By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

RAYNHAM (CBS) – Raynham school officials are trying to stop daredevils from sledding down a dangerous hill.

The hill behind Raynham Middle School (CBS)

“There’s nowhere else as good as this.  This is the biggest hill,” explained a teenager who showed us the scrapes on his chin from a fall.

The trails on the hill behind Raynham Middle School lead right to a parking lot at the bottom. “It proceeds directly into an area where there are vehicles,” said school committee member Gordon Luciano.

“We’ve had incidents where sleds are crashing into vehicles…numerous accidents, ambulance calls.”

School officials even sent an email notifying residents that sledding has been banned in the popular spot.  That didn’t stop a crowd from gathering there during a snow day Thursday.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports in Raynham.

The Raynham Police Chief says his officers are patrolling the area, but can’t be there all the time.

The school has ordered “no trespassing” signs, but crews have to wait until the ground thaws before they can install them.

Christina Hager

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  1. Jeff Kingston says:

    Give it a rest. When are we going to stop the control freak attitude. Where are the simplest of freedoms? Install a sow fence along the edge of the parking lot like on ski slopes and enjoy! Bah Humbug

    1. Jeff Kingston says:

      That’s a SNOW fence..

      1. Fed up says:

        Come on get real. Sure it is fun and in the days I was a kid you could do all these fun things but then when we slid into cars or curbs and broke a tooth our parents took us off to the dentist and lectured us on being careful. Today everyone wants to sue and unbelievably they win . So many people think it is their ticket to wealth to take advantage of the system knowing all along it was their own stupidity that got them injured in the first place. Stop lawsuits about frivolous things and let the fun begin.

    2. jerseygirl says:

      some will stop when the fear of lawsuits stops. We have ruined so much ourselves because people are too quick to sue if their child gets hurt. We have ourselves to blame for many of the things that are no longer available… gyms, dodgeball, sled riding…

      1. thook says:

        Don’t know about there…but here in Texas, schools are immune from being sued.

      2. Dave, too says:

        The Peoples Republic is run by lawyers, so there’s no chance of Tort Reform there. Keep the kids at home eating junk food, playing video games and getting obese.

    3. Brian says:

      I think the point is to go ahead and announce a ban, and put up some signs, then if anyone is hurt, then can point to all this and say, go sue someone else for the consequences of your risky choices.

      1. genetics73 says:

        Unfortunately, this will not stop lawsuits – no matter how many warning signs are posted, somebod, anybody, will always be at fault.

    4. Pat says:

      I’m with you. There’s a need to stop these control freaks out there. They don’t understand having fun is involved all kinds of risk whether slight of great.

      1. Brian T. Robinson says:

        If sleds are crashing into cars in the parking lot at the base of the hill, this is not about ‘control freaks”; it is about a property owner trying to keep someone from being killed on their property. This is simple common sense not to permit sledding in a dangerous area.

    5. Ken says:

      This is what happens when Democrats are in charge- more regulation and government control. Hopefully we can get away from that now.

      1. Mike says:

        Yea Democrats and President Obama, being in charge, decided the best use of their time would be to put up a “no sledding” sign outside a Boston school.

        This is a dumb and local issue. AND it’s something that was done without, in any way, involving a political body. It’s school officials and committee members, not the DNC. As much as people need to relax and calm down about this over-safety, so too do you need to calm down if you’re trying to blame something this small on partisan posturing. “Honey, I was at McDonald’s and they put pickles on my burger and I said ‘no pickles.’ STUPID DEMOCRATS!!!”

      2. Paul says:

        Mike misses the point. When democrats, liberals, progressives, or however you wish to call the nannies in our midst, get power this is the kind of non-sense we get. Funny how you never hear of them speaking about freedom or liberty, only (fill in the blank) control.

    6. Tom B. says:

      This nation has gotten away from the trials and tribulations of growing up…banning a hill because it is “dangerous” and kids get hurt is not the answer, and it is unenforceable. Kids are going to sled there anyway…Like Fed Up said, install a snow fence, maybe build a berm, something…to prevent the cars from getting damaged. Kids are kids and they are going to get hurt, no matter what rough and tumble play they get into. Let them be kids, do the responsible, cost effective thing and build a snow fence/wall whatever…and sell hot chocolate out there on snow days… Hey, could make more money for the school and it would be a popular spot to play.

      1. Lee Goins says:

        Your berm is my ramp! Woo Hoo!!!

    7. Gma2Lydia says:

      Jeff I totally agree with you! Put up a fence and let kids be kids! They are actually out playing, not sitting in front of a TV, watching or playing video games. They are interacting with each other in a positive way! Put up a fence, blow some snow up against it and HAVE FUN!!!

    8. John says:

      I so agree. If the people who are so worried would just close their eyes or go somewhere else, everyone would be happy. Give it a break. Tell these people to go back to their safe rubber rooms.

    9. Andreas says:

      They do that here in Stuttgart, Germany. A barrier is put up for the sake of fun and fitness. Big bales of hay anchored work well.

    10. Faye says:

      I’d agree with you except the minute one of these kids gets seriously injured, their parents will sue the school.

  2. Jeff says:

    Don’t blame the school–blame the lawyers, the insurance companies, and the greedy parents who would sue at the least opportunity to make money out of little Johnny’s skinned knee.

    1. lark says:

      Let the judicial system grow as large as it has to to take care of all the grievances that society can generate against each other. As that grows shrink and eliminate government’s role as patriarch and ruler, master and owner of the citizens. We don’t need all-knowing bureaucrats by the millions and agencies thwarting freedom. What we need is personal responsibility. Let the children deal with their responsibilities as they slide down the hill. They will invent new ways to get the job done.

    2. Joe says:

      Blame someone, anyone, EXCEPT the person who did it.

      Welcome to La La Lawyerland.

      I do blame the schools for caving in.

