QUINCY (CBS) – A Quincy woman lit a charcoal grill indoors, then blocked the only escape route, in an attempt to kill herself and her son, investigators said Friday.

Li Rong Zhang survived; her 8-year-old son did not.

WBZ’s Jim Smith reports.

Brandon Yang and his mother were both found unconscious Thursday afternoon in a second floor bedroom of their apartment. Prosecutors said that a charcoal hibachi was burning in the room. The door to the room was blocked with a large dresser.

Zhang was charged with first degree murder in third grader’s death.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

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  1. Thomas Hood says:

    OK there is exactly ZERO news content in this story. Maybe you should wait until you have more than a title before publishing it…

  2. Dave Dextradeur says:

    Why is it that when a tragedy like this happens that the police and DA need to stick their noses into it? I can see the reasoning when criminal activity is possibly involved but this was clearly an accident! It could be that the family’s gas or electricity had been shut off and the family was trying to cook and keep warm at the same time. Yes, it was an act of stupidity to light a hibachi in a closed building and there needs to be a little compassion shown here on the part of the police and DA! My only question is “since when was stupidity a criminal offense?”

    1. bstnh1 says:

      Jumped to conclusions, didn’t you? This was indeed a criminal case. Stop jumping to conclusions before you have all the facts.

  3. Scynic says:

    Why does EVERYTHING that happens result in CRIMINAL CHARGES? Where is the STIPIDITY here?.. With those that bring the CRIMINAL CHARGES.

    1. drmm0207 says:

      stipidity. is not spelt that way also criminal is also not spelt that way ..get a dictionary

      1. JAK says:

        Actually… criminal IS spelled correctly and you don’t need that additional “also”. Learn some grammar.

    2. Cynic says:

      Actually it is good that I put the S in front of my name in error..Now no one will know it was me that was jumping to conclusions.

  4. Ms. L. says:

    This was not an accident. It sounds more like a suicide attempt. Charcoal grills are used in several Asian countries to commit suicide.

  5. Boston Police says:

    Did anyone stop to think that this may be a murder-suicide.

    1. bstnh1 says:

      Same thought I had when I first heard this story. Most mothormouths on here jumped to conclusions like no heat, no money, blah, blah, blah. People need to stop jumping to conclusions before they have the facts. All they do is embarrass themselves and make themselves look foolish.

  6. Amanda says:

    According to wiki, hibachi grills used to be used for heating…

    1. CharlieChan says:

      Ah- So but what dresser in front of door used for?

  7. Judy says:

    criminal is spelled correctly, but what isnt correct is the word Spelt, it should be spelled, that would be the correct way of saying this, please dont correct others if you have a problem with spelling yourself

  8. Boston Police says:

    I told all of you that it was a murder-suicide.

    drmm0207, your spelling and grammar is pathetic!

  9. Wizard says:

    Spelling is just a tool to annoy people with…

  10. Tom says:

    We need a ban on Charcoal grills. Maybe a background check or a limit on the number of pieces of Charcoal that that grill could hold would have stopped this tragedy. Or might I suggest the AG set strict guidelines for the grill manufacturers to follow.

  11. Anthony Joseph-Zero says:

    brendon was my freind and im mad at his mom to kill him:(

  12. Cynic says:

    Seems like a scene from the Joy Luck Club.

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