BOSTON (CBS) – A woman said she’s “absolutely devastated” after losing her snake on the Red Line Thursday.

Melissa Moorhouse told WBZ News Radio on Friday that she got on a train downtown and was heading toward Braintree when she said she could not find her pet boa.

“She was on my neck along with my scarf,” she explained, noting that she checked her neck for “Penelope” at every stop to be safe.

Snake owner Melissa Moorhouse talks to WBZ Radio producer Jon MacLean

“Sometimes she will climb into my bag, but she did not and she was not stuck in the lining of my coat or anything like that.  I couldn’t find her anywhere,” Melissa said.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

“There’s a small chance that maybe she was left at Park Street and I was just feeling my scarf.  But I’m very positive that I lost her in, I think they said car three, between Park Street and Andrew, because I was getting off at Andrew when I realized didn’t have her.”

Melissa said “Penelope,” a Boa dumerili, is harmless.

She has posted this message on Craigslist for anyone looking for her:

she is a very mellow snake- never hisses or bites and is very timid. she is a bit under 3 feet long with a brownish, almost pinkish paisley looking pattern on her back. she is 3 years old and ive had her since she was 5 days old. if you see her, if you find her- please call me

Penelope can get into “really, really small spaces,” according to Melissa.

The train was delayed at the JFK-UMass stop for 15 minutes as people searched the car for the snake. It was not found and the train left.

(credit: CBS)

Another lengthy search was done in Braintree and came up empty.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said they’re confident it’s safe to ride the Red Line and commuters shouldn’t worry.

Pesaturo talks to WBZ Radio’s Jon MacLean

“The trains are absolutely snake-free,” he said.  “We conducted a search and found nothing.”

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  1. Clay says:

    Needs to be in the White House where he’ll feel at home

  2. Arany says:

    For those of you who cannot completely comprehend what you read, what do you mean what kind of snake?

    “Melissa said “Penelope,” a Boa dumerili, is harmless.”

  3. Green Baron says:

    I guess this is one snake that now doesn’t have a pit to hiss in!

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  5. Kirk says:

    Many people are very very afraid fo snakes and seeing one on an enclosed train with nowhere to run would cause as much panic as someone brandishing a gun. The only way for people to calm down once it is spotted would be to kill it.

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