  3. Pat says:

    Oh for gosh sake – put in some haybails along the bottom edge of the hill and let the kids have some fun. If they get a little banged up then that’s how they will learn the consequences of their choices. Good grief!!!

    1. Mary says:

      I agaree with Pat – I am 72 and if I were there, I’d have some fun, too. Just line the haybils at the bottom and “let er rip” That would be fun, fun, fun!!!!Want to hear about things in the 49’s and 50’s, If onegot hurt for not being careful – all that was said was: “Did you learn your lesson?” or “Bet you won’t try that again!”

  4. Richard says:

    Why do you think these administrators are banning sledding? I bet it is because they worry about being sued by some injured kid’s parents. That is the real problem!

  5. Mark says:

    When I read this article, I thought “How Stupid”. What i neglected to realize was that this was taking place in Massachusetts. That explains everything right there.

    1. Andrew says:

      At least they aren’t foreign. Foreigners are even less American than yankees.

      1. Joe says:

        I think Mark’s point was that Massachusetts has lost its love of liberty in the past 50 years or so.

        Taxes, regulations and relying on the government for everything is a far cry from the Boston Tea Party and No Taxation Without Representation. Barney Frank insisting on shoveling Fannie Mae money to people with no qualifications is a long, long way from Yankee thrift.

        That’s Mark’s point, Andrew. Yankees aren’t foreigners to America. Massachusetts thought is simply foreign to the tenets of its heritage.

  6. eli in waterbury says:

    Why don’t they ban the parking lot and create a snow-go zone?….Kids need wholesome activities that are relatively safe…this thing just makes them more likely to make even worse choices than running a dare devil hill.

    1. otto says:

      I thought what you said was funny. Then I read it again. I think you are serious. I “sno-go zone” has to be very dry humor… please tell us you are just a little too funny, and a little too smart.

  7. Carolyn says:


    1. Bruce says:

      LOL! Oh my, I just sprayed my coffee on the keyboard! :)

  8. East_TN_Patriot says:

    Jeff and Richard are right on the money. As soon as little Johnny gets hurt, the parents and some trip-and-fall lawyer will be at the school with a six-figure settlement offer. If the school does anything to facilitate the sledding, they are accepting the liability for it. The simple freedoms of life no longer exist because our society has transformed itself from a free society into a litigious blame-laying society. People don’t want to accept that their actions have consequences and they are personally responsible for their acts. Politicians and courts only respond to the demands of the public. Once the public figured out that they can use litigation to get some free money, our society changed for the worse.

    1. USAFLgirl says:

      We need to go back to the days when lawyers and doctors could not advertise. Then, we need to get all lawyers out of public office. And finally, judges who believe as you stated–WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS!!

      You said it all so well, thanks, TN patriot!

  9. USAFLgirl says:

    Kids are outside, getting exercise, having fun, laughing, interacting with each other, and some control-freak wants to stop this so they can go back home and sit on their butts in front of a computer and rant online about how there is nothing to do and maybe try to come up with something less innocuous in which to partake. When will responsible adults run this country again???

    1. Ricahard says:

      Probably not in our lifetimes!! :(

  10. coachjim says:

    They need to order signs that say. “Sledding at Own Risk”, not No Tresspassing. Then they are all done w/ their liability. You want to sled, you understand that they aren’t responsible for your injuries.

    1. otto says:


    2. JJ says:

      That makes sense, so of course it won’t be done. Common sense is a dirty word these days.

  11. jack fish says:

    spend $50 and line up bails of hay at the end

  12. J Darbender says:

    “Have to wait until the ground thaws” ?? Now, that’s a ‘public-union-thug’ answer if ever I heard one. I guess the ground is so hard a metal stake can’t be pounded in. Or, nobody realizes if you place a piece of insulation on the ground, it will thaw under it. Either way, we are dealing with ‘public’ officials, here.

    1. M J O says:

      Nobody realizes that the ground will thaw under a piece of insulation because it cannot happen in the real world. Insulation is just a barrier to keep heat in (or out)–it does not “create” any heat on its own. That fact aside, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  13. Zander says:

    Darn kids should be outside sledding they should be playing video games with lots of drugs and guns in them. Then when they get too old for that they should have dealers come over and sell them drugs and guns! Dam dont let the kids outside they could get hurt… we need more diabetic fat lazy worthless people on drugs prescription or otherwise

  14. Paul says:

    The bottom line comes down to who’s property it is. If its the school’s property, they have every right to ban sledding there for the simple fact that if someone gets hurt, they can sue the school for not having posted the signs saying it was dangerous. Unfortunately, that says a lot about our legal system. People can blame others for their own stupidity.

    Sledding is great and good fun, but people, institutions, and businesses have every right to protect themselves from lawsuits and people trying to take advantage of the system.

    1. otto says:

      The school’s property???????????? are you kidding?? The taxpoayers – the citizens – the people own that property. Who do you think the school is? If the people of the town want to use that hill for sledding, it is their RIGHT. Coachjim must not be a lawyer, but a practical man. $10 buys a sigh that says “sled at your own rist” and the problem goes away. Paul… as much as I hate to let you on the bandwagon… you are the town, you are the school, you are the government… they are not a separate thing from you… and when you let someone else take responsibility for you to think for yourself, we all look stupid.

    2. Rawkman says:

      It’s PUBLIC property. Who do you think owns the school?!?

    3. Patrick Cohan says:

      Public school … public property … who’s money bought that land? Who’s money built those classrooms? The public has a say as well.

  15. Ruth says:

    I feel sorry for the young people today. Yes they have all the gadgets, cel phones and the likes, but when I was young we went sledding on the biggest hills we could find, ice-skating, pretty much outdoors all the time. No one banned our physical exercise. Stop banning things and let the young have their fun!!!

    1. Steven NYC says:

      And we even got hurt and survived just fine! I can remember a couple of wild crashed on sleds and bikes too (when we’d play “bike chase” and “death race”). Today, kids are fat wussies just like their parents.

