BOSTON (CBS) – Sledding hills all across the region are covered with a thick new layer of snow. Kids are grabbing their sleds, putting on their snow pants, boots, jackets, hats and mittens – and heading out the door.

But what’s their destination? We want to know about the best sledding spots where you live. Where are they? How steep? Appropriate for what ages?

Be the eyes and voices in your community. I’ll get you started with my favorite hills…

Burlington – Simonds Park, St. Margaret’s Church. Simonds is great for all ages – steeper at one end than at the other, and plenty of room for kids to spread out. St. Margaret’s is where the more daring kids have the most fun = steep & tall.

Share your favorites to the comment box below.

Comments (12)
  1. Sean O'Donnell says:

    South Boston, Next to Murphy’s Ice Skating Rink.
    It is good for all ages. Not that steep but loads of fun for the whole Family.
    You will have a great day.

  2. Brian Bain says:

    Larz Anderson park, Brookline, great view of the city! You can also take the family ice skating at the outdoor, Jack Kirrane Skating Rink!

  3. kangy kangaroo says:

    Walnut Hill in Natick, second only to Larz Anderson Park, Brookline.

  4. Buddy Revelle says:

    Strawberry Valley – Abington

  5. Dave Riley says:

    Mt. Hood – Melrose

  6. Dennis Foley says:

    Pete’s Hill, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain

  7. Maureen McCabe Haughey says:

    When I was a kid it was the Wellesley Country Club. Before that it was Hopper Ave. in Westwood, NJ…broke my leg there!

  8. snowbunny71 says:

    In Gardner the hill at the golf course is great. Just make sure to get there soon or the whole hill will be a sheet of ice.

  9. Tom Selkirk says:

    Milton Academy

  10. Christopher Desmond says:

    Jericho Hill in Marlboro

  11. Mike McManus says:

    Happy Valley in Lynn (part of Gannon Golf Course)
    Guarantee to see an ambulance! Very Fast!
    Also has smaller hills for kids

  12. janet says:

    President’s Golf Course in Quincy – you can get air on the big hill!

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