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I’m curious as to why people make the mistake of getting in touch with an old boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook?  – Katie, Gardner

Ah…the age of social networking where “search” can turn up people from your past.

Of course there’s a Facebook page called “Why do people want to be friends with their ex even after they break up?”

Why look?  Curiosity, fantasy, boredom. 

Looking is one thing, friending is another.

Have you done it?  Why? How did it work out?  Pitfalls?  Benefits?  Give us the good, bad and ugly.

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  1. gramps says:

    Katie, cause they want to get ‘meeped’…..



  2. emom says:

    Why would they ever want to ahhh how foolish they can be,.,,Gramps welcome long time ,

  3. BLACKBEAR1 says:


  4. emom says:

    I have been here All the time, and sure I miss it.. its not the same.. Why do you ask……

  5. Cynic says:

    I kinda check on her every now and then. I know shes been married 51 years now ,She lives in Indiana and has several Grandchildren. There would be no point in contacting her.It was a great time in my life but the 17YO J and the 14 YO G no longer exist. But its nice to knbow shes done well.

  6. DStein says:

    Like a lot of things in life, the memory is a lot better than the reality! There’s a reason why they’re your ex-. Why look back?

  7. Cynic says:

    DStein… You’re right. Did you ever hear the old song..”I’m so miserable without you it’s like having you around”…?

    1. Mann says:

      Cynic, I sang a few verses of that song myself. I say good riddance. :))

  8. emom says:

    Dstein ,, so right , WHY LOOK BACK,,, I see my x, he will most certainly feel my rath… 2 timer.. but thats the past,,, Glad to see you around ..

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