  16. FifthWheel says:

    How sad the times in which these kids are being raised. In my hometown of Woonsocket, RI when we were kids in the 50’s, the city would come around after a big snowstorm and block the street with saw horses and put up a sign that said “Local Traffic Only” so we kids could sled on the actual street itself! The city would intentionally leave it un-plowed. Yeah, some kids got hurt. I sliced my head open a few times, but it is one of the fondest memories of my childhood. I grieve and pray for the children of today. Not only are we leaving them a country with less freedoms, but one in which we are borrowing from their future earnings and leaving them with a weaker nation.

  17. lark says:

    So you mean sliding downhill and bagging themselves against cars represent the future of these american children. I can agree with that.

  18. Jonas Israel says:

    Isn’t this the state where the SHIP OF FOOLS (HARVARD) is located ?

    Make these kids stay home, watch porn, drink their parents liquor and
    engage in sexual activity.

    Ah! the Jews of Mass. and the Kennedy instruction booklet.

  19. Ron Martin says:

    Insurance and lawsuits rule everything.

    any business or organization is a target.

    thus – freedoms are limited.

  20. Sledder says:

    When I was a kid, we would visit my cousins in the Boston area. We would go sledding down a hill that had a frozen lake at the bottom! It was great! I’ll never forget that! I’m sure it’s not allowed now because the lowlife lawyers would sue everybody’s tush off it one kid caught a cold.

  21. Timothy says:

    Put up a fence at the bottom to stop the sleds and also balls and keep kids from running into parking lot year round.

  22. uisignorant says:

    Let me get this right…………
    Schools complain kids are fat.
    Schools complain kids spend to much time on video games and inside.
    Schools complain kids are outside playing and exercising.
    Did I get that right?

  23. jsh7 says:

    do you all remember when we used to eat mud pies, drink out of puddles, ride bikes without helmets, ate cupcakes and white bread? did we survive? good grief let kids be kids once and a while.

    1. otto says:

      did you really drink out of a puddle? That is COOL!

  24. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:

    Our Founder – – loved the SNOW!

  25. urdrwho says:

    They consider that the “dangerous” hill? You must be kidding!!!!

  26. Rick says:

    I bet Mrs. Obama will be showing up at this school soon complaining that the kids are too fat. No wonder we have fat kids — everything physical is banned and kids are driven to play virtually on computers and Xbox and the like.

  27. Terry D says:

    Instead of wasting money on police patrols, use the money for a load of sand from Public Works Dept; spread a 5 foot wide strip of sand near the bottom of the hill. Dangerous sliding hills were the only kind I had to slide on – back in the days.

  28. RalphSchmalph says:

    When I was a kid in Milton we used to sled on the street down some pretty good hills before the sanding trucks showed up, then we’d head for the woods so we could slalom around tees on our Flexible Flyers. The next day we’d shovel peoples’ driveways for ten bucks. We slept well and ate well and boy did we have fun!

  29. sean patriot says:

    Let them play you stupid libs, at least they’re not inside playing xbox or watching all that drivel on tv

  30. Jonathan Eddy says:

    Why not have the Raynham Board of Selectmen form a study group to select an alternative “sleding hill” that is fairly safe, and then require these kids to wear a helmet and have their parents sign a waiver of liability ?

    Problem solved !

    1. Jjason says:

      Don’t forget adding a nominal sledding tax and an application fee for your sledding permit!

    2. Terry D says:

      You folks really do live in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts!!!

  31. Jeremy Herrera says:

    I can understand the schools concern and as a home owner I would also have the same problem if the hill was on my property. However, this isn’t like the hill just grew over the winter and became an issue. Why didn’t the school place a fence to stop the sledders? Why didn’t they create some type landscaping that would have prevented it?

    As a parent, I sure wouldn’t let my kids sled down a hill into a parking lot… But I am not stupid enough to think they wouldn’t do it when I was at work or even behind my back. But if they did and they got hurt because of their own actions and against better judgment, I couldn’t in mind right mind sue… Of course I also believe in individual responsibilities too.

  32. Marlenus Savagard says:

    “This is the end…..”

  33. JoeBob says:

    A big ‘NO SLEDDING’ sign
    will be run into by a kid
    whose parents will sue the school
    for putting a big sign on the best sledding hill!

  34. lark says:

    Sliding downhill can give the children new ideas for new ways of transportation when they grow up and have to face their own transportation problems.

  35. Jeff says:

    This may be a new concept but don’t the residents own this public school? Shouldn’t it be up to them if they want to allowed sledding??? It seems to have not been noticed by anyone.

  36. Hank Warren says:

    Useless public officials and their draconian laws, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  37. Cynic says:

    We had a hill like that off Willard Street in West Quincy……They built houses on it.

  38. Bernie Bouck says:

    Those hand wringers are the SAME people who slid down this hill FIFTY years ago !

  39. Mike00ss says:

    Kids aren’t allowed to have fun anymore, so just give Ritalin, get fat and lazy. NO FUN is allowed. Thank God mine are grown and we know how to have real fun with the grandkids!!!

    1. Andrew says:

      Kids on Ritalin don’t get fat.

  40. otto says:

    Good Heavens! Where did that hill come from? Who put it up? Was there a contractor? Did the earth heave and we now are faced with this terrible problem? What? The hill has been there how many millions of years? Oh, uh… what? Kids have been on that hill before? When? For decades? Oh, uh… why didn’t we know about the kids on this hill? We did? For how long? Oh, for decades? The police have known about this hill for how long? Decades? And how many tickets have they given in the past? None? So this school board is smarter than the police? No? Well, do they tell the police what to do? Yes? The police can be controlled like that? Yes? Well, this is the first sane person or organization from the millions who have lived in town for decades to identify a deadly problem? This school board is also smarter than the thousands of parents over the decades who let their kids have a good time? They are not? I should what? Shut up and sit down? Oh, uh… OK.

