to human food and garbage. They lose caution and fear. They may cause property damage and threaten human safety, requiring euthanasia. Relocating a problem coyote is not an option because it only moves the problem to someone else’s neighborhood.

  14. michelle says:

    I guess Boston PD had nothing better to do !

    1. MIke says:

      Maybe they should of just went to the local donut shop….again instead! ..

  15. SMCR says:

    Herculano Fecteau writes: “Why couldn’t the City’s Wildlife Control officials have captured it, sedated it, and relocated it . . . ”
    Well, for starters, the City of Boston has no wildlife control officers. Cats and dogs are a different story from wildlife like deer and coyotes. State law prohibits transfer across county lines, so where in Suffolk County could the coyote be relocated? They have territories, and this one unfortunately probably took a wrong turn coming out of Chelsea, like the one who ended up in the North End a few years ago. So there are not a lot of good and practical options in this case. I am glad that the officer seemed to be a good shot and the animal was killed instantly rather than merely being wounded and suffering.

  16. rick t says:

    It was probably peeing on the Kerry’s fire hydrant.

  17. ashley says:

    The coyote was sickly, and looked like it it got. Tipped by a car, the cops triedand animal rescue tried to sedate it, but in the end. Shot it bc it was already not well off.

  18. Carl says:

    DIsgusting. Why not just tranq it and relocate it? There was no reason to kill it. Totally vile.

    1. Joshua Blue says:

      the animal sick or injured, and it was determined that killing it was the most humane thing to do in this case.

    2. BLACKBEAR says:


      1. Tell that to the folks in this Chicago sub shop.

  19. kasser says:

    wow, can’t wait for one of these animals to show up in any or your backyards…

    you would be pulling the trigger yourself

    It is an animal, an animal with no business in an urban environment. Get over over it already

    Should the BPD have offered it psych eval and housing too ??

  20. dannie says:


    1. blackbear says:

      Learn to live w/them?? Sure!! Try to go up and pet one, dannie boy. You should live out where I do and see a backyard full of nasty critters. Have you ever seen a racoon stand up on its’ hind legs and snarl at you?? Man has dominion over the animals.

      1. Beezer says:

        Just remember – it’s your choice to live where you do. Have no fear, I live with coyotes just West of Boston and we are harmonious along with all the other wild creatures. Enjoy them.

      2. dannie says:

        yes i see racoons everyday in my yard i live on 4 acres of land that abuts conservation land so i see coyotes deer, racoons . wild turkeys, fesints , rabbits everyday outside my window all of my life i lived with wild animals in my yard in fact i even have raised racoons if you don’t like them in your yard THEM MOVE!

    2. kasser says:

      If you want your comparison to work, it would sound like this.
      “Think about how you would feel if you walked through the forrest and got
      attacked by an animal”

      We need to learn how to learn with the animals = we need to have these animals in our cities ??, Fine – The Grizzly need to learn not to kill us when we run into one in the forrest.

      1. dannie says:

        no i said it right wild animals are smarter than most humans i have met they are a living being the feel just as we humans do they just don’t speak english so people think they are not smart maybe we as humans are they stupid ones

  21. emom says:

    Living in the city has its own risk, heck just trying to drive on the roads is dangerous, But add in a wild unpredictable animal as a coyote or even a fox can become extremely dangerous. I use to live above the Arnold Arboretum. There was reports of many kinds of wild animals, scary stuff if you ask me. The towns surrounding it was all city. Plenty of children and family pets. Safe sure, as long as a wild animal didn’t venture into your back yard while your child just happened to be out there playing , all by them self’s. Many wild animals can and will climb or jump a fence , even a 6’ stockade fence. When hunger prevails there is no stopping a hungry wild animal in finding a meal even in the city limits.
    I live on the south shore now and have seen many wild animals even had a rabid skunk , a very large one too put down it didn’t go down easy. And my street has plenty of children and small pets.
    Yeah we need to live with wild animals, try living with them and wait for them to invite you to lunch, their lunch , good luck in that. Try living in the hills of New Hampshire, share a fox hole, wonder who will be the victor….. City slickers need to get a clue.

  22. Well there were alternative scenarios in Detroit (yes, Detroit), Chicago, and Kansas City with ‘hurt’ animals that were NOT put to death.
    You can search YouTube for coyotes in each city.

    It is not necessary to KILL every livving thing.

  23. Nope, I cannot spell/type. I’m practicing being dyslexic today. Coyote trickster has my fingers ….

  24. Michelle A. says:

    I understand that Coyotes can (and do) cross-breed with dogs. The result is a coy-dog. In my experience when living in eastern CT, these animals kill (sheep, chickens etc) for sport, are close to impossible to trap because of their intelligence and do threaten small animals and children. The fact that coyotes are protected is appalling when their population is clearly exploding beyond where they can feed themselves on wild prey. They are NOT, as I read online, urban legend. My son found a dead one in the river behind out house in CT. It was HUGE. Much, much bigger than a normal coyote, and looked like an oversized, well, coyote/german shepherd cross. It was light buff w/caramel fur. One night in 1990ish, a few of them killed 30 sheep in the neighboring farm. Just for sport. I think it’s time for the law that protects them to change.

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