  41. Kevin says:

    The simplest of freedoms no longer exist in the US. Why? Because we have become a complete lawsuit controlled nanny-state. These laws were put on the books by politicians that “the people” elected. So, look in the mirror to find the problem….

  42. Andrew says:

    Next we’ll hear kids aren’t allowed to get drunk on the school’s roof. What gives?

  43. Mike M says:

    That’s right Kevin. We need TORT REFORM to stop threats from bottom feeding trial lawyers who are just waiting for some little kid to get a broken arm and be able to sue the town for allowing sledding. What people do not understand, they do NOT intend to win such lawsuits! They merely want to get a percentage of whatever the town is willing to pay to keep it from going to court because it costs MORE money to be acquitted than to settle.

    “LOSER PAYS” – demand it, elect representatives that promise it. It will end the grip the bottom feeders have on our tax money. If not for them the town could just put down some bales of hay as a barricade and let little kids continue to be little kids without fear of being sued.

  44. Ex-Baystater says:

    Dear school “officials”,

    They sell those signs @ Lowe’s. Are you people that friggin’ lazy?

    1. uisignorant says:

      I am sure it is a union thing. They will have to solicit bids, build the sign in multiple languages, bet a licensed hammer operator and 2 guys to carry the nails.

      1. uisignorant says:

        get…not bet….

  45. FRANKLY says:





  46. RufusVonDufus says:

    A couple dozen claymores should do the trick. No more crashing into cars or one another. Simple problems call for simple solutions!

  47. Peter Parker says:

    These nanny staters just refuse to remember how it was when they were young.
    I’m so tired of this constant infringement into my life and enjoyment.

  48. Dalton says:

    If the school district owns the land, they have every right to limit its use. They are simply trying to prevent the inevitable lawsuits that would come if they made no attempt to stop the kids from sledding in what seems to be a dangerous spot.

    There are many cases around the country of school officials overreacting and imposing stupid rules (e.g. an 8 year old suspended for drawing a picture of a gun, zero-tolerance drug laws that get kids kicked out of school for taking an aspirin, or kids branded as criminals for bringing a plastic knife in their luch box). But this is not the case here. The sledding ban is reasonable.

    You have to pick your battles wisely folks. There is no inalienable right enumerated in the Constitution allowing kids to sled down a hill into an active parking lot.

    1. uisignorant says:

      It is a public school, the district does not own it. The citizens do.

  49. Kver says:

    Hello? This an opportunity. Why not have times when the parking lot is clear and hay bails are brought in. A sledding ticket for this gnarly run will cost $5 a day with a waiver! The school

  50. jimboo2 says:

    Put up a soft barrier – geeze – then smack a lawyer in the mouth

  51. Anne says:

    Erect a fence similar to the one that is installed on downhill ski runs. If the fence can stop those skiers, then it could work for sledders. Even better, why not erect two fences, one 10 feet before the other to make certain the sledders stop. Instead, it’s “bring in the police.” It’s always, “bring in the police” when a school can’t work out a solution.

    1. Dalton says:

      The school would have to exercise due diligence and hire someone to design and build a proper barrier, else get sued if some sort of half-assed construction failed to keep little Johnny off the asphalt. Secondly, if the school put up any sort of barrier, they would be seen as tacetly lending permission to sled down that hill, leaving the district open to lawsuits resulting from “improper or inadequate supervision” of the activity.

      I’m not saying an outright ban is an ideal solution, but if I were in charge I’d do the same thing given our over-litigious society. It’s all well and fine to lament the fact that people today will sue at the drop of a hat and stupid juries will award outrageous sums of money for trivial injuries, but the school has to deal with that reality. And again, it’s not a significant hardship to ask the children to find a safer sledding hill in a nearby park

      1. Seanaci says:

        May not seem like a hardship to an adult for the solution to be find a safer sledding hill…but to a kid it’s a significant hardship.

        Sad that we aren’t in the days anymore where the biggest baddest sledding hill was in an isolated (not the right word, but stick with me) location…and it’s where all the locals went to sled all day…laughing and having a blast before returning home to a nice big mug of hot cocoa and bowl of soup to warm up. Sadly, those kind of hills do not exist because we build and build and build…and we’ve taken away (and continue to take away) those opportunities.

        Perhaps now-a days, we should look into creating a local sledding park during the winter months…with tons of big hills in a SAFE location (no parking lots, buildings, poles) for our kids to go have a fun day. But that’ll never happen…cause the minute someone finds that perfect piece of land to build a sledding park, some big company will come buy it up (or sue to buy it from the sled park creator) and build yet another unnecessary buisness/housing complex, etc on it. :(

      2. thook says:

        I posted before….I know schools in certain states are immune from being sued….people like to cry lawsuit…but when it comes down to it, it can’t happen.

  52. American Heretic says:

    So typical of us, we immediatly want to point to someone else for the problem. It’s those bad tort lawyers. Well people, the tort lawyers could not have created our litigious society without the help of 12 unwitting accomplices. If you want to see the problem, just look in the mirror. Oh, poor Johnny has only partial use of his arm. It’s that bad school’s fault. Let’s give the poor kid $15 million. Think about it next time you sit on a jury.

  53. Connie says:

    My older sister was killed in 1972 sled riding, using a saucer sled. This was a county park at the top of very steep hill. She waxed the sled & went down this hill, cops estimated 55 mph & the back of her head slammed into a 3 inch around tree, a very small tree. She ended up with a cerebral hemorrhage
    & lived for 20 minutes after impact. My father never dreamed of suing the county or the parks board, he felt that my sister was 18 years old, a young adult that took responsibility for her actions. In 1993, a very young boy hit the same tree, now much bigger & was in the hospital for 2 months. I visited him & talked to his mother…I knew her pain. My point is that parents must be responsible for their children up to the age of 18, after that they are on their own if they were raised properly. We have to learn to show respect again & by the way….the park has been closed, overgrown now & very unkept.

    1. uisignorant says:

      Did they sue?

      1. Connie says:

        no, they did not sue. The mother felt it was her fault…she took him knowing that a lot of children & adults had gotten hurt & killed there.

    2. James says:

      If u had cut the little tree down after your sister died, may the boy may not have hit it, just a suggestion

  54. Harry Klitz says:

    If I came out to my car after a day at work and some kid had smashed into my car causing several thousand dollars of damage without leaving a note (what kid would) I would be livid.

  55. Michael says:

    Why not use bulldozers to scape off all the snow and if there is any residual ice then flamethrowers to melt it, and if that doesn’t work, then a nice coating of tar or industrial waste ought to keep their sleds stuck in place. It’s all for the kids, you know…

  56. Seanaci says:

    Wow. It’s not wonder our kids are so messed up. They’re told to get out and play (thus cutting down the risk of obesity)…yet when they do…because sledding is a fabulous areobic activity, they’re told “sorry, not here…you’ll get hurt.” So, they go back inside and play their video games and get fat. :(

    I agree with others on here that hay bales need to be set up at the base of the hill (ie parking lot) and let the kids have their fun. And it also wouldn’t hurt to place the sign (as someone else mentioned) “Sled at your own Risk”. Furthermore, I agree with everyone that people are just too sue happy these days. Good grief, they’ll practically sue for a jammed pinky, sprained ankle, or busted nose (all injuries cause by their own stupidity I’m sure). So many times I read articles in my parent mags about a parent who wrote in “warning” of the danger of (for example) changing tables in the restrooms (um, hello, if YOU used the table correctly your kid wouldn’t have fallen off in the first place). We as parents, gaurdians, et al have to hold ourselves responsible for our actions AND those of our kids (if we’re going to allow them to go sledding/play on the playground/walk on thin ice, we have to take responsibility for deeming their play appropriate rather than holding the property owner responsible for the kids and parents stupidity).

  57. Paul says:

    Get Janet Napolitono on this task! If she can “seal” this dangerous winter playground as well as she can “seal” our Southern US border ~ everything should work out just fine.

  58. Chicago james says:

    How about closing the parking lot instead of the sled hill on snow days!

  59. Geoff Wise says:

    We do not just have the rights enumerated in the constitution. The enumerated rights were simply put there because the founders considered them so important. We have a right to do just about anything we want up to the point it hurts others or infringes on their rights. You really should go back and study the creation of our constitution before making such statements. Th constitution does not declare I have a right to get buy a house, does that mean I cannot? Of course NOT! The hill belongs to the school. The school belongs to the PEOPLE. If the people want to sled that is their decision. It is called personal responsibility. A sign warning of the dangers and some hay bails should suffice to protect the district from abusive lawsuits.

  60. nunya says:

    Yes, YES. Now is the time to ban this atrocity! We need our governemen to tell us what to do dont you see? How else will we achieve our Utopia? Scuse me, I need to get s’more kool-aid with mah Obama money!

    1. Kingfish says:

      Yousa, lets just have them hanging on the corna selling drugs and da pants around theys ankles, playing with them selfs!

  61. River says:

    And when the kids are out robbing someone’s home or some other malicious thing because they are bored, then what? Leave the kids alone! Ever wonder why there are so many problems with crime and children nowadays? It’s because the IDIOTS took away everything for them do do that was not criminal. Now they have to sit in front of a XBOX because they are not allowed to go out and have fun. You get what you ask for people.

  62. ex-Boston Bill says:

    The answer is quite obvious. Station Natrional Guard troops on the side of the hill. Shot to kill when anyone has the audacity to flaunt this incredible lack of obedience to their masters. These kids will soon learn that they are in full control of their leaders.

  63. Romeo Vegas says:

    Property owners that provide use of the their property at no charge for recreational purposes are exempt from liability in Massachusetts (MGL ch 21 sec 17c).

  64. AC says:

    getting hurt and crashing into other peoples cars causing damage to the cars are two different things. If property is getting damaged then it should be stopped. If not, then who cares

  65. Greg Knotts says:

    Why do we have to do all of the thinking for you Morons? Install a barrier at the bottom of the hill to prevent access to the parking lot! Something as cheap and simple as a snow fence would do just fine.

  66. SM says:

    I severed my left leg and had it re-attached following a sledding wreck in 1992, when I was 9 years old. As traumatic an experience as that was, it is part of who I am. I have absolutely no problem with kids having fun, and a parents right to let their kids do what they think is appropriate. For any parent or child who experiences an injury in such a manner- it was their right and their responsibility for the safety and consequences. As is paying the hospital bills. No school or government agency should be forcing their regulations on a child, unless its on school grounds.

  67. Jon says:

    Useful idiots with their ban this ban that. Stupid fabian socialists think that the answer to everything they don’t like is to simply ban it. Can we just agree that they would just like to ban freedom completely?

  68. Terrill Ray says:

    how about spending $50 in hay bails to stop them at the bottom of the hill

  69. Sashland says:

    How hard is it to have a bright idea like placing a mound of snow at the end of the field to stop sleds going in the parking lot. or hay bails,or a fence, or a “stop here stupid” sign…

  70. USA says:

    The police should leave the kids alone.

  71. Kris Kringle says:

    When sledding is outlawed, only outlaws will go sledding.

  72. borntobePolitical says:

    Childhood can be hazardous
    News at 6

  73. Brian T. Robinson says:

    Let me get this straight: Problem — there is a school that has a hill with a parking lot at the bottom of it. Kids are sliding down the hill and careening off into the parking lot where they are slamming into cars.

    But people here are criticizing the school district for banning sledding on a hill not intended or designed for safe sledding? People think the school district should spend money to install “a snow fence” so that kids do not slide into the parking lot at the bottom of the hill that was not intended or designed for safe sledding? That the school district, in this time of tight finances, should spend money for fencing and signs to permit kids to sled on a hill that was not intended or designed for safe sledding? OK.

    How about this? Why not have the kids sled at a park that is properly laid out for sledding? One with no trees in the middle, no parking lot at the bottom, and no need for a snow fence or other safeguards? How about having parents monitor and guide their kids, so that they are sledding in safe and approved locations so that, oh, I don’t know, Junior will NOT slide smack into the side of a car? Because you know how this works, right? No matter what signs, what barriers, what snow fence, let one of those kids fly smack into something and get injured and the parents WILL sue the school district . . . for letting their kid sled on a hill that was not intended or designed for safe sledding.

    1. pat says:

      brian- one one hand i think your comment makes sense but is lacking some common sense. i trust you were a kid once? i also assume you dont have any.
      you are proposing a furthur “nanny” state that most of these people posting are upset about having. and…have them go to a park that is properly laid out for sledding…what the hell are you talking about? i dont think that is in the minds of park planners, besides, did you see the picture? there is not a tree in sight.

    2. Kingfish says:

      Shame you where born an adult, with all that wisdom, most kids don’t design a hill, God put them there, lets close down the school, save some money, lay off the overpaid union teachers, and the principal, the kids aren’t learning anything anyway, the production of a nation of idiots.

    3. Kingfish says:

      With all that wisdom you would think people might know kids will be sledding and not park their cars there, and how many hills are designed for safe sledding, and who has the foresight in the summer to build a park for them, just in-case it might snow with all the global warming, lol

  74. Leith Neidlinger Wood says:

    Memories of sledding down decending, bumpy hills, covered in snow and ice to two lower fields at Maugham School in Tenafly, NJ in the 1940s. What glorious freedom and fun without any complaints from teachers or parents and no accidents. Common sense existed and a healthy understanding of what kids need to grow. Lighten up people. Go for a ride.

  75. pat says:

    if it is a school parking lot then why are there cars there if school is out? if its another lot altogether then move your car and let the kids have fun. its not like they are out there everyday of the yr crashing into cars.
    lighten up you bureaucrats!!

  76. jr says:

    No Sledding , Kids! Go back inside and watch TV and play video games.

  77. Tom in Midland says:

    What nannies… I will never understand “No Trespassing” on public property, just who the hell is the “public”??? I’d ignore the “risk” at my own risk.

  78. moonmac says:

    More of the never ending, ever growing Nanny State!

  79. david says:

    In my days in Bronx Park that hill would have been one of the safer sled slopes. Try going down an icy length of stairs with railing on either side and doing it sitting up.

  80. LSM says:

    Don’t you guys understand that these kids would be better-served sitting in their classrooms at lunchtime and learning about gay sexual positions or counting their free condoms? Kids shouldn’t be allowed to sled down hills- it might burn precious calories and keep them “fit” which would ultimately keep Michelle Obama from being able to implement her nanny-food program into our schools.

  81. SSLOA says:

    Safe Sledding? Get real! Pansies can buy a playstation and get out of the way for the rest of us!

  82. tnmccoy says:

    These officials have it backwards. The School should be fined and the owner of the parking lot required to dig it up and restore the grass to make sledding safer.

  83. randy says:

    liberal morons will not be happy till they control every aspect of our lives from birth to death and Il bet their are working on that

  84. OldOllie says:

    Of course, they could have plowed the parking lot and piled the snow up in a barrier to keep the sleds out, but that would have required someone in authority at the middle school with a three-digit IQ to think of that.

  85. Dutra says:

    For goodness sakes, put a row of hay bails in front of the parking lot. Geez! What a bunch of geniuses.

  86. john smith says:

    (1) Move the vehicles.
    (2) Get out of the way, but watch. (don’t try to scare the kids.)

  87. Mark Hagan says:

    Lame! No wonder American kids are a bunch of wussies. Their parents are a bunch of limp-wristed liberal wussies and want everyone else to be wusses!

    1. kingfishm says:

      Now Now, don’t insult the Wussies, they are the future of our once great country, doesn’t that picture just scare the boogers out of you

  88. john says:

    How about the nanny staters giving the kids a break and closing the car park when there is snow around

  89. jorge says:

    The school I attended when snow was on the ground took the students sledding on a gigantic freaking hill in the middle of town , this took the place of such things a soccer practice.

  90. dmd says:

    Plow the parking lot snow up between the hill and the edge of the parking lot. Then get out the car hoods, trash bags, tash can lids, inner tubes, plywood and american flyer sleds and hit the slopes.

    Oh wait all sleds now days have to be OSHA and MADD approved with no sharp edges, a roll cage and seat belts.

  91. timfromvt says:

    I heard they also have limitted children’s laughter to 1.635 seconds in length…..65.2 decibels in intensity….and only 2 occurrances per day.

  92. Jones in CO says:

    Let the kids have fun

    as a kid, I played dodgeball, drank from the hose, and we never even heard of bike helmets


  93. Pat McCarthy says:

    This is REALLY sad…when I was a kid a GIRL we sledded the most dangerous hills around. Our city flooded the local playground for the winter and made it fabulous with a real Zamboni…the days were endless bliss. Even today when I hear NO SCHOOL I am filled with pure joy. What a shame…put the cars somehwere else, duh.

  94. William J Caprari says:

    Think outside the risks..Place Bales where needed and place a signs up “Slide at your own Risk (Disclaimer)……Block off the Parking Lot section in proximity to the sled’s exit, after all how many cars are there parking when the school is not in session. Take it up with the Student council and I am sure they will come up with reasonable solutions lIs a slippery slope and when you are dealing with slippery poeple, they will as Simon and Garfunkle sang, “Slip Sliding Away”

  95. Peet says:

    If it appears dangerous, BAN IT! Typical Massachusetts mentality! Is this what government healthcare leads to? What’s next, helmet laws?

    How about an easy solution….. Build up the snowbank on the edge of the parking lot to contain the sledders. It would take about an hour with a front-end loader.

    Stop with all the “lawsuit” BS and figure out a real solution. Or should I call you a WHAAAAAMBULANCE?

    Hay bales aren’t that great after a couple of freeze/thaw cycles turn them into large bricks.

  96. George says:

    The best solution is netting, snowbanks, and bales of hay.

    The hill is smaller than some I went down as a kid.

  97. CJ says:

    Chimps in charge! George, George, George of the jungle! Watch out for that tree!

  98. Larry says:

    what a bunch of no good do gooders……I’m 65 and grew up slidding down much bigger hills that little mound. We had a lot of face plants but that goes with the fun.
    Get a life.

  99. Bill says:

    Why would anyone park their car at the bottom of a sledding hill?

  100. Bill says:

    And when if any of these people’s kids get hurt, they’ll be the first ones to a lawyer to sue whomever they think are responsible. Granted kids need to have and I loved the days when I was sledding but if the school board does propose a fence, these same people will be decrying the “socialist school board” for spending their money.

  101. fantum says:

    If they are truly concerned they will put up a net to protect the cars (and kids). Naw… they are more interested in domination, hire rent-a-cops, expell kids… WE ARE YOUR MASTERS!!!

  102. Melvin says:

    What do you expect from a government run school? Like teaching freedom or something?

  103. Roger Sunderlin says:

    hey you kids stop getting that exercise and go sit on the couch and play video games

  104. sandy nakamura says:

    In 1965 , George Reno, a senior at Cleveland High School, Seattle, was sledding down Dawson Hill and hit a telephone pole, ruptured his spleen and died. Our yearbook is dedicated to him.

  105. Ken Burke says:

    Man puts up sign “No Sledding”. Kid runs into sign. Kid’s parents sue Man.

  106. Ken Burke says:

    Oops, bad timing. Didn’t see post just prior to mine. Tragic, my apologies. Nothing disrespectful to Mr. Reno intended.

  107. Scoon Jenkins says:

    They are going to seed the hill with land mines to protect the children from having fun sledding…….. ;)

  108. Jose Ferrer says:

    This is yet another example of over reacting. I bet that the majority of the reserved parking spaces in the parking lot are for admin types and not teachers. In a unrelated issue– I also heard that Target stores are being forced to change their name because someone might drive by and then shot somebody. One of the substitute names being consider is GUM, to honor the once large store in Red Square during the Soviet era. Others have suggested Sunny Castro to symbolize the free and presumably well educated and medically cared for people in socialist Cuba.

  109. Cindy says:

    Ok. Let’s see if they ban all sports in the schools if they are so concerned about injuries. Nothing but a bunch of killjoys! Let the kids be kids. What happened to parents being responsible for their own children.

  110. JNCali says:

    Sled control must be enacted at once! Don’t tell me sleds don’t hurt people, people hurt people

  111. bjr118 says:

    I could show you some dangerous hills. When I was a kid that hill would have been “easy.”

  112. Bob says:

    When I was a kid, we went out and sledded at our own risk. If we came home banged up, we chalked it up to experience. i have the cracked tooth and out-of-socket shoulder to testify to it all. Those were the battle wounds of youth. But not now, in the overprotective nanny state of wusses. We’re a nation of sissies.

  113. Cindy says:

    The schools aren’t worried about injuries. They worry about lawsuits. If the community wasn’t so sports crazy, then contact sports would be more of an issue. Football and hockey injuries are far more common than sledding but the community would not accept the schools banning football or hockey.

  114. Patsy says:

    My first cousin, Amy, passed away after receiving a head injury whilst sledding. Don’t call those that wish to protect children ‘wussies’ or ‘sissies.’ I would do anything to have my cousin back.

    1. Birdman says:

      Sorry for your family but accidents happen…are we all better off not living because out of fear we might have an accident. I’d rather live a full and short life and not give up on any of the fun things I do like flying, scuba etc…

  115. Christopher Gosnell says:

    It’s not always the parents who sue. After the insurance pays out for little johnny’s broken tooth, etc the insurance company needs someone to sue. Also, if the land owner puts up a fence, etc… this ‘proves’ to the lawyers that they knew of the danger and are therefore to blame. At the bottom of the pile are the lawyers…

  116. Russ says:

    One of the best sledding hills in town is on a junior high’s property. So what did they do? They installed a chain link fance at the base of the hill knowing that kids and older people would be using the hill when it had snowed. That made the hill dangerous all by itself. Stupid bureaucrats will do as stupid bureaucrats do.

  117. Jim says:

    You gol darm kids, stay off my lawn!

  118. slapshot says:

    We need to lay blame to global warming and Fox news. Lets not forget about the vast right wing conspiracy Sarah Palin, Beck, Rush, Shawn and the Tea partiy people made these little trill seekers do this.They have snow in Alaska and Todd is a sled champ. You betcha Sarah has sent her own childern down a hill on a sled. There needs to be a warning on the hill that it could be habit forming. Why cant our kids just stay inside and practice safe sex.

  119. RichZ says:

    We already have a Dept of Homelad Security. Obama and the Commiecrats should make it illegal for ANYONE to leave their home without an agent of Homeland Security to accompany them and make sure they do not say or do anything politically incorrect or participate in any activity that could result in personal injury. Anyone who goes out in public unaccompanied should be jailed. Think of how many government jobs this would create. It would eliminate crime and no one would be able to earn money without the government being right there to count it. Paradise!

  120. Nels says:

    Somebody build a ramp!! That would be sweet!

  121. Dr. Bombay says:

    Having any fun whatsoever will be banned by 2012.

  122. Cynic says:

    Just put up sign…”STOP HAVING FUN”…Darn Kids….Who are they to enjoy themselves.

  123. Bill James says:

    Just as bacteria are vital to the human body, so are lawyers vital to our Republic. But just as out-of-control bacteria can kill the human body, so can out-of-control lawyers kill the Republic — and they are.

  124. Dave says:

    All hills are inherently dangerous and should be banned. We need well regulated, adequately signed, flat pieces of land for children to stand on while under adult supervision.

  125. cluelessinky says:

    Why don’t we wrap our kids in bubble wrap, keep them in the house and feed them only skim milk? I’m so glad I was young when I was young! The idea of trying to prevent a kid from sledding down a steep covered hill is like trying to prevent the sun from rising? Get real Americans let your kids try stuff, if they get hurt, or bruised then they’ll learn what life is all about.

    Somewhere a Chinese kid is studying Calculus

  126. joee says:

    If we could cancelled half the lawyers licenses in this country would anyone really miss them and wouldn’t we all be better off?

  127. joe says:

    One more thing. Ban all sleds! (giggle)

  128. RufusVonDufus says:

    About ten yards before the parking lot begins have someone come out and install that invisible fencing they use for dogs and make all sled riders, etc. wear one of those shock collars. No more worries about the parking lot.

  129. Kevin says:

    Why not just make 30 round magazines illegal. Who needs to shoot that many…

    …oh wait. Wrong debate.

  130. tdrag says:

    God help us! When I was a kid we sledded on a golf course or the street. We crashed into cars, trees, rocks, and occasionally someone ran their sled into a pond. Mom bundled us up and threw us outside and you couldn’t come in till your lips were blue. You had lunch, put on dry clothes and went back outside until dark. We loved it! We are raising a nation of wusses. Turn off the TV and computer and go outside!

  131. JRHowosso says:

    The schools have no cash to hand out in the event of a suit, that just happens to be our hard earned money in the form of taxes.

  132. Midnitrider60 says:

    Sled on Brethren. Keep the dream alive.

  133. Karl W, Schwab says:

    Leave the kids have fun. If some gets hurt so be it,. The world isn’t coming to an end. Would you rather them slide down the hill and have fun or drink and drive and possibly kill someone other than themself? I didn’t realize how many idiots call themselves educators ——- the Nation is filled with them. To the School Board and Principal, I have one thing to say, “mind your own business.”

  134. Shawn says:

    The ban just adds to the excitement! Can you imagine a cop or a school official trying to run up that hill to catch these kids… makes me want to sled too!
    I agree the “sue at the drop of a hat” mentality has led to this and it’s a sin that our kids don’t get to experience the same freedom to live, and get hurt, that we did. Because they didn’t experience the freedom we had they may not be as fierce in its defense, you can’t defend what you’ve never know! Sad

    1. Cindy says:

      It makes me want to go too, Shawn! I’m 52 years old and have lived all my life in Texas in an area where we have very little snow. I would love to have gone sledding like these kids. I say let them have their fun. They grow up too fast.

  135. Brown says:

    Great Idea–Keep kids at home with video games or in arcades and make marshmellows out of them. Much easier to lead Lemmings down the path of Socialism. GO LIBS

  136. Ron C says:

    This country acts like an adolescent…I guess we are in the grand scheme of things…one of the ways we act that way is we overdo the correction! This is a damn good example!

  137. Raynham says:

    Sue-happy Americans are idiots and mess it up for the general population. It should remain “we the the people”, not “I the entitled person.”
    …Won’t even get into the whole PC thing where a country formed to allow practice of whatever religion you want bans public Christmas celebrations!
    …Or that cell phones have suddenly become “a necessity” for kids on financial assistance in Massachusetts. Give me a break!
    Take a look at the next 5 “warning labels” you see and imagine the idiot whose law suit resulted in the warning label.
    -The coffee was too hot and I burned myself… REALLY? Moron!
    -The fast food made me too fat… REALLY? Lazy!
    -The police hurt me while they caught me breaking the law…REALLY? Good for them!
    A normal society would say buy some burn creme, eat healthier more often and exercise, and don’t break the law in the first place!

    If a kid falls off his sled and breaks his arm, yes, of course you feel bad for the kid, hope it heals ok, have everyone sign the cast and move on! GET A LIFE!
    I broke my arm when I was little (fell off something while playing outside at a friend’s house). Did my parents sue? NO!
    Did any Pilgrims sue when family members died on the way over from the Mayflower? Gee- they really “missed the boat.” Ha.

    Let kids be kids. I live in Raynham and yes, I personally have sledded there with my kids. I am a college grad, married with a steady job, with Honor Roll kids every quarter, just to put a few assumptions aside. Here’s a few details for the ones who don’t know…the cars kids hit by sleds are usually parked right at the bottom of the hill, and owned by people who brought the kids to sled there! The parking lot is rectangular with parking around the edges, and a median and drive way in the center, so people can park on the “school side” of the lot instead of the “dare devil hill” side, if they worry about personal property, or just park in one of the other 3 lots lots where no sled could get to. Gym class has already been extremely limited, recess doesn’t exist, they are taking body mass index readings to be sure kids are not obese… Do the math and do the right thing people. Put up the cheap hay bales- less $$ than a police detail, put “sled at own risk” signs up if it makes a difference, send a blast email to parents to consider not parking in the “sled zone” (instead of the email that gently reminded parents that sledding should be banned there) and be done with it.
    Wake up and let kids be kids, and play on the taxpayers public school property!

  138. Henry Krinkle says:

    Absolutely, let them sled into parked cars and break their necks. Who cares? Freedom!!! Yay!!!

    You people are such whiners.

  139. SuperNinjaGod says:

    The sledding hill is not the problem, the parking lot is the problem. The sledding hill is there naturally, but for some reason the school thinks it has the right to build a parking lot and impair sledding!!